The 15 Times Women Wore The Hell Out Of A Suit

After we saw Nigella Lawson looking hot as hell in a suit we decided to celebrate other women who looked damn good when they suited up.

1. That time Nigella looked like Dita Von Teese had a baby with Marlene Dietrich. And it was awesome.

2. The time Queen Bey looked like an extra from the Smooth Criminal video.

3. The time Janelle Monae was so cool she actually glowed.

4. The time Naya Riverrrra’s boobs tried to escape her suit.

5. The time Jennifer Morrison looked so dapper she could have replaced Jon Hamm on Mad Men.

6. That time when Tilda Swinton tried to wear all the clothes and still looked cooler than you.

7. That time Keira Knightley tried to sexy-burgle you. And you let her.

8. That time Emma Watson morphed into an extra from Emmerdale and you still found her attractive.

9. That one time Dita Von Teese wore more clothes than she ever had before.

10. The time that no one was keeping an eye on Marlene’s lapel and things got out of control.

11. The time Diane Kruger’s suit was sharper than her cheekbones.

12. And of course, Ellen.

13. And, well, Ellen again.

14. Basically, Ellen wins.

15. What can we say? Nothing suits her like a suit.

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