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This Woman Doesn't Have To Delete Her Instagram Selfie With Kylie Jenner, A Judge Has Ruled

The selfie was the modern-day equivalent of an autograph, the judge decided.

Hannah Ryan • 2 days ago
Hannah Ryan • 3 days ago

This Man Is Accused Of Underpaying His Nanny By Over $150,000 In One Year

The nanny worked seven days a week and had two days off in a single year, the Fair Work Ombudsman alleges.

Hannah Ryan • 3 days ago

The Government Asked Asylum Seekers About Their Sex Lives, Then Fought To Keep The Interviews Secret

A government employee asked two asylum seekers for intimate details. The government didn't want you to know about it.

Hannah Ryan • 4 days ago

The First Medevac Report Shows An “Unbelievably High” Number Of Mental Health Admissions

Exclusive: A government report has revealed the “unbelievably high” rate of medical admissions for refugees suffering mental illness on Nauru.

Hannah Ryan • 8 days ago

This Man Wants Australians To Pay For Their Train Tickets... With Their Faces

The NSW transport minister likened the plan to Amazon's "Just Walk Out" technology.

Hannah Ryan • 9 days ago

You Will Soon Vote On Whether Indigenous Australians Should Be Recognised In Our Constitution

"The national interest requires a new relationship with Indigenous Australians."

Hannah Ryan • 10 days ago

Here's How Much Effort Border Force Is Putting Into Recruiting You

Australian Border Force gave me 107 pages of documents about this 700-word article.

Hannah Ryan • 18 days ago

This Kidney Patient Thought Her Life Was At Risk. She Says Her Local Health Clinic Refused To Help

Many people living in remote communities can't get dialysis there — even though they say being on country helps their health.

Hannah Ryan • One month ago

With Nowhere Else To Go, This Dialysis Patient From A Remote Community Has Spent Years In A Short-Stay Hostel

“Some of us mightn’t be alive” by the time they get public housing, one dialysis patient said.

Hannah Ryan • One month ago

Here's What Tony Abbott Had To Say About Losing His Seat

Tony Abbott spoke on Saturday evening after losing his seat to Zali Steggall.

Hannah Ryan • 2 months ago

Tony Abbott Has Lost His Seat

Independent Zali Steggall unseated Abbott, who was prime minister from 2013 to 2015.

Hannah Ryan • 2 months ago

This Is How Hard It Is For Remote Australians To Cast A Vote

For the last few weeks, candidates, campaigners and the AEC have been criss-crossing the Northern Territory in a huge logistical effort.

Hannah Ryan • 2 months ago

We Asked Young People What They Thought Of Headspace

"You can understand if you're the local MP and there's an election coming and you can announce, 'I've got a headspace in my electorate', that looks great."

Hannah Ryan • 2 months ago

Here’s How Aboriginal People Are Fighting Against Fracking

“If you hurt the country you’re hurting us.”

Hannah Ryan • 2 months ago

This Tiny Remote Town Asked Tony Abbott For Better Housing — And Were Surprised When It Actually Arrived

After years of waiting for new housing, Borroloola residents credit Tony Abbott with taking action.

Hannah Ryan • 2 months ago

Kids In This Remote Community Are Wandering The Streets At Night And Sleeping For Hours At School Because Of Their Houses

In the remote community of Borroloola in the Northern Territory, some people say housing is the most important issue at the federal election.

Hannah Ryan • 2 months ago

This Single Mum Gets By On $160 A Week After Rent

As rents have steeply increased over the years, Rent Assistance has not kept up.

Hannah Ryan • 2 months ago

These Aboriginal People Say Real Estate Agents And Landlords Are Discriminating Against Them

“It is nearly impossible to find a private rental if you are Aboriginal.”

Hannah Ryan • 2 months ago

This Is How Hard It Is To Find An Affordable Rental When You're On Welfare

“Finding an affordable home in the private rental market is a complete fiction for people on low incomes,” says Anglicare's Rental Affordability Snapshot.

Hannah Ryan • 2 months ago