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21 Excellent Pieces Of Pokémon Merch You Can Buy On Etsy

Surrender now or prepare to fight [your own impending poverty].

1. Snorlax Earrings

2. Slowbro Pipe

Because obviously.

3. Pikachu Costume

Omg HI.

4. Kanto Badges

Buy them here.

5. Trading Card Sketchbook

Good thing it's not holographic or this would be a crime.

6. Charizard Terrarium

Available here.

7. Pokébra

Looks v. good for the gym.

8. Pokéball Nails

Available here.

9. Unown Magnets

Make your fridge ~mysterious~.

10. Hufflepuff/Sandslash Shirts

11. Togepi Egg in a Bottle

12. Magikarp DS Case

13. Crocheted Bidoof

Get it here.

14. Permanent Etch-a-Sketch Art

This is actual witchcraft.

15. Bulbasaur Painting

16. Pokéflask

Gotta *hic* 'em all.

17. Eeveelutions Bow

18. Diglett Incense Burner

19. Charmander Lighter

Makes sense.

20. Original Bedroom Laptop Decal

Where it all began.