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Indigenous People Could Be Detained And Deported If New Law Passes, Lawyers Have Warned

“It is troubling that a person who is regarded as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person … could be removed from the country in which First Nations people were the first Australians.”

Hannah Ryan • 5 days ago
Hannah Ryan • 7 days ago

14 Families Could Be Split Up If This Law Passes

The change to the Migration Act would prevent asylum seekers held on Nauru or Manus Island within the last six years from applying for any visa to Australia.

Hannah Ryan • 10 days ago

The Australian Government Cautioned Al Jazeera After Its Massive NRA Gun Investigation

Al Jazeera was "strongly encouraged" to look over Australia's foreign influence law after the investigation was broadcast on the ABC.

Hannah Ryan • 11 days ago

The Stakes Of The Biloela Family's Court Case Are Higher Than Ever

Here's everything you need to know about the last-minute legal bid to halt the family's deportation.

Hannah Ryan • 13 days ago

This Family Of Four Are The Only People Being Detained On An Island 3000km From Australia

The “Biloela family” — Tamil parents with two young daughters who settled in regional Australia — face deportation to Sri Lanka this week.

Hannah Ryan • 14 days ago

Australia Asked Papua New Guinea To Release A Sick Asylum Seeker. It Won't.

Doctors and lawyers say they have lost contact with the men detained in Port Moresby.

Hannah Ryan • 18 days ago

The Government Just Lost In Court Over Refugee Medical Transfers

But refugees cannot ask the courts to order for transfers to Australia.

Hannah Ryan • 19 days ago

The Government Has Paid Car Washes Thousands Of Dollars To Take On Interns

"Making kids wash cars for $4 an hour doesn't boost their skills or somehow magically fix what's broken in our labour market."

Hannah Ryan • 21 days ago

Papua New Guinea Is Refusing To Hand Over A Man Approved For A Medical Transfer To Australia

The man is among 53 asylum-seekers who were stripped of their phones and moved to a new detention centre.

Hannah Ryan • 21 days ago

Despite Warnings About Rapists And Murderers, Only Two Refugees Seeking Medical Treatment Raised Security Questions

There were dramatic warnings about criminals flooding Australia — but six months into medevac transfers, the government can’t say if it has ever used its security veto.

Hannah Ryan • 21 days ago

Australia Detained People On Islands For Years. Now It Wants To Ban Them From Ever Visiting.

“I would not be able to see my friends in Australia, and people who I now call my family members.”

Hannah Ryan • 25 days ago

Women With Pregnancy Complications On Nauru Waited For Days While Lawyers Fought Over Their Medical Care

"Pregnancy and birth are only normal until they become abnormal — and if that happens on a place like Nauru, it is very difficult to transfer a woman."

Hannah Ryan • 25 days ago

The Government Blames Medevac For Increasing Self-Harm

“Surely no one will accept that specious argument,” a refugee lawyer told BuzzFeed News.

Hannah Ryan • 25 days ago

Refugee Lawyers Brought Dozens Of Cases For Medical Transfers Before Medevac. They Won Every Time.

"Desperate parents told me of children who could not eat and drink and were wasting away before their eyes."

Hannah Ryan • 26 days ago

The Government Just Signed Off On Plans For A Mine To Avoid A Disaster Of Its Own Making

A critical question has not been answered: how will the mine eventually be closed?

Hannah Ryan • 28 days ago

There's A Plan To Ban Sex-Selective Abortions In NSW. Some Experts Are Warning Against It.

"Sex-selection abortion bans come from the toolbox of the anti-abortion movement."

Hannah Ryan • 28 days ago

New Zealand Said Australia’s Visa Cancellation Policy Is “A Rub” Between The Two Countries

“Only 1% of total deportations from New Zealand are to Australia, while more than 50% of total deportations from Australia are to New Zealand.”

Hannah Ryan • 28 days ago

A Politician's Tweets About Catching The Train Were Used To Identify Him In "Anonymous" Data

"It's easy to imagine how information like this could be used by people who might want to cause harm."

Hannah Ryan • One month ago

A Huge Banking Scoop Was Almost Never Published After Police Raids Freaked Out The Whistleblower

Award-winning journalist Adele Ferguson says the controversial raids have made it harder to do investigative reporting.

Hannah Ryan • One month ago