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October 4, 2013

Was The "Tweeter" Stock Mixup A Penny Stock Scam?

Thousands of clueless investors bought an over-the-counter stock for a bankrupt retail chain because its symbol was close to Twitter's. Or so the story goes! In the world of penny stocks, things are rarely so simple.

Paul Giamatti Is America's Greatest "Loser"

The 12 Years a Slave and All is Bright actor is tired of everyone calling his eccentric characters assholes and misanthropes, but he doesn't mind constantly playing the downtrodden. In fact, he barely noticed.

How To Retire From Baseball

This is how. After 17 years with the Colorado Rockies, Todd Helton took out this full-page ad in the Denver Post.

Where Ted Cruz Is Coming From

The tea party senator and his allies campaigned on the promise to revolutionize Washington — so why is everyone so surprised they're trying to do it?

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