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    Karlie Kloss And Harry Styles Hung Out And I Need To Know If They Talked About Taylor Swift

    This is going to keep me up at night.

    This Tuesday started like any other. I was minding my business online and staying in my own lane until I came across a picture with the most interesting cast of characters that piqued my interest. Suddenly, the Nosy Nancy in me jumped OUT.


    Here we have Karlie Kloss (supermodel, coding enthusiast, cookie entrepreneur, future in-law of Iv*nk* Trump) and Harry Styles (pop star, former 1D member, literally needs to just get it over with and ask me to marry him already). The picture was shared by the woman on the right, fashion ICON Diane Von Fursternberg. They're all on a yacht together in Europe.

    Normally I'd see an Instagram with celebrities on a boat in the Mediterranean and be like, "This is business as usual," or "I wish I was there," or, "The proletariat needs to overthrow the bourgeoisie," BUT NOT THIS TIME. Oh no, this time I was thirsty for a kettle full of PIPING HOT TEA.


    You probably know why. Back in the day, Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift (the pop star, although I don't think there's another Taylor Swift to be confused with), used to be BFFs.

    Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

    They went on road trips together. Karlie appeared in Taylor's music videos, and Taylor invited her on stage during her tours and even had a room in her NYC apartment for Karlie.

    Cut to 2018, and everyone is like, "Is Kaylor dead?!" Due to a variety of reasons, people began to suspect the one-time BFFs might be on the outs.

    Big Machine

    And then yada yada yada Taylor and Harry dated back in the day and Taylor's song "Style" was probably about Harry...but you knew that already.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images, Handout


    I mean they're rich celebrities with incredibly fulfilling lives so I'm not implying that they had to talk about Taylor, but I need to say a few things.

    — As two people with incredibly complex and UNIQUE relationships with one of the preeminent pop culture figures of our time...did they talk about Taylor Swift?!

    — If you're a celebrity talking about Taylor Swift with another celebrity, do you assume the other star is wearing a wire? I would!

    — If they DIDN'T talk about Taylor, what did they talk about? And how did they manage to steer the conversation away from Taylor for so long?

    Naturally, Swifties were in a tizzie in the comments about the lunch and what could have possibly went down.

    Some said this proved that Karlie and Taylor were on the outs... TOTALLY done.

    And others who shipped Harry and Taylor together were SHOOK.

    And others were just like...

    Anyway, I'm going to be over here refreshing Twitter until I get more intel on this meet-up!


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