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August 28, 2018

Esta isla protegida en Veracruz es usada como escenario para fotos de Instagram y fiestas

El constante turismo en la Isla Salmedina podría poner en peligro a las tortugas y otras especies que habitan la zona.

California Just Became The First US State To Condemn Surgeries On Intersex Children

"The Legislature considers intersex children a part of the fabric of our state’s diversity to be celebrated rather than an aberration to be corrected."

Puerto Rico Changed The Hurricane Maria Death Toll From 64 To Nearly 3,000 People

Researchers also found residents weren’t adequately prepared and that doctors were confused about how to classify the dead.

¿Qué canción de Juan Gabriel describe tu vida amorosa?

Si la tuya es "Amor eterno", seguro llevas años en una relación.

The US Sells More Milk To Canada Than It Buys. So Why Does Trump Think That’s Bad?

Even the Mexican foreign minister says dairy is the issue as Canada’s foreign minister arrives in Washington.

29 Truly Amazing Pairs Of Jeans That Cost Less Than $100

Good jeans that don't cost a small fortune? Proof that miracles happen.

Tommy K • 1 hour ago

28 perguntas sobre o sexo oposto que as pessoas sempre quiseram fazer

Com respostas hilárias e sinceras de homens e mulheres.

A New DNC Rule Would (In Theory) Force Bernie Sanders To Be A Member Of The Democratic Party As President

“I view this as zero barrier to anything,” says Sanders’ former campaign manager.

New York’s Governor Has Suspended An Investigation Into The Handling Of A 2015 Weinstein Case

Andrew Cuomo’s campaign received $25,000 from Harvey Weinstein’s former lawyer days before Cuomo suspended an investigation into the Manhattan DA’s handling of allegations against the movie mogul.

Este hombre ha denunciado crímenes del gobierno y ahora recibe amenazas en Facebook

Desde 2016 es acosado después de documentar casos contra la Policía estatal en Tamaulipas por abuso sexual, contra Sedena por ejecuciones y contra la Marina por desapariciones forzadas.

PT aponta artilharia para Alckmin e sonha com 2º turno entre Haddad e Bolsonaro

Estratégia de campanha não trará ataques duros ao líder das pesquisas ou aos outros candidatos. Foco do partido é fazer de tudo para evitar crescimento de Alckmin.

Memo Ochoa tiene un nuevo corte de pelo y, según reportes, la temperatura acaba de subir 120°C

Científicos investigan si el nuevo look del portero tiene que ver con el calentamiento global y los desmayos colectivos.



Froot Loop Doughnuts Exist And They Taste Just Like Nostalgia

“Follow your nose, it always knows…but then listen to your teeth.”

Buy Some School Supplies And We'll Tell You What Coming-Of-Age Movie You Should Watch Tonight

You're just lying to yourself if you say you don't like erasable pens.

This Compton Farm Camp Gives Kids A Break From City Life

"And we ... realized it was going to be a lot more interesting growing people than lettuce."

California Just Became The First State To End Cash Bail For People Awaiting Trial

Instead of paying to get out of jail, suspects will be assessed on their threat to public safety and likelihood of missing upcoming court dates.

Trump's Political Losses Are Rachel Maddow and MSNBC's Gains

The Rachel Maddow Show's ratings soared during a particularly bad news week for the president.

9 motivos para apreciar os virginianos na sua vida

Vamos valorizar os virginianos, pessoal.

A Texas Cop Who Shot And Killed A 15-Year-Old Boy Was Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison

Roy Oliver told jurors he was afraid a car filled with teens would hit his partner, but video showed it was driving away from the two officers when he began to fire.

All The Best Deals On eBay Right Now

Deals on headphones, wallets, luggage, and more!

The US Warns It Might Resume Drills With South Korea After Talks With The North Stall

Trump ordered the exercises suspended after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Do You Belong With Thor Or Captain America?

We're all winners this time.

The US Had Another Record-Setting Year For STDs

New figures from the CDC show there were nearly 2.3 million new STD cases in the US last year.

26 Of The Best Power Tools You Can Get On Amazon

Drill/drivers, chainsaws, and air compressors, oh my!

Which Rare Subject You Should Get Your Degree In?

Believe it or not, these majors actually exist.

15 pessoas que têm hábitos muito peculiares na hora de comer

E você achando que só você era esquisito.

Attention, Bookworms: Barnes & Noble Is Having A Huge 50% Off Sale!

The bookseller is offering 50% off select top sellers from now until September 3, so get ready to create the ultimate fall reading list.

