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August 16, 2018

17 Weird Food Combos Everyone Either Loves Or Hates

Everyone loves Cheetos... but do you love them with MILK?!

Jemima Skelley • 35 minutes ago

The $290 Million Judgment Against Monsanto Could Spell Disaster For The Agrochemical Juggernaut

Experts say the unanimous verdict reached by a San Francisco jury sets a powerful precedent for thousands of other plaintiffs awaiting trial.

Pedro Kumamoto no logró ser senador... ¿Podrá terminar con el chayote?

Logró terminar con el financiamiento excesivo a partidos políticos y ahora va por los periodistas corruptos que aceptan pagos del gobierno.

16 Times Aretha Franklin Didn't Put Up With ANYONE'S Crap

The Queen of Soul was also DGAF royalty.

Both Low- And High-Carb Diets Were Linked To Shorter Lifespans In This Large New Study

People who got about half their calories from carbohydrates had longer lifespans than those who ate high- or low-carb diets, the study found.

"Would You Rather"- Gross Ice Cream Edition

Would you rather eat mayonnaise ice cream or wasabi ice cream?

"The Daily Show" Compared Pakistan's New Prime Minister To Donald Trump And People Are Upset

"Please do some research," one commenter implored the Comedy Central show.

Según tú, ¿quién tenía la razón en estas peleas de "Friends"?

¿Quién tiene razón sobre lo del "break"? ¿Rachel o Ross?

The Remains Found In A Squalid New Mexico Compound Were Those Of A Missing 3-Year-Old Boy

Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj's body was found in the New Mexico compound where authorities said 11 children were being trained to carry out school shootings.

Here’s What The DEA Said About Allegations Tesla Hid An Investigation Into Meth Trafficking At Its Gigafactory

The Drug Enforcement Administration says it doesn’t inform the subjects of investigations that they’re being investigated.

The ACLU Claims That Workers Picked Up In ICE Raids In Nebraska Were Mistreated

When detained workers, including two pregnant women, asked for air conditioning in the bus they were riding in, government agents turned on the heater, the ACLU said.

20 "Crazy Rich Asians" Reactions That Will Make You Hit That Retweet Button

Hubba, hubba — representation is sexy! Also, lots of tears.

¿Cuál de los Polinesios es tu alma gemela?

Descubre si eres dulce como Lesslie, aventurero como Rafa o determinada como Karen.

19 Beauty Deals Your Wallet Will Thank You For

"I WANT ALL MY BRUSHES TO BE LIKE THIS" — actual customer review.

15 Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products That Actually Do What They Say They Will

Good for the planet? Check. Effective? Double check.

This Is What 21 Of Today's Biggest Stars Look Like In Their First Roles Vs. Their Latest Roles

Betcha didn't know that before Jason Momoa was Aquaman, he was on Baywatch. The water was always calling him.

27 Products To Trick People Into Thinking You're A Baking Pro

Impress the heck out of your family and friends.

Fox News Mistakenly Showed A Photo Of Patti LaBelle In Its Aretha Franklin Coverage

“We sincerely apologize to Aretha Franklin’s family and friends.”

People Are Horrified By These Images Of Temp Dorms At Purdue University. The School Says It's "Typical."

The photos of a makeshift dorm have been compared to "prison" and "boot camp," with people raising concerns of over-admissions. The university claims their temporary housing system is pretty standard.

Papa Francisco expressa "vergonha e tristeza" pelos relatos de abuso sexual por padres na Pensilvânia

O papa foi criticado só se manifestar dois dias após a divulgação do relatório que detalhou décadas de abuso sexual infantil e de acobertamento por parte da Igreja Católica.

The Navy Admiral Who Oversaw The Bin Laden Raid Says It Would Be "An Honor" For Trump To Revoke His Security Clearance

"I would consider it an honor," said William H. McRaven, "so I can add my name to the list of men and women who have spoken up against your presidency."

Thousands Of People In Arkansas Are On The Brink Of Losing Medicaid Due To Work Requirements Pushed By Trump

While Arkansas is the first, there are 10 other states either approved or pending approval to enact work requirements to their Medicaid programs, which could lead to thousands more people losing their coverage.

How Michael Avenatti Got His Start In Political Dark Arts Under Rahm Emanuel

In the 1990s, as an entry-level opposition researcher, Avenatti once climbed aboard a moving train to get research to FedEx on time.

