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    This One's For All The Black Students Who Didn't Attend An HBCU

    While y'all are debating the real HU, I'm trying to get into a class with the ONE black professor on campus.

    1. You got your acceptance letter in the mail to [insert PWI here] and all of a sudden every HBCU-goer immediately thought you were betraying the culture.

    2. And then there were the people that automatically assumed that you only got in because you played sports or 'cause of affirmative action.

    3. You walked into your first class and immediately realized that you were the only black person in the room. Oh joy.

    4. As a result, you were the spokesperson for all black people EVER, and everything you did was a reflection on all of us.

    5. While subtle, you were constantly judging your non-POC friends' fashion choices. It's 40 degrees so stop wearing shorts, Katie.

    6. At some point, you were bound to hang with the few black students that were on campus, whether that be for fun or for survival.

    7. And whenever you saw a fellow black student on campus you automatically nodded or said hi despite not even knowing their name.

    8. Dating was problematic since you had to ask yourself if you were attracted to someone just because they looked like you.

    I can't tell if this man in my HPM class is actually fine or if I just think he's fune cuz he's the only black man in here...#PWIstruggles


    9. Being one of the few black people on campus meant that you experienced your fair share of fuckery, like everyone expecting you to have an opinion on Kanye West or the newest season of Love and Hip Hop.

    10. You will never understand why certain micro-aggressions happened, like horribly themed parties, vandalism, and Kool-Aid jokes that are never funny.

    11. And from unsolicited hair touching, to your freshman year roommate meticulously studying your haircare routine, you and your thick head of hair needed to have thick skin.

    12. Not to mention, you had to trek 45 miles out of the city just to get products for your hair, like edge control, or an appropriate shape-up.

    13. Being the only black person in your class meant that one, your professor always knew your name, and two, they knew whenever you skipped class, so you needed to be on your toes.

    14. And if there was another black person in your class, you immediately had a sigh of relief because you didn't have to be the only one to juggle every question during Black History Month.

    Me when I walk into my class of 300 white students and find the one other lone black girl • #PWIStruggles


    15. But the professor might've mixed you two up, which inevitably got on your LAST nerve.

    16. Everyone thought you knew all about rap and how to twerk, which maybe you did, but that was none of their damn business.

    Him : Send me a video of you twerking Me :


    17. Although you don't want to admit it, you were jealous of your HBCU friends for their lit fraternities, sororities, and homecomings.

    18. The black staff at your school, especially in the dining hall, always looked out for you. Yaaaaassss, perfectly made omelette!

    19. Unfortunately, you were never able to be excited about fried chicken in the dining hall just because you didn't want to reinforce the stereotype, but you couldn't help yourself since EVERYONE LOVES FRIED CHICKEN.

    20. People on campus started to think you were two different people because you so carefully mastered the art of code switching.

    21. But at the end of the day, you knew yourself and why you were there. Be proud.