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    30 Squeaky-Clean Laundry Hacks


    1. Use the power of the sun on tomato-based stains (and cloth diapers).

    2. White bread can blot out a lipstick stain.

    3. Hairspray and hand sanitizer beat even the worst ink stains.

    4. Cold water and hand soap wash out blood stains.

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    This works best while the blood's still wet. If it's dried, hydrogen peroxide works best.

    5. Hydrogen peroxide also kicks grass-stain butt.

    6. Chalk works on grease stains.

    7. So does baby powder.

    8. There are a billion ways to get rid of those yellow sweat stains.

    9. Use club soda, salt, milk, or kitty litter to remove freshly spilled red wine.

    10. Ditch the acrylic paint stain with some rubbing alcohol.

    11. Make your dry-clean last longer with spot treatments.

    12. Spritz a shirt with vinegar to make it last longer between washings.

    13. Save time by sorting your clothes when you take them off.

    14. Spritz lavender water on your clothes before washing.

    15. A little vinegar goes a long way.

    16. Whiten your whites with baking soda.

    17. Never lose a sock again with the help of lingerie bags.

    18. You can also use lingerie bags to wash stuffed animals.

    19. Make note of which clothes shouldn't go in the dryer using a dry-erase marker.

    20. Replace your dryer sheet with a ball of aluminum foil.

    21. If you just can't give up that dryer-sheet smell...

    22. Use a fluffy towel to make your clothes dry faster.

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    Put it in the dryer with your clothes and it will help absorb water. Just pull it out after about 15 minutes so it doesn't continue to contribute to the water in the dryer. From here.

    23. Dry sweaters faster by making a towel burrito.

    24. Use a salad spinner to help your panties and bras dry faster.

    25. Clothes shrunk? Try conditioner.

    26. Listen to your mom: Hang up your clothes.

    27. Dilute a little fabric softener with water to make your own wrinkle spray.

    28. Avoid sweater shoulder bumps.

    29. Iron better by starting with a damp shirt.

    30. Transform a folding TV tray into a dorm-sized ironing board.

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