These Pictures Capture The American Struggle During The Great Depression

“It was tough times. Fortunately, these pictures made a difference.”

Qual personagem de Rebelde guia a sua personalidade?

Pois a vida é uma grande Elite Way School.

Creatives Are Sharing Their Rejections On Twitter And Honestly It's Pretty Comforting

Raise your hand if you've ever been personally rejected by a prestigious writing program 🙋🙋🙋

Pope Francis Has Expressed "Shame And Sorrow" Over The Report On Priest Sexual Abuse In Pennsylvania

Critics had slammed Pope Francis for taking two days to respond to the massive report detailing decades of child sex abuse and cover-ups.

17 Swearing Facts That You Probably Didn't Know

The word "fart" is 200 years older than Leonardo da Vinci!

En Guadalajara la policía ya no puede decirte nada si te cachan teniendo sexo en la calle

O sea, todavía te pueden multar, pero ahora solo aplica si alguien más se queja de que estás de exhibicionista.

Quão cacura você é?

Parada do Orgulho Cacura.

Este quiz te dirá cuál es tu % de Paulina de la Mora

¿Sabes guardar secretos y te han dicho que te pa-re-ces a Ju-lie-ta Ve-ne-gas?

The Trump Administration Is Signaling A Tougher Line On Iran With A New Task Force

Is the creation of the Iran Action Group at the State Department more of the same or a sign of a more aggressive US policy?

Estas mujeres de Jalisco ayudan a identificar cadáveres con ilustraciones y notas

Como tienen prohibido tomar fotografías, integrantes del colectivo Por Amor a Ellxs publicaron notas que describen los tatuajes y otras señas particulares de los cuerpos hallados en fosas.

21-Year-Old Woman Becomes The Youngest Person To Get A Full Face Transplant

Three years after Katie Stubblefield’s face was severely disfigured, she got a second chance — and a new face.

“Black-ish” Creator Kenya Barris Has Signed A Production Deal With Netflix

The deal had long been rumored to happen after ABC chose not to air an episode of Black-ish touching on Colin Kaepernick’s protests.

7 Game-Changing Tech Products You Need ASAP

A Kodak mini portable projector, a pair of Bose headphones, a Casio Illuminator watch, and more gizmos, gadgets, and apps tried and tested by BuzzFeed editors.

O quanto você manja de bolo?

Seria você um bolespecialista?

A Generic Version Of The EpiPen Has Been Approved By The FDA

Name-brand EpiPens have seen skyrocketing prices in recent years, and there have been shortages of the auto-injectors as well.

A New Leak Reveals The Government's "No Deal" Brexit Papers Will Cover 84 Areas Of British Life

Papers on the consequences of leaving the EU without an agreement will cover topics from broadcasting to blood safety, according to a list seen by BuzzFeed News.

MoviePass Users Can Now Only Choose Among Six Movie Titles A Day As The Service Tries To Stay Alive

The monthly fee will stay at $9.95 as subscribers are limited to three movies a month.

Você tem personalidade forte?

Ou será que você só é mal-educado?

Qual sereia da Disney você é?

No balanço das ondas.

16 Back-To-School Slow Cooker Dinners

Weeknight dinners: done. ✓

A Colorado Man Is Suspected Of Killing His Missing Wife And Children Whom He Pleaded For On TV

The man was arrested after authorities said they found his missing wife's body. They also believe they know the location of the bodies of his two young daughters.

20 Kitchen Gadgets That’ll Change The Way You Cook

Get ready to be the Inspector Gadget of the kitchen.

Should You Date Josh Or Peter From "To All The Boys I've Loved Before"?

Is it Peter with the beautiful eyes or Josh, the boy next door?

Qual erro de português você é?

Porque é muito gostoso falar algumas palavras erradas.

Você consegue acertar o signo destas personalidades da história do Brasil?

Incluindo Carlota Joaquina, Lampião e Juscelino Kubitschek.

Lara Trump Calls Omarosa's Release Of Another Leaked Phone Call A "Betrayal"

"We never would have imagined that one of our own was secretly recording all of our private conversations," the president's daughter-in-law said Thursday.

O quanto você sabe ficar sozinho(a)?

Comer no shopping é ok? E no rodízio?

