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    This Is How Old All Of The Babies Born On Your Favorite Shows Are Now, So Get Ready To Feel Ancient

    Ben Geller is only two years younger than his Aunt Monica was when Friends premiered.

    1. Ben Geller, Friends

    2. Chandler, Leslie, and Frank Junior Buffay, Jr, Friends

    3. Emma Geller-Green, Friends

    4. Jack and Erica Bing, Friends

    5. Marvin Waitforit Ericksen, How I Met Your Mother

    6. Daisy Hurricane Ericksen, How I Met Your Mother

    7. Avery Brown, Murphy Brown

    8. Steve and Kwan Van Gerbig, Gilmore Girls

    9. Davey Belleville, Gilmore Girls

    10. Martha Janice-Lori-Ethan-Rupert-Glenda-Carson-Daisy-Danny Belleville, Gilmore Girls

    11. Amy Lindley, Dawson's Creek

    12. Cecelia Marie Halpert, The Office

    13. Phillip Halpert, The Office

    14. Phillip Schrute, The Office

    15. Brady Hobbes, Sex and the City


    Steve and Kwan Van Gerbig were born in 2007. A previous version of this post misstated the year they were born.