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October 22, 2013

10 Superheroes Who Never Reached Their Potential

Some comic characters never reach the pantheon for which they were intended. For every Wolverine or Batman, there are many heroes that comic book companies had high hopes for only to be met with a collective yawn. These are the "could have been" of comics.

19 "Awkward" Secrets Revealed By The Cast

Awkward is back for the second half of its third season — and things are about to take a dark turn. To get some hints about what's coming up, BuzzFeed spoke to Ashley Rickards (Jenna), Beau Mirchoff (Matty), Jillian Rose Reed (Tamara), Brett Davern (Jake), Molly Tarlov (Sadie), Greer Grammer (Lissa), Nikki DeLoach (Lacey), Mike Faiola (Kevin), and Desi Lydic (Val). Here's what they had to say about the next 10 episodes.

How Democrats Are Trying To Annoy Their Way Into The Majority

The DCCC has quietly dispatched staff to 17 districts and worked with local groups to pester and protest Republican members. Now they think they've nabbed their first retirement in Rep. Tim Griffin. Griffin cited his young family as the reason he won't run again.

Net Gain

Netflix, led by CEO Reed Hastings, now has more U.S. subscribers than HBO and ranks as the most-watched cable network by certain metrics. Small wonder its stock is up about 300% this year and is one of the best performing stocks in the S&P 500.

The Cheapest, Best Colleges

BuzzFeed crunched the numbers — check out our matrix to find out which colleges provide the best bang for your buck. See where graduates get the highest-paying jobs for the smallest investment in tuition.

What Tattoo Have You Always Wanted?

Maybe you don't have any tattoos, but you've definitely at least thought about it once. Or, if you do have tattoos, there's at least one you're still longing for.

Why Delia's Is The Next J.Crew And Not The Next J.C. Penney

That's according to long-suffering shareholder and hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson, who told BuzzFeed the teen retailer's turnaround under its new CEO — recruited from J.Crew — will be different from the Ron Johnson–J.C. Penney situation that burned him last year.

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