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    6 Faces That Honestly I've Never Seen Leonardo DiCaprio Make Before

    Yacht life is rough.

    Leonardo DiCaprio guessed it, on a yacht!

    Xpos / BACKGRID

    And while on that yacht he made a series of faces that honestly, I haven't seen before! I mean, I don't know Leo personally and Idk what faces he makes in his spare time. But these happened to be caught on camera so now I'm showing them to you.

    1. Blech face:

    Xpos / BACKGRID

    2. Wahhhhh face:

    Xpos / BACKGRID

    3. Just ate an Airhead face:

    Xpos / BACKGRID

    4. Is still processing the taste of the Airhead face:

    Xpos / BACKGRID

    5. Mommy won't give him his baba face:

    Xpos / BACKGRID

    6. And finally, a-okay face:

    Saud / One Shot / BACKGRID

    There you go! Some new faces from Leo. Now that man can act!!!

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