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August 1, 2018

Only A Master Chef Can Tell Us The Exact Purpose For These Knives

So many different knives, all with a different ridiculous purpose.

¿Podemos adivinar tu edad según los programas de MTV que recuerdas?

¿Eres del MTV chido o te tocó en el que había puros reality shows?

The Doomed Missouri Duck Boat Was On The Lake In Wind Conditions More Severe Than Allowed

Coast Guard records show the boat was only allowed to operate in winds under 35 mph and waves less than 2 feet.

Diseña una mansión al estilo de MTV Cribs y te diremos qué celebridad de los dosmiles sería tu roomie

Si siempre quisiste una casa como la de Paulina Rubio y, además vivir con ella, aquí está tu oportunidad.

17 Servers Who Even Make Chick-Fil-A's Customer Service Look Bad

These waiters and waitresses truly went above and beyond.

¿Puedes adivinar qué palabra mexicana es por su definición en el diccionario?

Solo un experto en mexicanismos puede sacar más de 12 en este quiz.

Los fans de "Orange Is The New Black" están OBSESIONADOS con los nuevos personajes

¡Hola Carol, hola Barb y, sobre todo, hooolaaa Daddy!

The Judge In Paul Manafort’s Case Is Pissed At Prosecutors For Focusing Too Much On His “Luxury” Lifestyle

“We don’t convict people because they have a lot of money to throw around.”

How Well Do You Remember The 21st Century (So Far)?

Did the original iPhone come out before or after Barack Obama was elected president?

Kirsten Gillibrand Helped End Al Franken's Career. That Could End Hers — Or Make Her President.

Send a tweet about either Gillibrand or Franken, and there’s a decent chance you’ll hear the other’s name.

A sobrancelha dos anos 2000 pode estar voltando e a culpa é da Rihanna

A cantora divulgou sua capa para a Vogue britânica e levantou sobrancelhas micropigmentadas em todo o Brasil.

This Gemstone Quiz Will Reveal An Intense Truth About Your Soul

Can you handle the truth? The truth isn't always pretty.

Quantos % Illuminati você é?

Afinal, todo mundo é um pouco iluminado e misterioso.

This Teen Captured The Terrifying Moment An Aeromexico Plane Crashed

All 103 people onboard were able to escape before the aircraft burst into flames on Tuesday.

Here Are Some Of The Most Powerful Protest Posters From History

From the Vietnam War to the recent Women’s March, nothing gets the message across better than a good protest poster.

McDonald’s Served A Pregnant Woman A Chemical Cleaning Agent Instead Of A Latte

The owner of the Alberta McDonald’s outlet in Canada apologized, saying that the milk supply line was connected to the cleaning solution while her drink was made.

This Is How Old All Of The Babies Born On Your Favorite Shows Are Now, So Get Ready To Feel Ancient

Ben Geller is only two years younger than his Aunt Monica was when Friends premiered.

The Suspect In The Fatal Shooting Of George H.W. Bush's Doctor Had A Personal Vendetta Against The Cardiologist

Police said Dr. Mark Hausknecht operated on the suspect's mother over 20 years ago and she died during surgery.



「どこにも私の居場所はなかった」 彼女が自分を傷つけずにはいられなかったわけ


Trump Is Creating A New Health Insurance Market Outside Of Obamacare

Republicans weren’t able to repeal Obamacare, but the White House has come up with several ways to make it easier for people to leave the individual markets.

Te garantizamos que te va a encantar mínimo uno de estos 19 objetos random

Acéptalo: te urge el monito que seca las uñas y el despertador de Pac-Man.

Apoiadores de Bolsonaro xingaram até pessoas com o mesmo nome de jornalistas

Todos os jornalistas que participaram do Roda Viva foram atacados nas redes sociais por apoiadores do candidato.

A Federal Court Just Ruled Against Trump On Sanctuary Cities, But It Also Could Delight Jeff Sessions

The 9th Circuit agreed with a lower court that the order is unconstitutional, but rejected making the injunction apply nationwide.

Quantos filmes de ação você já viu?

Deve ser muito mais do que você lembra.

Vístete de negro de pies a cabeza y te diremos qué personaje de Sanrio eres

¿Dark como Badtz Maru, feliz como Hello Kitty, o lleno de odio como Aggretsuko?

