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    Panera Has A Double Bread Bowl Now And This Is The Best News Of 2018


    Hey Panera Bread lovers, I bring good news for you! Your beloved soup and sandwich eatery is currently experimenting with DOUBLE BREAD bowls. YES, DOUBLE. BREAD. BOWLS.

    Twitter: @panerabread

    So you can now do TWO soups, a soup and mac 'n' cheese, TWO mac 'n' cheeses, IDK...THE SKY'S THE LIMIT (and I won't stop you).

    And, obviously, everyone everywhere is terribly excited about this glorious carb-lover's dream:

    a double bread bowl is exactly the kind of innovation i expect out of 2018, thank you Panera

    From today, time will be delineated as: B.D.B.B (before double bread bowl) and A.D.B.B (after double bread bowl) #DoubleBreadBowl

    we now live in an era where you can take a double panera bread bowl to the face, so if nothing else, at least there is that

    However, there is a slight catch. According to Eater, "The Double Bread Bowl will be available in a handful of Philadelphia-area locations of Panera from August 5 through the 31."

    20th Century Fox

    Good for everyone in Philadelphia, annoying for the rest of us!

    BUUUUUT, if the Double Bread Bowl is a hit...Panera will expand it nationwide.

    So, you want the Double Bread Bowl in a Panera near you? Where do you want to see it?

    So, you know what to do...get those likes and RT's going, y'all!

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