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October 29, 2013

Things I Overheard At The Yeezus Tour

I went to Kanye West's performance in Los Angeles and stood next to someone who appeared to only be a casual listener. If you're a big Kanye fan, you'll love the show. If not, you might be a little confused during some parts. These are some of the things I overheard.

Ravaged By War, Syrian Children Now At Risk Of Polio

For the Syrian children who have survived the bombings, shootings, and kidnappings ripping apart their country, diseases like polio, malnutrition, and gender-based violence continue to erode any semblance of a normal life.

10 Crazy Things You Can Eat In Thailand

Chef Andy Ricker — a Vermont-born white dude who won a national restaurant award for bringing authentic Thai food to America — says "crazy" is relative. OK. But you probably don't eat slow-grilled pig boob on the regs.

Shocker! Economists Worry About How Fed Moves Could Doom Market

With the Federal Reserve's meeting currently underway, many are expecting the board to stay the course with its $85 billion in monthly bond purchases due to the government shutdown. As far as markets are concerned, this could mean a nightmarish next few months, economists say.

The New Arch-Villains Of Disney's Princesses

The Disney Princesses tend to live happily ever after. However, they all have too much skill and ability to lead a normal life after defeating their arch-villain. New challenges must be found for our heroines!

Snap My Memory

How many of you have a photograph of the single best moment of your life?

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