Panera Has A Double Bread Bowl Now And This Is The Best News Of 2018


    Hey Panera Bread lovers, I bring good news for you! Your beloved soup and sandwich eatery is currently experimenting with DOUBLE BREAD bowls. YES, DOUBLE. BREAD. BOWLS.

    And, obviously, everyone everywhere is terribly excited about this glorious carb-lover's dream:

    a double bread bowl is exactly the kind of innovation i expect out of 2018, thank you Panera

    From today, time will be delineated as: B.D.B.B (before double bread bowl) and A.D.B.B (after double bread bowl) #DoubleBreadBowl

    we now live in an era where you can take a double panera bread bowl to the face, so if nothing else, at least there is that

    However, there is a slight catch. According to Eater, "The Double Bread Bowl will be available in a handful of Philadelphia-area locations of Panera from August 5 through the 31."

    BUUUUUT, if the Double Bread Bowl is a hit...Panera will expand it nationwide.

    So, you want the Double Bread Bowl in a Panera near you? Where do you want to see it?

    So, you know what to do...get those likes and RT's going, y'all!

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