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Ellie Hall • 2 days ago

William And Kate Just Shared Some New Family Photos And OMG


Ellie Hall • 3 days ago

Harry And Meghan Shared Behind-The-Scenes Royal Wedding Photos For Their First Anniversary

The new black-and-white images show a private look at Harry and Meghan's royal wedding.

Ellie Hall • 3 days ago

YouTuber Cole LaBrant Deleted A Video Of His Black "Cousin Peanut" After Backlash

"The video you shared isn’t cute to us. It’s not cute for a Black boy to be a stool."

Ellie Hall • 5 days ago

The College Board Will Give Students An "Adversity Score" To Contextualize SAT Numbers

The program aims to give college admissions officers more information about applicants' socioeconomic background (like family income and neighborhood crime and poverty rates) and more.

Ellie Hall • 6 days ago

Police Say A "Serial Killer" Carnival Worker Killed Two Women And A Teen Girl In Virginia

James Michael Wright allegedly claimed that the shootings were accidental, but the local sheriff said "we find that hard to believe."

Ellie Hall • 8 days ago

No, HBO Didn't Forget To Edit Jaime Lannister's Hand On "Game Of Thrones"

It looks like it was a still image that was accidentally released, so everybody calm down.

Ellie Hall • 9 days ago

Meghan Markle Shared A New Photo Of Royal Baby Archie For Her First Mother's Day

The gorgeous image included hints of a tribute to Princess Diana, the baby's grandmother.

Ellie Hall • 10 days ago

Harry And Meghan Shunned Royal Tradition In Unveiling Their Baby To The World

The media circus of the hospital departure is A LOT.

Ellie Hall • 14 days ago

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Have Named Their Son Archie

Welcome to the world, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor!

Ellie Hall • 14 days ago

We Need To Talk About What Sansa Stark Said About Her Trauma On "Game Of Thrones"

"For the millionth time, rape and abuse of women isn't just character development or a way to show a female character has matured."

Ellie Hall • 16 days ago

Meghan Markle Has Given Birth To A Baby Boy

Prince Harry told reporters the couple are “still thinking about names” for their new addition.

Ellie Hall • 16 days ago

An Alabama “ISIS Bride” Wants To Come Home. Can We Forgive Her Horrifying Social Media Posts?

Hoda Muthana used Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and to spread the very messages ISIS used to inspire violence against America. I’ve been tracking her posts for years.

Ellie Hall • 18 days ago
Ellie Hall • 21 days ago
Ellie Hall • One month ago

Florida Police Officers Who Slammed A 15 Year-Old Black Boy's Head To The Ground In Viral Arrest Video Said He Was Acting "Aggressive"

The high school student was attempting to retrieve a cellphone that had fallen out of the pocket of another teen who was being arrested.

Ellie Hall • One month ago

Nearly 300 People Are Dead After Multiple Explosions In Sri Lanka On Easter Sunday

Six of the blasts simultaneously targeted churches and five-star hotels.

Jane Lytvynenko • One month ago

Officials Say 10-Year-Old Raniya Wright Died Of Natural Causes After A Classroom Fight

No charges will be filed against the other fifth-grade student who reportedly attacked Raniya.

Ellie Hall • One month ago

The Armed 18-Year-Old Woman "Infatuated" With The Columbine Shooting Killed Herself

A massive search for Sol Pais had been sparked after she flew from Miami to Colorado on Tuesday and immediately bought a weapon.

Tasneem Nashrulla • One month ago

A Heroic Priest And Human Chain Saved Priceless Holy Relics From The Notre Dame Fire

Father Jean-Marc Fournier, the chaplain of the Paris Fire Brigade, led the charge to retrieve the cathedral's precious artifacts.

Ellie Hall • One month ago