Diga em quantos lugares você já beijou e diremos como você beija

Aproveita a oportunidade e manda o resultado para aquele contatinho.

O Walter do "Tik Tok" é o rei do lip sync brasileiro

É contagiante o talento deste menino.

The Dystopian Movie You Create Will Reveal Which Disney Princess You're Most Like

"The only way to get what you want in this world is hard work."

Ministério Público vai intimar influenciadores que fizeram tuítes pagos pró-PT

Procuradoria Regional Eleitoral vai investigar se houve crime na estratégia montada por empresa de deputado petista para produzir postagens positivas para o partido.

Este quiz te dirá qué tanto te consintieron tus abuelitos cuando eras niño

Obviamente te daban dinero a escondidas y te defendían de tus papás, no te hagas.

14 Referencias a la cultura pop que seguro no notaste en 'La casa de las flores'

Si ya viste la serie, ahora querrás verla por segunda vez.

Si amas a Peter de "De todos los chicos de los que me enamoré", vas a enamorarte de Noah Centineo

El actor que hace a Peter Kavinsky es igual de adorable en la vida real.

How Plutocrats Hijack Campus Idealism

Young people arrive at college wanting to change the world. Why do they end up working for Goldman Sachs and McKinsey? Anand Giridharadas considers the question in this extract from his new book Winners Take All, out today.

Ya puedes instalarle Windows 95 a tu computadora y sentir que vives de nuevo en los noventa

Está disponible para Mac OS, Windows y Linux, con todo y Paint, Solitario y Buscaminas.

Trump Might Regulate Google For Conservative Bias Based On A "Not Scientific" Web Post

The president accused Google of rigging search results against him.

27 Hair Products Under $10 You'll Wish You'd Bought Sooner

Inexpensive products for luxurious locks.

Elon Musk Has Revisited His Baseless Pedophile Claims

“You don’t think it’s strange he hasn’t sued me?"

His Reddit Account Was Falsely Connected To The Jacksonville Shooter. He Corrected The Record. Others Did Not.

Some have issued apologies, corrections, or updates, but dozens of articles pointing to the false connection are still up.

We Know Which "The Greatest Showman" Character You're Most Like Based On Your Favorite Music

Let's "Rewrite the Stars" and see which character you'd be.

Which Avenger Should Be Your Travel Buddy Based On The 5 Countries You Pick?

Spending any time with Captain America sounds like paradise.

Taiwanese Castella Cake

Taiwanese Castella Cake

Ferido em ataque a tiros, gamer corre risco de nunca mais jogar profissionalmente

"Ele está vivo, mas, se não puder jogar e não puder trabalhar, sua vida terá mudado para sempre", disse a mãe do jogador.

This Week On The Inter Webz: The Revolution Will Be Translated 📣📣

Plus: Plus: Animals that done fucked up, and Scottish Twitter

Beef Braciole (Stuffed Italian Beef Roll)

Beef Braciole (Stuffed Italian Beef Roll)

A Mom Says Her 9-Year-Old Came Out As Gay And Then Killed Himself After Classmates Bullied Him

“Four days is all it took at school. I could just imagine what they said to him,” his mom said.

17 Jokes That Will Make You Laugh If You're A Serial Binge-Watcher

"I’m just gonna watch one more episeason…"

Instagram Finally Has A More Secure Way To Protect Your Account

If you have an Instagram account, you’ll want to enable two-factor authentication via app, a new feature rolling out to all users “in the coming weeks.”

When We Legalize Weed, We Must Also Correct Past Injustices

The harm done to communities of color through the over-prosecution of marijuana-related offenses must be addressed alongside legalization.

17 Noah Centineo Tweets That Prove He's Even More Romantic Than Peter Kavinsky

"Remember how fun and intimately intricate making out can be?"

"What's Left?": A New Kind Of Political Podcast

What's Left? is a new podcast from BuzzFeed News Opinion featuring bold, in-depth conversations about the big ideas that have come to define the American political scene.

Could You Survive A Night At The Museum?

"Hey! Dum-dum! You give me gum-gum!"

The Head Of The Democratic National Committee Wants To Focus On Health Care, Not Impeachment

"I travel all over this country, and what I hear most frequently from people is, 'I got a preexisting condition,'" Tom Perez told BuzzFeed News' AM to DM.

It's Time To Find Out If You're More Like Olaf, Anna, Or Elsa

Do you wanna build a snowman? Of course you do.

