We Owe These 23 Celebrities An Apology, Because They've Gotten So Much Unnecessary Hate

    Enough is enough, people.

    A viral Reddit thread has people defending the celebrities who get an unfair amount of hate — and several valid points are being made, TBH.

    It all started when Reddit user u/humanbean07 posed a question to the internet: "Which celebrity is hated for absolutely no reason at all?" Here are some of the top responses:

    1. "I know quite a few people who absolutely HATE Zooey Deschanel even though she has a squeaky clean image and no scandals to speak of, just because of the whole 'quirky'/'manic pixie dream girl' thing she's got going for her."

    Zooey Deschanel

    2. "Megan Fox. She seemed like bland eye candy, because she was allowed to be nothing but that. And then [Transformers director] Michael Bay made her life hell later."

    Megan Fox

    3. "Robert Pattinson. We get it. He did Twilight. Now can we please recognize the other fucking movies he has done?Twilight is not a reason to hate this guy. He hated the series himself."

    Robert Pattinson

    4. "Back in the day, Rebecca Black. Yes, 'Friday' was a bad song, but she definitely didn't deserve death threats and all of the backlash she got."

    Rebecca Black

    5. "Millie Bobby Brown. People get really upset that she 'acts too old' because they can’t separate that 1) she played a character younger than herself, and 2) teenagers, while technically children, don’t act (and dress and look) like grade schoolers."

    Millie Bobby Brown

    6. "Brie Larson. I still don’t get that one. People were acting like she was all arrogant about playing Captain Marvel when she was literally serving people popcorn and personally thanking them for watching her movie at the theater when it came out. What other Oscar-winning actor in a huge budget Hollywood movie has done that?"

    Brie Larson

    7. "Currently, Simone Biles. I can see being disappointed, but I don’t understand the hate and vitriol. If she has a bad day at work, she could die or become quadriplegic. Her prioritizing her own wellbeing over other people’s expectations sent an important message to young women everywhere."

    Simone Biles

    8. "Most popular young music artists are hated by people outside their target audience because... I dunno, they don't like music not aimed at them? NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber, One Direction, etc."

    One Direction

    9. "The Jonas Brothers. They actually put out good music back in the late '00s to early '10s, and most of it was written by them on top of it. People just hated them because they were popular."

    Jonas Brothers

    10. "Lindsay Lohan. Holy shit, I feel like we as a culture just utterly failed that woman. We made her into a raging sex symbol while she was still a stupid teenager, then turned on her the instant cracks began to show. Everything we now know about the seedy exploitative side of Hollywood just makes it extra shitty."

    Lindsay Lohan

    11. "Kim Cattrall. She did not want to come back to Sex and the City and people went nuts."

    Kim Cattrall

    12. "Anne Hathaway. There is an article that lists all the reasons why she 'sucks' and 'no one wants to work with her in Hollywood.' The reasons were like: 1) She's too perfect. 2) She doesn't have any drama in her life. 3) She is professional. Really dumb things."

    Anne Hathaway

    13. "Imagine Dragons. I can get people being like, 'Why are they the one and only rock band that gets any commercial success and air play?' But that’s not their fault, that’s the music industry’s fault."

    Imagine Dragons

    14. "Hayden Christensen. He gets hate over being bad with his role as Anakin Skywalker. He was only doing his lines as told, and honestly I like the iconic 'I don't like sand' scene."

    Hayden Christensen

    15. "Ahmed Best. I get that no one liked Jar Jar but apparently he was almost driven to suicide by the backlash."

    Ahmed Best

    16. "Victoria Justice. That video where she says, 'I think we ALL sing' does not justify the hate train at all. She was young and it was just an awkward attempt at sarcasm/a joke at worst IMO."

    Victoria Justice

    17. "Adam Sandler. He makes silly movies in vacation spots. Yes, let's hate this guy who keeps reusing the same actors who all probably make a good living in a relaxed atmosphere, while making movies for an audience who get exactly what they expect from each movie."

    Adam Sandler

    18. "Anna Gunn. The hate for her Breaking Bad character, Skyler White, is stupid in itself (if you hated her, you should rewatch it and pay more attention to the plot). It boggles my mind that some people hate the actor, who should instead be praised for making a character believable enough that people actually hate her."

    Anna Gunn

    19. "Jon Heder. Gets zero respect in the industry and is referred to as the 'ugliest actor in the industry.' All because he type-cast himself with one role, Napoleon Dynamite."

    Jon Heder

    20. "Younger people may not remember this, but there was a long stretch in the '90s and '00s where Keanu Reeves was a punchline. He's definitely a limited actor, but after his performance in Bram Stoker's Dracula he became the embodiment of bad acting for a while. He became 'bad actor' shorthand kind of like William Shatner is... It wasn't until John Wick that the switch flipped and everyone admitted that they really liked him and it didn't matter that he isn't Laurence Olivier."

    Keanu Reeves

    21. "Greta Thunberg. For a while there it seemed like every shitty conservative 'influencer' dedicated an inordinate amount of time to just tearing this girl apart online. The amount of grown men that fucking hate a teenage girl is pathetic and embarrassing."

    Greta Thunberg

    22. "Guy Fieri. Everything I've read about him says his onscreen persona is just him being himself. He's a genuinely nice dude and really does do his show just to promote the restaurants he visits. Apparently if he doesn't like a restaurant, he just doesn't feature it so nobody gets any negative publicity. And he does a ton of charity work outside his TV stuff."

    Guy Fieri

    And finally...

    23. "T-Pain. Guy has a great voice and a lot of people love his music. He just chose to use autotune to make his style unique. It’s not his fault the rest of the music industry decided to turn overusing autotune into a trend."


    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.