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29 Hobbies For People Who Really Want A Hobby But Have No Idea Where To Start

There really is something out there for everyone!

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which hobbies they'd recommend for people who don't have any – here are some of their responses!

1. Crocheting

2. Doing puzzles

Ailbhe Malone / BuzzFeed

"You get to do them at your own pace, and when you're done you can frame it or start a new one, and that sense of accomplishment is a pretty damn good feeling."


3. Beadweaving

4. Yoga

Flickr: campusrecreation_ucdavis

"An interesting hobby for everyone who wants to get moving is yoga. This way you have a new hobby, do a little exercise, and relax at the same time."


5. Couponing

6. Geocaching

Tiago Pereira / Flickr: tiagoafpereira

"It's free (okay, you need a smartphone and a pen, which you probably already own) and a great way to explore your neighbourhood, your county, your city...or see overlooked, beautiful places at your travel destination. Especially for those who can't really motivate themselves to go out and/or find plain walks too boring - with geocaching, you have a goal, a reason to get that ass up."


7. Reviewing movies

8. Making soap and other toiletries

9. Making a home aquarium

Flickr: untitled4

"I really like setting up and maintaining aquariums. It's super fun to design your underwater landscape and grow the aquatic plants until its all ready for the fish to be added. It takes months sometimes for a single tank and can be kind of daunting at first with all the water treatments, fertilisers, lighting, filters, heaters etc...but once you're into it it's great.

"It's expensive upfront but maintenance is very low cost. The fish are really peaceful to watch and it's really cool if you get everything perfect enough for them to start reproducing. It's a fun hobby but definitely a commitment once you start. It's not something you really can take a break from because your fish will die if you get too lazy about it."


10. Gardening

11. Special-effects makeup

"I do special-effects makeup in my spare time! I have no training and I am no expert, but I really have a lot of fun playing around with it!! I highly recommend people trying it."


12. Dot, drip, or splatter painting

13. Learning a new language


"Aside from being super useful, it’s great for getting into a new headspace, especially if you’re anxious like me. Bilingualism has also been proven to help creativity and even your use of your native language."


14. Colouring

15. Computer programming

Cartoon Network

"If you are looking for a hobby that it is fun but will also be a good intellectual challenge, try computer programming! I strongly recommend it if you enjoy logic puzzles or you're a bit of a control freak like me (it's nice to have something do exactly what I tell it to do!) It is actually pretty easy to get started with and you can learn for free with CodeCademy! Quickly googling ways to learn programming will find you lots of results as well. I've found it's a whole lot of fun to be able to make games and other small projects. Plus, it can translate into a marketable skill if you work hard enough!"


16. Making friendship bracelets

17. Baking

Flickr: dolmansaxlil

"I started baking when I was stressed out studying for comps, and now I bake almost all my own bread (not to mention dessert!) It doesn't require a big investment upfront, is tactile and creative, and leaves you with something delicious to share – or, you know, eat yourself."


18. Coin collecting

Flickr: rclatter

"You can start just by having a look at the change in your pocket. Most countries release different designs on the backs of their coins. Examples are the US state quarters, the US national park quarters, and the UK 2012 Olympic 50p series. Euros are interesting as well as each country that has euros as their national currency has a different design on their coins to recognise them as theirs (even though all euros are valid in all euro accepting countries regardless of country of mintage.) Becomes addicting searching out new designs."


19. Hand lettering

20. Cosplaying

Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

"I built my own from scratch. You can basically cosplay as anything you’re interested in. Building my costume meant I had to learn new sewing techniques, along with figuring out how to do other things (such as sewing a hidden pocket, or building a mini computer fan that ran off a battery pack!) If I was ever bored, I could google ways to do the next step and find lots of ideas. I was constantly looking for fun cheap additions to my cosplay that would help bring out his character. Not to mention, going to a convention to cosplay was a blast! I made so many friends and got asked for tons of photos. Even if you can’t go to conventions, public cosplaying can be a lot of fun too!"


21. Reading

Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

"There are so many avenues for this hobby, and so many genres to fit the interests of literally anyone. A lot of hobbies can get expensive, but this one doesn’t have to cost anything at all if you make use of your local library. Don’t have the time to read? Choose an audiobook and listen while you do other things. Don’t have space to keep books? Choose an ebook. Reading is such a relaxing hobby, you can do it anywhere you go, and it's the cheapest way to experience the world."


22. Bullet journalling

23. Mountain biking

Flickr: adwriter

"The fresh air will help you get away from adult struggles. It’s been proven that spending time outdoors helps you mentally, physically, and creatively. MTB is a community where everyone is invited. There are different trails for different levels and it doesn’t matter how slow you are, we are just happy to see you on the trail."


24. Cross stitching

25. Learning about names

Amazon Prime

"Onomastics! If you love research, impressing people with trivia that relates to themselves, ranking, rating and collecting things, history, and language, the study of names is awesome. There are tight-knit communities of hardcore name nerds out there who love to discuss and advise."


26. Paper crafting

27. Doing word puzzles

Flickr: jspad

"I do daily puzzles like '7 Little Words' and 'Monkey Wrench' on my iPad but I also keep crossword books and other word puzzle books on hand (acrostics, anagram puzzles, even word searches) for when I feel bored. They’re such great brain training and I feel like they help me a little at learning weird bits of trivia."


28. Learning burlesque

Logo TV

"I would recommend learning burlesque if you want to be more confident and enjoy dancing! I am terrible at sticking with anything, but I started burlesque a year ago and I'm still loving it. The girls I do it with are the most wholesome bunch I've ever met, and in every class and at every show we just tell everyone how wonderful they are! There are lots of places that run classes and you could make costumes and come up with routines in your spare time!"


29. Hiking

Flickr: 14591708@N00

"I don't know if this counts as a hobby, but seriously hiking is my favourite thing in the world to do. Look for natural areas and nature reserves in your area, and go out and explore. It's good for your body and your mind! Being in nature is calming, and getting out on foot is an awesome way to experience new places."


Note: submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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