33 Ways To Help Get Rid Of A Pimple In A Hurry

We are going to make acne wish it had never been BORN with these solutions. No, but seriously, please go away forever.

16 Libros que te van a servir mucho si le quieres entrar al feminismo

Historias de mujeres poderosas, ciencia ficción y hasta cuadernos de manualidades.

9 imagens de mulheres que são invisíveis para a publicidade

O banco de imagens "Mulheres (In)Visíveis" quer mostrar de modo real mulheres mais velhas, lésbicas e com deficiência.

Temos que admitir que nem tudo que é feito numa AirFryer fica tão bom assim

Embora muita gente exerça sua criatividade e faça maravilhas, cometer um desastre também é bem normal.

Who Would Your Roommate Be At Hogwarts?

You really did receive that Hogwarts letter in the mail!

17 Things You Should Know If You're Sharing A Dorm Room

Always. Wear. Headphones. H/T Reddit.

Aretha Franklin Fans Have Lined Up To Pay Their Last Respects In Detroit

The Queen of Soul will lie in repose in the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History for two days before her funeral Friday.

Louis C.K. Performed At A Comedy Club For The First Time Since Admitting To Sexual Misconduct

The comedian was accused of sexual misconduct by five women in November 2017 and confirmed the stories were true.

15 Things You Could Have Bought For $20 In 1918

A hundred years ago, we would be rollin' in dough.

Crazy Rich People Are All Over Our Screens

We seem to be inundated with TV and movies about the wealthy, from Succession to Crazy Rich Asians, even while affluence feels less chic than ever.

People Are Praising The Beauty Gawds For This Tool That Makes Broken Makeup Like New

Because who the hell is throwing out a cracked Trophy Wife? Not I!

Mason Ramsey Talked To Us About Music, Collaborations, And Haters While Yodeling

"If there was a zombie apocalypse, I would use my yodeling to kill every single one of them."

Compra en Miniso y te diremos qué tipo de cursi eres

¿Eres el cursi clavadísimo o el anticursi?

5 Receitas fáceis demais

Qualquer um vai conseguir fazer!

What Movie Sequel Just Should Never Have Happened?

Who should have just quit while they were ahead?

21 Single-Serving Meals You Can Make In A College Kitchen

The best part is you don't need to share.

This Tiny Football Team Has Gone Viral In Spain For Its Anti-Fascist Shirt

Clapton CFC, based in east London, have sold out of their new away shirt, which commemorates the end of the Spanish Civil War.

Você sofre da síndrome de estocônibus?

Quando você é refém do seu ônibus mas tem sentimentos por ele.

Write A Love Letter And Kitty Covey Will Mail It To A Celeb

"Her logic was off, but her heart was in the right place."

Rights Groups Are Demanding That Google Not Release A Censored Search Engine In China

A group of tech NGOs and human rights groups released an open letter to Google’s CEO urging the company not to “accommodate the Chinese authorities’ repression of dissent.”

Why Did The Border Patrol Shoot Claudia Gómez?

The Border Patrol shooting of a young Guatemalan immigrant remains a mystery three months later. A phone video provides the only clue about what happened.

Here's Everything You Need To Finally Organize Your Overflowing Closet

Easy solutions for all your cluttered wardrobe woes.

Diese Menschen haben Falschinformationen zu den Todesopfern in Chemnitz verbreitet

Unter anderem der stellvertretende Landesvorsitzende der AfD Sachsen.

Dozens More Women Say They Were Sexually Assaulted At Massage Envy

A mother and daughter said they were both assaulted — in separate rooms — after purchasing a special Mother’s Day package.

Everyone Agrees This Candidate Was With Trump From The Start — But Was He?

“I think he endorsed me,” Trump said about Ohio Rep. Jim Renacci.

Wir ziehen vor das Bundesverfassungsgericht – für mehr Informationsfreiheit aller Bürger

Mit Hilfe des Deutschen Journalistenverbandes wollen wir Akten des Bundesrechnungshofes wieder zugänglich machen.

A 14-Year-Old Describes What It’s Like To Go To School In Yemen's Civil War

Millions have been displaced in Yemen's conflict, with thousands dead from starvation and cholera, but the country's schoolchildren continue to try to get an education.

10 Children Who Had Gathered For A Sleepover Were Killed In A Chicago Fire

Officials said there were no smoke detectors in the apartment.

21 Of The Best Comforters You Can Get On Amazon

These put the ~comfort~ in comforter.

