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    Dan Snyder Will Meet With NFL Over "Redskins," But Name Change Not Expected

    The news comes in advance of an NFL meeting with representatives of the Oneida Nation.

    Patrick McDermott / Getty

    Washington NFL franchise owner Dan Snyder will meet with league commissioner Roger Goodell today in New York to discuss the "Redskins" name controversy, D.C.-area media outlets are reporting.

    Snyder has said publicly as recently as October 9 that he will not change the team's name, and a source tells the Washington Post that the news is not an indication that Snyder has changed his mind on the issue. The source says the meeting was set up so Goodell can "get more of an understanding from the club as to how it plans to address the issue" as the NFL prepares to sit down Wednesday with representatives of New York's Oneida Nation tribe, which has launched a media campaign this season pressuring the league and team to change the name.