A 14-Year-Old Immigrant Girl Was Allegedly Sexually Abused At A Detention Facility

The 32-year-old worker kissed and inappropriately touched the girl multiple times, Phoenix police said.

19 Things That Happened On "Younger" This Week That Honestly Almost Killed Me

This is a safe space for Team Charles members only!

🇨🇭 It's Swiss National Day, So Here Are 19 GORGE Pics Of Switzerland 🇨🇭

I just want to walk around Interlaken and ~find myself.~ Ya know?

Tell Us The Grossest Thing You Witnessed At A Music Festival


64 sehr unangenehme Momente bei der Bachelorette, für die vor allem Rafi gesorgt hat

Sören zu Nadine so: "Das Hängebauchschwein hat mein Bruder gekl... äh gekauft. Im Zoo."

35 Products That'll Help You Organize All The Things You Don't Know How To Organize

Fam, we found ways for you to organize everything from false lashes to batteries to tea bags to boots, and more!

39 Awesome AF Things You Can Still Get From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

HURRRRRRYYYYYYYY — prices go back up on August 6!!!!

This Teen Filmed His Dog After She Mistakenly Ate An Edible In The Park

Rita was high as a kite but is totally fine now.

Now Scammers Are Selling Knockoff Metal Straws Because Of Course

The Summer of Grift has hit the reusable straw market.

29 Hobbies For People Who Really Want A Hobby But Have No Idea Where To Start

There really is something out there for everyone!

Jennifer Aniston deu uma ótima resposta a todos que dizem que ela "não consegue segurar nenhum homem"

"Há muita pressão para que mulheres se tornem mães, e se isso não acontece, elas são consideradas defeituosas."

500 Fathers And Their Kids Declare A Strike At An Immigrant Detention Center In Texas

“We are decent people who only come for a better life, people who travel to this country in search to help our loved ones back home. Help us.”

Você saberia dizer de que é aquele salgado ali?

Ô, meu consagrado, pode me ajudar.

The Dad Of A Major YouTube Family Channel Is Being Called Out For "Racist" And Disparaging Tweets About Women

While some fans are dismayed by the comments from the YouTuber — who offered a "genuine" family-man image — others are still declaring their unwavering support.

A Senator Actually Referenced The "This Is Fine" Meme In His Closing Statements About Russian Interference

"Some feel that we as a society are sitting in a burning room, calmly drinking a cup of coffee, telling ourselves, 'This is fine.' ... That's not fine."

Create Your Dream Man In 5 Steps And We'll Give You A Book Recommendation

Bookworms bring all the boys to the yard? Right?

19 Design Choices That Will Just Make You Shake Your Head Firmly

But really: Who all thought these were good ideas??

There May Be Parasites In Some Prepackaged Salads And Wraps Now

The same parasite is behind recent recalls of McDonald's salads and Del Monte vegetable trays.

All I Care About Today Is Leslie Jones Live-Tweeting Her Reactions To "Avengers: Infinity War"

"Now, don’t judge, but I would have dated Thanos in my 20s!"

16 Gorgeous Black Couples Who'll Restore Your Faith In Love

Reeeal love, I'm searching for a real love.

Se você nasceu depois de 1999, vai ser um fracasso neste teste

Vocês são novos demais para entenderem algumas coisas.

29 Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

When your favorite room is calm and peaceful, you can be too!

14 Seriously WTF Moments From The New Season Of “Power”

Five episodes in and I'm EDGELESS (contains spoliers, obvs)

Introducing "The Group Chat": Your Midweek Check-In

The News podcast episode about Pro-Life Women’s Conference, feminism in the anti-abortion movement, and today’s breaking news.

Em obituário, mulher que morreu de câncer desabafa sobre gordofobia na medicina

Ellen Maud Bennett, 64 anos, morreu em maio de um câncer inoperável.

Según la revista TVNotas, la gente bisexual es "rarita" y "anormal"

La publicación inventó un chisme sobre Regina Blandón y Roberto Flores, pero les salió el tiro por la culata.

Fans Have A Whole Lotta Feelings About The New OITNB Characters

Hello Carol, hello Barb, and helllloooo Daddy!

Zimbabwe’s Worst Fears About Postelection Violence Are Being Realized

Opposition supporters in the capital were met with gunfire, tear gas, water cannons, and tanks.

