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October 30, 2013

A Tribute To Biathlon, The Only Sport That Simulates Hunting Down And Shooting Another Human Being

With the Winter Olympics a mere 99 days away, it's time to jump-start your crippling case of SOCHI FEVER by appreciating the sport of skiing and shooting at things.

16 Reasons To Root Against The Evil Canadians At The Winter Olympics

With the Sochi games a mere 99 days away, it’s time to jump-start your crippling case of SOCHI FEVER by directing all of your hate toward our neighbors to the north.

Obama Acknowledges Some Americans Can't Keep Their Health Plan Under Obamacare

The president on Wednesday addressed reports that millions of Americans are losing their health plans despite assurances that they could keep them if they wanted to.

Rihanna Covers Up Her Old Tattoo With A New One

Three weeks ago, the singer got a large Maori tattoo chiseled all over her right hand. Yesterday, however, she decided to cover it up with a brand new one!

This Map Will Delight Book Lovers Everywhere

Created by designers Dorothy, it features over 600 works from literary history, from Charles Dickens to Roald Dahl.

Top 10 3D Pumpkin The World

The TOH Pumpkin Carving Contest over at showcased some of the best 3D, sculptural carvings we've ever seen. If they don't knock your socks off, thennn you're probably not wearing any socks. P.S. Show us your stuff by entering this year's Pumpkin Carving Contest -Tabitha Sukhai,

Here Are Kerry Washington's "SNL" Promos

Fresh off the news of her alleged pregnancy, Kerry will finish out the newly deemed Week of Washington™ (by us) by hosting Saturday Night Live.

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