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October 3, 2013

Wendy Davis Announces Her Campaign For Texas Governor

The Texas state senator who gained admirers and headlines after her abortion bill filibuster in June makes her campaign official. "I took to the senate floor determined to block the bill the only way I could — by filibustering," she says.

21 Totally Crush-Worthy Literary Characters

You get to imagine exactly what they look like, they know all kinds of witty banter, and they'll never, ever leave you — book crushes are way better than the real thing.

7 Potential Risks To Twitter's Business

Among the things that Twitter considers to be potentially damaging to its future are: loss of celebrity tweeters, government action, spam and changes to its corporate culture.

Democratic Member Of Congress Asks Witness: Why Do Somalis Live In Snowy Minnesota?

Eni Faleomavaega, who represents American Samoa as a delegate and a non-voting member of Congress, asked witness Mohamed Farah, "How come 88,000 Somalian-Americans live in Minnesota? I was under the impression that Somalia was a very warm country. Do you have snow in Somali as well?" Faleomavaega made the comments at the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on al-Shabab Thursday following Kenya's deadly mall attack.

The Subtweet Is Dead

Be warned: If you're still subtweeting your foes, you're completely out of style.

Analyst Claps Back At Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman

In his quarterly investor letter, Ackman described D.A. Davidson analyst Timothy Ramey as "perennially bullish" on Herbalife and said that investors think he's "speaking on behalf of the Company." Ramey today said in a note that Ackman has capitulated and is at higher risk of losing his entire $1 billion short bet.

Small Turnout For Rand Paul's Coffee Talk

On day three of the shutdown, the Kentucky senator tried to get his colleagues together for a little chat. "All right, everyone, let's sing 'Kumbaya'!" said the one Democrat who showed up.

Obama Puts Republican's Shutdown Quote On Blast

"I'm quoting here, all right? Because I want to make sure people understand I didn't make this up," Obama said. He then referred to Rep. Marlin Stutzman's quote in the Washington Examiner in which Stutzman said he didn't know what the GOP was trying to get out of the shutdown.

21 Signs You're French At Heart

Whether you've lived there, studied there, or recently watched the Family Guy episode where Lois goes to Paris. Let's face it, we all want to be Français.

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