This Man's Life-Threatening Infection Was Caused By Bacteria Found In Dogs' Saliva

Greg Manteufel went to the hospital in June with a serious infection, which led to limb amputations and nose damage that will require surgical repair.

Você manja mais de sexo do que um aluno do ensino médio?

Espero que tenha prestado atenção nas aulas de educação sexual.

Rihanna Just Gave Us The Best Advice On Boys And Dating

Rihanna is the first black woman to be on the cover of British Vogue's September issue in its 102-year history, and she's speaking real talk.

TCU deve declarar inidoneidade da OAS nesta quarta-feira

Empresa, envolvida na Lava Jato, ficará por cinco anos impedida de fechar contratos com o poder público.

Wisconsin Governor Hopeful Says Ending “Racism And Division” Is Vital To The State’s Future

Politically, Mahlon Mitchell argues, the leading Democrat is a “retread,” the kind of candidate who has unsuccessfully run against Scott Walker in the past.

21 Incredibly Useful Cleaning Products Under $10

Spend less for that sparkling clean.

Nicole Kidman May Play Former Fox News Anchor Gretchen Carlson In A Film About Roger Ailes

Kidman would be joining Charlize Theron, who's already been cast as Megyn Kelly in "Fair and Balanced," about the late Fox News chief who was ousted amid mounting claims of sexual harassment.

We Challenged Joe Jonas And DNCE To See How Well They Really Know Each Other

"Everyone’s changing their personality for the cams."

So Uhhh, Seth Rogen Taught Tom Cruise About Internet Porn Back In 2006

"You're saying that if I go on the computer, there are people having sex?"

¿Qué carta de 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' define tu vida sexual?

El "Duelo de monstruos" ahora tiene un significado muy diferente.

People Are Stressed That Skinny Eyebrows Might Make A Comeback, Because Rihanna Said So

"I deleted Snapchat for Rihanna but I'm not doing skinny eyebrows again."

Hillary Clinton Is Working With Steven Spielberg On A TV Adaptation Of A Book About Suffragettes

The former secretary of state will serve as executive producer on a TV adaptation of The Woman’s Hour by Elaine Weiss.

This Week On The Inter Webz: Ramen, Dome Cakes, & All Things Jiggly With Tasty Japan 🇯🇵

Plus: The world's most gorgeous dresses, Paul Rudd is maybe immortal, and more.

French Montana's Calabasas Home Was Reportedly Robbed By Two Armed Men

The Calabasas sheriff's department in California said an investigation is ongoing.

Esta é a narradora que toda POC precisa em sua vida

Alcione Alves, rainha das narrações em Recife, ganhou o Brasil com seu "teile, zaga, laga".

11 coisas legais para você experimentar em agosto

Porque nós testamos de tudo. De tudo MESMO!

Agosto ou desgosto?

Responda essas perguntas aleatórias e diremos como será o seu mês.

This One's For All The Black Students Who Didn't Attend An HBCU

While y'all are debating the real HU, I'm trying to get into a class with the ONE black professor on campus.

Tiffany Haddish Gave An Emotional Interview About Sexual Assault

"You hear about, 'Tiffany always hitting on somebody,' but that’s to keep them from hitting on me."

Sólo alguien que creció en los noventa puede distinguir al personaje real del falso

Demuestra tu conocimiento en caricaturas de Nickelodeon.

Jennifer Aniston Just Addressed The Misconception That She Can't Keep A Man In The Best Goddamn Way

"When was the last time you read about a divorced, childless man referred to as a spinster?"

Un oso polar fue asesinado por empleados de un crucero

Un trabajador del crucero bajó en las islas del Ártico de Svalbard en Noruega y fue atacado por un oso polar que al parecer llevaba un tiempo sin comer.

Noah Centineo Is The Netflix Teen Rom-Com Heartthrob Of Your Dreams

The former Fosters actor stars in two huge Netflix rom-coms this summer. Get to know him here, first.

Como a expressão "cachos afro" foi parar na bio de uma modelo russa no Instagram

"Longe demais" é um lugar que não existe para o brasileiro.

I Believe In Skin Care

When I left the Christian faith, my lifespan shrank from eternity to maybe 80 years. Now I’m hell-bent on retaining what I have for as long as I can.