Barack And Michelle Obama Say Aretha Franklin “Helped Define The American Experience”

“In her voice, we could feel our history, all of it and in every shade — our power and our pain, our darkness and our light, our quest for redemption and our hard-won respect,” the Obamas said.

Angela From "The Office" Just Shut Down Her Nephew After He Used A Picture Of Her In His Dating App Profile

" not put me in your Tinder profile photos. K. Thx. Byeeee"

Quantos % azarado você é?

Será que você precisa se benzer?

This Woman Had A Contact Lens In Her Eye For Nearly 30 Years

Doctors found the decades-old surprise inside a cyst.

27 Of The Best Products For Long Hair You Can Get On Amazon

Long hair, do care (about keeping it healthy and looking great!).

O que você precisa saber sobre a toxemia de Beyoncé, nas palavras de uma ginecologista

A toxemia, um termo ultrapassado para uma doença conhecida como pré-eclâmpsia, pode ocorrer em qualquer gravidez. E os riscos para a mãe e o bebê são consideráveis.

Chipotle Is Retraining All Of Its Employees On Food Safety After The Latest Illness Outbreak

After eating at an Ohio Chipotle, 647 people reported getting sick.

This Quiz Will Tell You How Good You Are At Tricky Words

Prove how well you know the difference between tricky English words.

14 Ways "Crazy Rich Asians" Was Changed From The Book

Spoilers for the book AND movie ahead!

Aretha Franklin "Queen Of Soul" Facts You Should Know

The legendary singer died today at age 76.

Google Employees Are Organizing To Protest The Company’s Secret, Censored Search Engine For China

Following a series of crises at Google, disparate worker organizing efforts within the company are coalescing, part of a growing workers’ movement in the tech industry.

Score Up To 66% Off Sale Items During Forever 21's Back To School Sale

Stock up on clothes, shoes, accessories, and more — starting at $5!

28 fotos icônicas da vida e carreira de Aretha Franklin

A artista, conhecida por muitos como a Rainha do Soul, morreu de câncer aos 76 anos.

Which "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" And "Parks And Rec" Characters Are You A Combo Of?

Are you an Amy/Leslie combo or a Jake/Ben mashup?

La nueva película de Alfonso Cuarón y Netflix se ve tan increíble que ya deberían darle un Óscar

El primer tráiler de Roma te hará sentir muchísimas cosas en menos de dos minutos.

This $18 Maxi Dress Is Great For Days When You Want To Look Cute But Are Lazy

It comes in 19 color and style combinations — so yes, I think we need them all.

¿Puedes pasar este quiz de productos de Hello Kitty sin gastarte todo tu dinero?

Vamos a ver qué tan grande es tu amor por la gatita.

Tu sueño de comprar la batería de cocina de Tasty en México acaba de hacerse realidad

Los genios de Tasty, cada vez más cerquita de tu corazón (y de tu panza).

Qual alimento da cesta básica você é?

Descubra uma verdade sobre você beeeeeem basiquinha.

23 Pairs Of Jeans That'll Actually Last

Because who wants jeans that fade and stretch out of shape?

Relatório detalha abusos sexuais praticados por mais de 300 padres nos EUA

"O abuso marcou todas as dioceses. O acobertamento foi sofisticado", disse o procurador-geral do Estado da Pensilvânia. "A Igreja protegeu a instituição a todo custo."

Quantos % DRAGA você é?

De quantas destas 250 comidas você gosta?

Aretha Franklin Was More Than Just A Great Voice

“Genius” is a title Aretha deserves, without question. That we have often failed to give it to her (and other black women) only shows our own biases.

Pete Davidson Says He Told Ariana Grande He'd Marry Her On The Day They Met

"She was calling my bluff. I sent her a picture [of engagement rings],” the SNL actor told GQ.

Janaina Paschoal fez thread de 56 tuítes para falar de candidatura. E hoje é só o 1º dia da campanha...

O discurso no Twitter da candidata a deputada estadual foi tão longo que teve até espaço para dicas de filme.

Singer Shea Diamond On Black Trans Artistry And Resilience

"We’re here, we’re definitely queer, and we’re making music. We’re making art. We’re talented as hell."

How Good Is Your Short-Term Memory When It Comes To Remembering Faces?

Can your ability to recognize faces help solve a crime?

Here Are The Celebs And Musicians Paying Tribute To Aretha Franklin, Who Has Died At 76

“The greatest voice in American popular music has been stilled,” said Bette Midler.

Diseña un pastel de bodas y te diremos que tan Pinterestesca es tu vida

¡Comamos pastel! ¡Y reciclemos botellas para hacerlas floreros!

24 Things From Walmart To Help Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Your dorm is gonna be so great you're not even gonna want to go to class (at least that's the excuse you'll use).

Strawberries and Cream Soufflé

Strawberries and Cream Soufflé

17 Models Whose Freckles We Want To See In The Next Beauty Campaign

Who needs concealer when you can show off these beauty marks?

28 Iconic Pictures From Aretha Franklin's Soulful Life

The undisputed Queen of Soul died on Thursday from cancer at age 76.

Aretha Franklin, The Queen Of Soul, Has Died At 76

She was the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and won 18 Grammy Awards.

20 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A set of brain coasters, flower spoons, a Harry Potter soup mug set, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Taco

Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Taco

An Arizona Man Charged With Murder Says He Was Protecting His Teenage Daughter

The 16-year-old had been trying to use the restroom at a convenience store when a man tried to enter her stall.

Qual Madonna é você?

Todas são rainhas.

Here's Why Cambridge Graduates Say The Stormzy Scholarship Matters

"I got the grades, I did well in the interview, so why did I feel like I was an impostor in a university that had accepted me?"

Boa parte do que sei hoje sobre feminismo eu aprendi com a Madonna

Eu podia não entender o que tinha de tão escandaloso em usar crucifixos com sutiã de renda e tênis, mas uma coisa eu sabia: ela estava pouco se lixando para o que as pessoas pensavam dela, e não estava chorando por um homem.

This Is What The VMAs Looked Like In 2008

The hair! The outfits! The couples! Get ready to feel super goddamn old.



18 Small But Annoying Things About Being A Woman That Nobody Warns You About

"Men: seriously why do you need such a big bag????? Also men: can I put this in your bag."

32 Things From Target Everyone Will Think You Got At Some Fancy AF Store

I mean, Beyoncé shops at Target, you shop at Target...wait, are you Beyoncé?


『Tasty Japan』と『RIZAP』のコラボが決まりました!

Morning Update: Accept It — Parrots Swearing Is Never Not Funny

Trump revokes John Brennan's security clearance, historic primary wins, picking up Facebook's slack. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, August 16.

21 Hilarious Tweets About "The Bachelor" Episode 2

"Badgelor just said 'live laugh love' and I can hear the collective screams from Kmart mums around Australia."

¿Alberga tu cuerpo a Satán?

Esto es moderadamente importante saberlo.

After Eight Years, Palestinians Are Finally Getting Their Mail

It will take weeks for postal workers to sort through nearly 10 tons of letters and parcels.

18 Comics, die anderen zeigen, wie sich Depressionen anfühlen

Für alle, die betroffen sind, betroffen waren oder einfach nur verstehen wollen, wie sich das alles anfühlt.

#SongsAufDeutsch ist exakt die Dosis Wortwitz, die du heute brauchst

Die Jodel-Community hat berühmte Hits wortwörtlich vom Englischen ins Deutsche übersetzt und das kam dabei heraus.



¿Eres capaz de reconocer la serie de los 2000 por su instituto?

Todos tienen una cosa en común: son mejores que al que fuiste en la vida real.

24 Moisturizing Products For Every Inch Of Your Body

Whether it's your hair, face, beard, lips, feet, neck, or just your entire body — we found the products to keep you from ever being dry or ashy again!

Estos son los 19 chollazos que puedes encontrar hoy en Amazon

Supera la tristeza postvacacional con estas ofertas.

広瀬すずが腹筋「バッキバキ」と話題に 体幹の強さを示す5つの証拠


Ariana Grande Ordering A Grande Latte Whilst Being Carried By James Corden Is Giving Me Life

"Do you know I demand to be carried everywhere? That's the kind of pop star I am."

11 cosas que me gustaría que alguien me hubiera dicho cuando tenía veinte años

Por ejemplo: ¡todavía tienes MUCHO tiempo para conseguir lo que quieras!

Las críticas a las diferentes formas de "ser mamá" también son machismo

A una se la critica por dar el pecho en público, a la otra por ser demasiado sexy "para una madre". WTF.



