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    16 Mustached Cartoon Characters Without Their Mustaches

    Here's proof that some 'toons were just meant to have facial hair.

    1. Ned Flanders from The Simpsons

    2. Mario

    3. Jafar from Aladdin

    4. Cleveland from The Cleveland Show

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    And Family Guy, of course.

    5. Boris Badenov from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

    6. Captain Hook from Peter Pan

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    7. Monterey Jack from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

    8. Dick Dastardly

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    9. Mr. Spacely from The Jetsons

    10. Yosemite Sam from Looney Tunes

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    11. Tom Tucker from Family Guy

    12. Snidley Whiplash from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

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    13. Bruce from Family Guy

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    14. Ringmaster from Dumbo

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    15. Kenny's dad and Stan's dad from South Park

    16. Luigi

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