16 Gorgeous Black Couples Who'll Restore Your Faith In Love

    Reeeal love, I'm searching for a real love.

    So CURLFEST—aka the world's BIGGEST natural beauty festival—recently happened and sorrynotsorry I'm STILL not over it!

    1. Not only were there a bajillion beautiful hairstyles, but black love was also in the building/park. Like these two lovers whose tender kiss is singlehandedly keeping romance alive...

    2. ...And these two icons who came fresh off the runway.

    3. Is second-hand love even a thing? Because I'm an emotional mess over here and I don't even know them!

    4. Time travel must be real because I'm 100% sure Teddy Pendergrass' 1972 classic "Love and Happiness" was actually based on this exact moment.

    5. Prom poses usually look awkward AF, but on these two? ADORABLE.

    6. Y'all too??? Seriously, show us your ways!

    7. You know what they say, the couple that 'fros together, glows together.

    8. As for the two beauties in this pic: thank you for sharing this cute as hell selfie with the world.

    9. You're prolly drowning in your feels at this point, so I'm gonna go grab a some Kleenex while you come up for air.

    10. Because let's face it, black love is as radical as it is revolutionary.

    11. Like a defiant rose from concrete, it blossoms in spite of the most hateful conditions—the Transatlantic slave trade, widespread colonialism, the prison-industrial complex.

    12. Like lush 'fros and luxuriant locs, it flourishes.

    13. That's why pics like this make me feel like a living, breathing heart-eye emoji...

    14. ...And it's also why I spent about three hours carefully combing through the 49,077 #curlfest hastags on IG in search of these very photos.

    15. Because just like black life, black LOVE matters...

    16. ...And too much is NEVER enough!!!

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