19 Big Pop Culture Moments That Happened In August 2008

It was a decade ago that we were all listening to Mamma Mia! The Movie Soundtrack on our iPods, while hoping that McGosling really were back together!

Ce géant de l'hôtellerie doit payer 3 millions de dollars pour avoir triché avec les avis TripAdvisor

La combine consistait à modifier les adresses mail des clients pour qu'ils ne puissent pas être contactés par TripAdvisor et noter les hôtels.

This Instagram Star's Recipes Use Wild Mushrooms And Berries And People Say That's A Bad Idea

In response, Johnna Holmgren of Fox Meets Bear told BuzzFeed News her book is meant for "adventurous eaters."

24 Pieces Of Clothing From Jet You'll Actually Want To Wear

You, to your new favorite things in your closet: Where have you been all my life? Them: Jet.

15 fatos sobre o futuro do planeta que farão você odiar (ainda mais) a humanidade

Até 2050, estima-se que haverá mais plástico do que peixes nos oceanos (em termos de peso).

Trump Demands That Jeff Sessions End The Russia Investigation “Right Now”

“This is a terrible situation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now.”

31 Things To Cook And Eat In August

Get your kitchen in full summer mode.

Facebook e Instagram lançam ferramentas para controlar tempo gasto nos apps

Agora será possível saber exatamente quanto tempo você gastou no Facebook e no Instagram e programar uma notificação com limite de tempo.

Quantos % de força na piroca você tem?

Não questione o resultado. Ele é 100% científico.

What Podcast Should Everybody Binge-Listen To This Summer?

Summer is the perfect time to binge a podcast. Let us know your favourite ones.

This Is Not A Drill: Get Up To 70% Off During ModCloth's Last-Chance Sale

It's the perfect time to treat yo self — with clothes, accessories, and more up to 70% off!

Quantos % fresco(a) para comer você é?

Se sua porcentagem for alta, este teste pode causar ânsia de vômito.

17 Zeichen dafür, dass du eigentlich Schluss machen solltest

Trennungen sind ätzend, aber beschissene Beziehungen sind viel ätzender.

29 tests de BuzzFeed para hacer en la playa que son mucho mejores que un sudoku

Los autodefinidos están bien, pero los tests de BuzzFeed están mejor.

Morning Update: So, Uh, Anyone Ever Been Carded Trying To Buy Milk?

Paul Manafort's trial, Trump said "collusion is not a crime," and Facebook uncovered a political influence campaign with possible Russia ties. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, August 1.

21 Subscription Boxes That Will Make Life With Your Baby Easier

From toys to clothes to food and more — no thought required!

Google Is Said To Be Launching A Censored Version Of Its Search Engine In China

Google had pulled out of China in 2010 citing free speech restrictions from China’s authoritarian government.

¿Qué famoso eres en un universo paralelo en el que eres una persona famosa?

Serías 100% tú, pero también 100% la otra persona.

Los partidos políticos son necesarios para la democracia, y también son un problema

Hoy necesitamos recuperarlos para que más personas puedan hacer política.

Instagram And Facebook Are Launching New Tools To Limit Social Media Time

You’ll be able to specify a time limit for Instagram and Facebook usage and see how much time you’ve spent on each app.



Ich habe berühmte Guacamole-Rezepte ausprobiert und das allerbeste gefunden

Bitte sehr: Das Rezept für die perfekte Guacamole!

19 Vagina-Probleme, die wirklich auftreten können

Lass uns darüber sprechen, was untenrum alles schiefgehen kann.

Trump Says You Need ID To Buy Groceries In The US. You Do Not.

The US president was making the case for introducing voter ID during a speech at a rally in Tampa, Florida.



贅肉がついてる人にしかわからないこと 〜ストレッチジーンズ編〜


Tommy Robinson Has Been Freed On Bail After Appealing Against His Jail Term For Contempt Of Court

The British far-right activist was jailed for 13 months in May for breaking tight reporting restrictions when he broadcast live from outside a courtroom. He will now face a fresh hearing on the allegation.

19 juguetes sexuales para disfrutar sola o en pareja que vas a querer probar ya

Como diría LA MÁS GRANDE, "Amores humanos, amores a solas, qué bello mi cuerpo, qué bellas las olas".

