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    19 Tips For Fighting Like A Girl

    You say that like it's a bad thing.

    1. Give yourself a cute nickname.

    2. A shotgun accessorizes any outfit.

    3. Reach down deep to pull out that primal maternal instinct. Then kill everyone.

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    4. Protect your neck during a forward roll dramatic entrance.

    5. When dudes say they want between your legs, oblige them.

    6. Practice your archery...and your prayers*.

    *Ser Gregor, Dunsen, Raff the sweetling, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, Queen Cersei. Valar morghulis.

    7. Keep your stance wide and swing from the hips.

    8. Use all five senses, you don't have to see a creep to kill him.

    9. Sometimes you just have to backhand a bitch.

    10. If they're going to call you hard-headed, you might as well prove it.

    11. The two-handed "teacup grip" is delightful and deadly.

    12. Remember, your shield's best defense is as surprise offense.

    13. Turns out all those years of ballet can totally be repurposed.

    14. Bowstring facial scars are all the rage this season.

    15. Screaming gives you the push needed to visualize success.

    16. Get back in the kitchen...and use a dishtowel as an improvised weapon.

    17. Men can't objectify you while you're choking them to death.


    18. Four on one odds is really the bad guys.

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    19. And remember, when in doubt, get a bigger mech.

    20th Century Fox

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