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    29 "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Cold Opens That Are Even Funnier The 100th Time

    HOT DAMN!!!

    1. First, when Jake makes his line of suspects sing the Backstreet Boys:

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    2. When Jake completes the full bullpen before running into Captain Holt in the elevator:

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    3. When the squad tries to get Gina to look up from her phone:

    4. When Captain Holt compliments Jake on a report and then Jake accidentally calls him dad:

    5. When the squad tries to predict how Captain Holt will react to eating a marshmallow for the first time:

    6. When Boyle makes this perfect Dianne Wiest joke after watching Bullets Over Broadway one weekend:

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    7. When Jake tries to prove that Captain Holt isn't wearing pants:

    8. When Captain Holt gets into a dance battle:

    9. When the squad is talking about the oldest person they've arrested, but Boyle thinks that they're discussing something else:

    10. When Boyle gets the medal of valor, but is upstaged by a horse:

    11. When Captain Holt correctly guesses why Amy is late for work:

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    12. When the squad plays Boyle Bingo on Thanksgiving:

    13. When the precinct is overrun with ants and the squad takes matters into their own hands:

    14. When Rosa wears a pink shirt to work but somehow everyone makes fun of Boyle:

    15. When Jake's tarantula goes missing in the precinct and it ends up on Terry's head:

    16. When Boyle has a new confident attitude after he starts dating someone:

    17. When Scully and Hitchcock have matching mason jars:

    18. When Jake sends a condolence email to Captain Holt with the wrong email signature:

    19. When Amy gives Captain Holt an unmarked package as a gift:

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    20. When Jake's giant inflatable Christmas tree crushes Terry in the break room:

    21. When Captain Holt tells Jake in secret how he actually hurt his wrist:

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    22. When Boyle's turkey feathers get stuck in the elevator:

    23. When Gina tells everyone that she met God after getting hit by a bus:

    24. When Jake tells Rosa and Boyle about Amy's quirks when she gets stressed before a big test:

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    25. When Jake, Amy, and Holt take Halloween heist prep seriously:

    26. When Jake tries to ride his new hoverboard around the precinct, but fails miserably:

    27. When Captain Holt is riding a vacation high:

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    28. When Terry and Boyle show up wearing the same outfit:

    29. And, when Jake lets Gina style him if he can open the mystery suitcase: