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October 7, 2013

Banksy Releases Video Of Syrian Rebels Shooting Down Dumbo

A bizarre video called "Rebel Rocket Attack" appeared on street artist Banksy's official website yesterday. It was originally accompanied by the following text, which has since disappeared: "I'm not posting any pictures today. Not after this shocking footage has emerged."

16 Reasons To Be Excited That "Catfish" Is Coming To The UK

If you haven't heard the news already, the hit MTV series that chronicles the first meeting of two people who only know each other online is coming to the UK! Here's why you should be stoked.

Mental Illnesses Taking The Form Of Real Monsters

Artist Toby Allen visualizes what illnesses like anxiety, depression and paranoia would look like if they were monsters. He creates a chilling picture of the illnesses that no one can see, but that many confront in their daily life.

13 Black & White War Photos Repopulated With Superheroes

Teasing out the uneasy relationship between memory and color, illlustrator Butcher Billy juxtaposes iconic images against retro comic book elements to powerful, disturbing, and unexpected effect. Graphic images ahead (no pun intended).

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