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    20 DIY Halloween Bags, Baskets, And Bowls

    Everyone knows candy is the most important part of Halloween, so store yours with style.

    1. Heart Pumpkin

    This pumpkin-turned-candy holder was created by Kim from Pop Cosmo. Using a craft pumpkin makes this a non-messy carving project.

    Materials: a craft pumpkin, a carving knife, a paint brush, gold paint, Mod Podge, scissors, gold glitter paper, ribbon in a black and white pattern (look for a lightweight ribbon or a non-sheer patterned wash-style craft tape).

    1. With your pencil, mark the area where you will carve the top of the pumpkin, then use your craft knife to carve the top of the craft.

    2. Apply Mod Podge in a stripe down the length of the pumpkin where you will be placing your ribbon.

    3. Firmly press your ribbon against the Mod Podge and let sit a moment. Then place Mod Podge on top of the ribbon to glue it to the pumpkin (so your ribbon will be glued to the pumpkin from the top and bottom). Let dry completely.

    4. Paint the stem gold.

    5.Trace a heart to the size and shape of your liking on the back of your glitter paper. Cut out the heart shape, apply modge podge to the back, and apply to the pumpkin.

    6. Cover the hole inside with paper, place it on a plate, and fill it with candy.

    Fill with treats and use as a costume party centerpiece.

    2. Creepy Crawly Clutch

    Fran from Fall for DIY created this amazing and spooky clutch. Seasonal and way more stylish than your average candy bag.

    Materials: 1/2 meter clear PVC plastic, soap, plastic creepy crawlies or other gruesome props, strong waterproof glue, and velcro.

    1. Cut out 4 rectangles of clear PVC, two with the dimensions 20cm X 35cm and the other two larger at 35cm X 35cm.

    2. Glue three sides of both rectangles together leaving one of the shorter edges open to create two pouches. Make sure there are no small gaps along the sides. Run your finger along the glued edges to evenly spread and secure in place.

    3. Pour the soap in the pouches, (take care not to get soap on the opening.) The clutch shown used 1 1/2" bottles of soap. Fill with your critters and seal the top securely with glue.

    4. You should now have two sacks of pretty gruesome looking stuff. Take your smaller bag and spread glue along the two shorter edges and one of the longer sides.

    5. Press the glued sides onto the larger piece to create the clutch bag.

    6. Fold the extra section from the larger pouch over the smaller pouch and glue the velco on the keep secure.

    That’s it! Fill it with candy or other Halloween treats (or tricks) for a super scary clutch that’s perfect for the party.

    3. Candy Corn Jar

    This post shows you how to paint a jar to look like a candy corn. Fill it with... what else!

    4. Paper Bowl

    Make a bowl out of strips of newspaper and glue, and finish it off with a twine handle for a cute little candy holder. This tutorial has the details.

    5. Jack o' Lantern Pot

    Paint a pot plant to look like a jack o' lantern, and fill with lolly pops, like this blogger did.

    6. Yarn Bowl

    Create a web-like bowl out of strands of glue-soaked yarn. Check out these directions.

    7. Monster Bags

    Do some creative cutting to create these clever monster bags. Perfect for filling with Halloween candy.

    8. Bat Boxes

    Turn pillow boxes into bats with little black wings and goggly eyes, like this blogger did.

    9. Frosted Jack O Lantern

    Use frosted glass spray paint to turn a jar into a candy Jack o Lantern. This tutorial has the details.

    10. Web Bowl

    This post shows you how to use 3D glass writer to paint a web onto a shallow bowl. Bake to set, and fill with candy.

    11. Skull Boxes

    Turn egg boxes into little skulls by decorating with crepe paper. Martha shows you how.

    12. Chinese Pumpkin Boxes

    Turn Chinese to-go boxes into pumpkins with some simple Sharpie sketching for a portable candy container, as done here.

    13. Count's Teeth Wrapper Toppers

    Use a circle punch, sharpie, and craft paper to create count's teeth candy wrap toppers, like this blogger did.

    14. Pumpkin Pouches

    Make a little pumpkin pouch with crepe paper and green floral tape, then fill with Halloween goodies. Another brilliant idea by Martha.

    15. Monster Snack Cups

    This post explains how to turn snack cups into little monsters with green paint, self-adhesive vinyl, and a couple peanut butter cups.

    16. Candy Corn Cones

    The best candy containers is, obviously, an edible one. Make sugar cones look like candy corns by painting them with melted confectionary coating or candy melts, as done here.

    17. Bottle of Boos

    Decorate a clear plastic bottle with vinyl lettering and add a Sharpie ghost, as done here.

    18. Chalkboard Treat Buckets

    Turn peat pots into halloween treat buckets with some tape, ribbon, and a chalkboard tag. Here is the full tutorial.

    19. Mummy Cups

    Wrap empty water bottles in gauze, add some googly eyes, and fill with candies. This blog has the details.

    20. Hand Bag

    This is a super easy way to spookily bag your candy: in a vinyl glove. Add a spider ring, too.

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