15 Kleidungsstücke, die einfach alle Avril-Lavigne-Fans der 2000er haben mussten

Krawatte, Vans und Schweißbänder = Avril-Startpaket







汚れたAmazonレビュー 数珠が家電に化ける時


銃を3Dプリンターでつくれるソフト、ネット公開を一時的に差し止め その背景とは


Flash Briefing For August 1, 2018

Facebook suspects more Russian sketchiness, Trump tweeted that collusion isn't a crime, and MoviePass is spiraling.

「LGBTは生産性がない」発言に自民地方組織から批判 支援団体からは辞任求める声


Comment planifier une lune de miel inoubliable

Parce que votre itinéraire ne sera pas fait que d'amour et d'eau fraîche.

Petite incursion dans les coulisses de 26 tournages de films et de séries

«Channing Tatum qui se dénude, c'est moins charmant après plusieurs prises.»

25 Dinge, die garantiert passieren, wenn ihr zusammenzieht

Ihr werdet Seiten aneinander kennenlernen, von denen ihr nichts geahnt habt.

11 Dinge, die unweigerlich beim Sex passieren, wenn ihr schon eine Weile zusammen seid

*unterbricht den Sex* „Wollen wir Essen bestellen?“

22 Jeans-Trends aus den 2000ern, die bestimmt bald wiederkommen werden

Gab es in den 2000ern überhaupt andere Textilien?

Tasty Japan2周年記念ムービーができました♪


18 Sommerprobleme, die jede Frau fürchtet

Flipflop-Füße und aneinander reibende Oberschenkel.

Devin Learns To Dance Like Magic Mike • Ladylike

I think I see a lot of lawbreakers up in this house tonight...

You Can Be Tracked Just By How You Swipe On Your Phone

Researchers found that people are unique enough in how they gesture on their smartphones to be easily identifiable.

Shop At LUSH And We'll Tell You Which BTS Member Will Ask You On A Date

Because wouldn't we all love to get fizzical with BTS?

This Woman Says She Breastfed Her Baby At Church, Then Was Punished By Its Leaders

The Utah woman told BuzzFeed News local church leaders denied her access to sacred buildings after she refused to cover up while feeding her infant daughter.

【ランキング】Tasty Japan 7月に最も見られた動画は…


This Guy Proposed To Minnie Mouse And Mickey Mouse Wasn't Impressed

When 21-year-old Johnny Jean proposed to Minnie Mouse, he had no idea what he would unleash.

これは事件です! 大人気デパコスのM·A·Cを半額以下で買える方法がありました

オール1500円以下で買える「LITTLE MAC(リトルマック)」シリーズがおトクすぎる!



Ohio Republicans Fear A Blue Wave If Democrats Win Next Week’s Special Election

“You’ve got to run like your hair’s on fucking fire.”

31 Things For Your Next Flight That'll Make You Feel Like You're In First Class

Forget first class — with this stuff you'll be feeling like you're traveling on a private jet!

こんな人は熱中症になりやすい 特に警戒すべき特徴は?


「Tasty Japan」は、おかげさまで2周年を迎えます♪


Only An Animal Expert Can Pass This Animal Group Name Quiz

A group of geese is called a gaggle, but what do you call a group of Otters?

Millie Bobby Brown And Jacob Sartorius Have Broken Up, In Case You Care

It's 2018 and a 14-year-old has to release a statement about this.

Jordan Peterson Says Meat Cured His Depression. Now His Daughter Is Charging People To Chat About The “Carnivore Diet.”

Mikhaila Peterson, 26, is now making money off a new kind of diet that allegedly cured her depression and arthritis: all meat, all the time.

Prosecutors Decline To File Rape Charges Against "Make Magic! Do Good!" Author Dallas Clayton

Los Angeles prosecutors determined there was insufficient evidence to bring a case.

Pence Cites A Malware Attack In Kansas As Evidence That Voting Can Be Protected

It's not clear that Finney County, Kansas, was specifically targeted, but a malware attack in July took down all its computers, including its voting systems.

This $5 Mascara Is So Freaking Good I'm Pretty Convinced I've Witnessed Witchcraft

If Maybelline The Falsies mascara gives you such amazing results after spending practically NOTHING, then maybe you really *are* born with it?

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