19 Probleme, die du nur verstehst, wenn du deine Haare lang wachsen lassen willst

Der Sommer ist vorüber ... und diesen Bob habe ich AUCH über.

Diese Gewaltaufrufe zeigen, dass die Polizei wissen musste, dass sie zu wenig Beamte in Chemnitz hatte

Rechte Seiten aus ganz Deutschland – und sogar Polen – riefen zum Kampf auf. Hier dokumentieren wir die Beiträge.

Anna Kendrick Just Opened Up About Her Sexuality And Kissing Blake Lively On Set

"There’s somebody I’m still friends with, and when we met we kissed."

Morning Update: Facebook's Failures And The Horrors In Myanmar

Rejecting Amazon's call, John McCain's farewell letter, forcing Canada's hand. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, August 28.



¿Sabes a qué personas muy famosas pertenecen estas barbillas?

O sea, son las suyas, no es que coleccionen barbillas.









さくらももこさん、乳がんで死去 今だからこそ覚えていてほしい「日曜日」がある




自由に喫煙できる飲食店は6割が敬遠 加熱式たばこの健康影響も3分の1以上の人が気にしている


さくらももこさんが生前に描いたイラストが載った限定商品 予定通り発売へ




Tausende Rechte und Rechtsextreme zogen durch Chemnitz, griffen Menschen an – und wollen wiederkommen

Rechtsextreme warfen Flaschen und Böller, sie zeigten den Hitlergruß. Die Polizei war überfordert.

はみ出したって生きられる 子供たちを救うのは学校の外の世界の情報


We Know Which Rom-Com Couple You And Your S.O. Are Based On These 6 Questions

Are you Margaret and Andrew from The Proposal or Jenna and Matt from 13 Going on 30?

The Food You Order From McDonald's All Over The World Will Reveal Which Fantastic Beast You Are

Are you a gold-digging Niffler or the much larger (when it wants to be) Occamy?

This Woman Is Suing The Police After Suffering Years Of Domestic Violence

This woman and her kids went through nine years of family violence. She says the police did not do enough to protect them.

We Need To Talk About This New Argument For Keeping Abortion A Crime

Anti-abortion groups claim decriminalising the procedure will increase sex-selective terminations.

A Ranking Of The Songs On Hilary Duff's "Metamorphosis" By How My Dramatic 9-Year-Old Ass Enjoyed Them

I don't understand how this album is 15 years old. Can time just...not do that, thanks.

The Black, Asian, And Hispanic Lawmaker Groups Are Endorsing Candidates Together For The First Time

It's a unity effort, behind candidates who have gotten a fair amount of hype but could need help to win.

Are You More Katniss Everdeen Or Peeta Mellark?

May the odds be ever in your favor.

E o Jucá arranjou uma boa desculpa para abandonar Temer durante a campanha

Figura-chave no impeachment de Dilma, senador está em 3º na disputa de Roraima.

The Hardest Game Of "Which Iconic Teen Movie Must Go" You'll Ever Play

It's a little childish and stupid. But then, so is high school.

さくらももこさん死去 各界からのメッセージ「先生、早すぎるよ」


HPVワクチンの基本的な役割を理解していない人が7割以上 日本医療政策機構アンケート


25 Things To Help You Get Out Each And Every One Of Your Frustrations


We Know Which Character From "The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe" You Are Based On These 4 Questions

You could be smart and strategic like Susan, or gullible like Edmund.

Can You Make All The Right Moves And End Up With Austin Ames From "A Cinderella Story"?

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from taking the quiz.

Flash Briefing For August 28, 2018

We separate facts from fake news re: the Jacksonville shooting, engineers and programmers don't want to work at any tech giants anymore, and Antoni from Queer Eye is opening a diner.

9 Dogs And 8 Cats Possibly Having An Identity Crisis

Woof or meow? That is the question.

Lanny Davis Says He Was A Source For CNN’s Trump Tower Story

Davis, Michael Cohen’s lawyer and spokesperson, said he also regrets lying about his involvement in the story on CNN last week.



Estos candidatos hicieron campaña por Morena, pero podrían ser legisladores por otro partido

El movimiento Ahora, encabezado por Emilio Álvarez Icaza, impugnó la asignación de los plurinominales.

Can You Pass This Celebrity Lookalike Test?

If you get at least six questions right, you've basically earned a doctorate in the study of celebrity doppelgängers.

For Everyone Who Is Messed Up By The "Sharp Objects" Shocking Finale

"My daughter's dollhouse is going straight into the garbage bin."

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