34 datos que probablemente no conocías sobre tus series favoritas de Netflix

Me molesta un poco que el apartamento de los Fab Five no sea un apartamento real.

8 Ways You Can Help Victims Of The Kerala Floods Right Now

With further downpours predicted till at least August 18, lakhs of affected people need your support more than ever.

Amandla Stenberg Losing It On The Phone To Beyoncé Is All Of Us

The woman Bey wants Blue Ivy to be when she grows up has zero chill.



Flash Briefing For August 16, 2018

That Christian baker is back in court, Smallville actress Allison Mack wants permission to work while she awaits her sex cult trial, and a woman Iranian photojournalist makes waves on the internet.

If You've Done 18 Out Of 23 These Things, You Should Probably Just Throw Your Phone Away

Does your autocorrect change haha to HAHAHA, and make you look really excited?

Michaelia Cash's Vow Of Silence On The AWU Raid Leaks Has Been Going For 297 Days

The minister claims she is not being investigated by the police.

I Regret To Inform You That Melbourne Has Been Murdered By Tom Gleeson

The comedian dragged the city straight to hell.

Here's How To Spend A Perfect Weekend In Orange, NSW

Uh, did you know that they don't grow oranges in Orange?

Make A Pizza And We'll Tell You If You'd Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Will your pizza make you a hero or a member of the walking dead?

34 Fuckin’ Fresh Memes For Australians Only

Perfect to scroll through while on the toilet, during an ad break or procrastinating at work.

These Women Say They Suffered Terrible Pain And Bleeding After Getting This Contraceptive Implanted

"I've gone through childbirth and this was worse than being in labour."

Asesinaron a un ex integrante de Uff! en la Narvarte

Fabio Melanitto, de origen venezolano, iba en una motocicleta cuando le dispararon.

Sorry Silicon Valley Nerds, New Zealand Just Banned The Sale Of Homes To Foreigners

The associate minister of finance says it's not xenophobic.

At Least 76 People Overdosed In A New Haven Park After Taking Synthetic Marijuana

Many of the victims were in the park near Yale University when they started showing symptoms.

Russian Trolls Spread Baseless Conspiracy Theories Like Pizzagate And QAnon After The Election

Less than two weeks after the first "Q" post appeared on 4chan, a Russia-backed troll account began amplifying the conspiracy theory on Twitter.

Let's See If You Can Actually Guess How Tall These 7 Celebrities Are

Trust me, this quiz is a lot harder than it seems.

Politicians Tripping Over Themselves To Condemn Fraser Anning Are Ignoring Manus And Nauru, Says Senator

Condemn Fraser Anning all you like — but get refugee kids off Nauru, says Nick McKim.

Malcolm Turnbull's Favourite Encryption App Doesn't Think His New Legislation Can Be Enforced

The company behind the app Turnbull used to message Kevin Rudd doesn't think his new encryption legislation will be enforceable on tech companies not based in Australia.



This $30 Vibrator Might Be The Best Thing You Ever Buy On Amazon

Oh yeah, and it's Prime-eligible! *adds to cart, doesn't leave the house for a month*

自分を傷つけずにはいられない人へ 「決して良いことではないけれど、悪いことでもない」


The Trump Administration Is Seeking To Restart Thousands Of Closed Deportation Cases

“For the over 355,000 immigrants whose cases have been administratively closed, this is frightening.”



What I Learned About Trump's '90s "Ghetto Pass" — And His Bigotry — While Chasing The Trump Tape

Two years ago, I spent days talking to people in the New York hip-hop circles he once moved in, chasing the Trump tape we're all looking for again.

50 Reminders Of What Life Was Like 5 Years Ago

It was a time when all we did was play Flappy Bird and watch "Harlem Shake" videos!

Here's Why YA Twitter Is Freaking Out About Dick Soap Right Now

It's soap that looks like a dick, not soap for your dick, fyi.

A Former ICE Agent Is Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Women

John Jacob Olivas, 43, has pleaded not guilty.

The Jury Will Now Deliberate Whether Paul Manafort Is A Liar Or A Victim

Manafort is charged with filing false tax returns, failing to report foreign bank accounts, and bank fraud.

Which Would You Choose: Eating Delicious Food, Or Petting Really Cute Puppies?

You can either eat the food or pet the puppy; you can't have both.

37 Products To Help You Keep Everything In Its Proper Place

A place for everything and everything in its place!

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