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    Jon Hamm Had A Full Frontal Nude Scene On "Fargo," And He Has A Funny Story On How It Came About

    "Magic doesn't happen by itself!"

    Jon Hamm is opening up about that NSFW nude scene in Fargo and how it came about.

    Closeup of Jon Hamm

    The scene in question featured Jon's character Roy Tillman in a hot tub where he shows his bare butt, while also exposing himself as an intimidation tactic for two FBI agents.

    Closeup of Jon Hamm on the red carpet in a suit and eyeglasses

    Jon joked about the alleged rider (a document that adds conditions/details to a contract) he thought he put in place for any full-frontal nude scenes he shoots.

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    “I thought I had a rider in my contract [that said] naked’s fine, cold naked is not great. I’m more of a warm naked [guy],” Jon said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday.

    Jon Hamm nude from the back getting out of a tub in a scene from "Fargo"

    They filmed in Alberta, Canada which Jon revealed was "freezing cold." And apparently, "freezing" in America doesn't compare to "freezing" in Canada.

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    Now, as far as what the cast and crew actually saw at that moment when they were filming the scene, well, that's a different story. They saw flesh...and a little something extra.

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    “The glory of God’s creation," Jon added. "Well, that and a flesh-colored sock which is cinched around. It’s not pleasant. None of it’s pleasant. They call it a cock sock."

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    “If there is, I did not use one," Jon said about whether or not there was a handler on set. "I was hands on for that…[it’s cinched on] tight enough, tight enough so it’s not going anywhere.”

    Jon Hamm on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

    And Jimmy couldn't let Jon go without asking about those nipple rings his character was wearing either. Jon revealed he was also wearing prosthetic nipples.

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    “They were real nipple rings pierced through fake nipples. Magic doesn’t happen by itself, Jimmy."

    Jon taking a selfie while getting his nipples put on

    But you truly need to hear Jon tell the story himself. To hear more about how he got into character for this scene, check out the full Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview below:

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    And you can catch Fargo every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on FX.