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    14 Seriously WTF Moments From The New Season Of “Power”

    Five episodes in and I'm EDGELESS (contains spoliers, obvs)

    Ok, so we’re halfway through season 5 of "Power" and my edges, wig and Sundays have well and truly been snatched.


    From Tariq flexing his roadman muscles, to ‘Dre’s fearless (but rather admirable) pursuit of the ‘King of New York’ crown and Tommy’s unsurprising daddy issues with notorious mobster Tony Teresi, let's have a little moment to recap on all the shit that has gone down in the last five episodes because…WOW!

    In no particular order (because they’re all pretty equally WTF TBH!), let’s get into it:

    1. I exhaled so hard I nearly started a fire when Tariq texted ‘Dre - his father’s nemesis - to warn him of impending death on his father’s orders.



    2. Then I rejoiced when Angela continuously left Ghost – the man who broke her heart and almost left her unemployed - on read (you go girl!)


    Only to cave in (wait, what?) letting his beautifully carved body and face back into her life. Angela is me!

    3. And now he's got her in these streets deleting police records and tampering with evidence.


    Your DA could never!

    4. So Tommy’s estranged mobster daddy Tony Teresi is a snitch. I saw it coming, but still OUCH! Tommy can’t catch a break, plus he’s still grieving Holly FFS!

    Starz / Via

    Taking daddy issues to a whole different level!

    5. Still mourning the loss of his daughter, Ghost hits the bottle and life goes left real quick. Now he’s going around avenging the death of people he’s never met. Like, COMPLETE strangers.

    Starz / Via

    He is no longer the ‘one bullet, fix tie and bounce’ businessman we have grown to know and love, he’s now moving messy like Tommy stabbing a drunk driver in a frenzied attack while drunk himself. Angela, come and get your man, please!

    6. On the subject of his downfall, he’s also lost his standing in the charitable Queen’s Child Project, which will see a building set up in the name of his late daughter.


    It followed a fight he initiated in front of a crowd of distinguished guests with business partner and councilman, Rashad Tate. ANGELAAAAAAA!

    7. Additionally, on his way down, he sleeps with high-powered millionaire investor Linda (hey, Garcelle Beauvais) in a quest to get her on board the Queen’s Child Project, but she gets the goods and bounces.


    Yep, you read that right. Ghost gets played. GHOST. GETS. PLAYED. She also takes her investment with her. Ghost needs to disappear and find his season 4 character TBH.

    8. Now let’s talk about ‘Dre in season 5 because W-O-W. He really turned up at the graveside (Yes, GRAVESIDE) of Ghost’s murdered daughter Raina (she’d been in the ground all of two minutes) to issue a warning in person to his former boss.


    The student has now become the master. Wow, ok!

    9. After issuing his menacing warning, he then joins the board of Ghost’s charitable mission (on the invite of conniving and aforementioned Councilman Tate) because this season does not want me to have edges!



    10. And that moment when councilman Tate tricked Ghost and wife Tasha into hosting a whole press conference about the murder of their daughter when they explicitly told him they did not want to talk to the press about it.

    Starz / Via

    Councilman Tate (played by Laurenz Tate) can not be trusted. I repeat, CAN NOT BE TRUSTED

    11. Slight intermission. Can we take a moment to appreciate the unlikely growing heartthrob status of Ghost’s lawyer Joesph “Joe” Proctor (aka Proctor). Don’t @ me please!


    A man that knows his way around the law and stands strong in the face of looming unemployment is bae! And let’s be honest, any man that ensures Ghost avoids jail time with a rap sheet as long as his, is a hero.

    12. Five seasons in, we all know by now that “Power” gives us SEX SCENES! At times we wondered how Angela managed to keep a full-time job with all the 'between the sheets' action she and Ghost got into in seasons 1 – 4, but season 5 is WILD.


    Did Diego Jiménez, leader of a rival drug cartel, really stand and happily watch ‘Dre have sex with one of his girls? Like, WTF?

    13. Then there’s 12-time Grammy Award and Pulitzer-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar who made a show-stopping guest appearance in last week’s episode as a homeless man named Laces.



    14. When season 4 ended, showing the surprise reunion of Ghost, Tommy and former enemy Kanan (played by executive producer and rapper 50 Cent), something in my waters told me it wouldn’t last forever and the waters don’t lie.

    Starz / Via

    We haven’t even settled into this series good and Kanan’s already looking for a way out, which looks like it will include Tariq. Say it ain’t so!

    Will Ghost sober up and get a shape up before season 6? Will Tommy get the father he has always hoped for in Tony? Will ‘Dre find his ‘King of New York’ crown before death finds him? I am STRESSSSSSSSSED!

    One thing’s for sure, “Power” did not come to play this season and I AM HERE FOR IT!

    Starz / Via

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