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The Doctors Deciding If Sick Refugees Can Come To Australia Mostly Agree With The Government

The government blocked medical transfers 57 times in three months. An independent panel of doctors agreed in 45 of those cases.

Hannah Ryan 15 hours ago

Australia's Internet Freedom Is Declining, According To This New Report

Internet freedom declined in the past year, says independent watchdog Freedom House.

Hannah Ryan 15 hours ago

The Identities Of #MeToo Survivors Revealed In A Privacy Breach Weren't Meant To Be Filmed, Says Presenter

A new documentary about #MeToo accidentally revealed the identities and harrowing stories of survivors in footage shot over the shoulder of journalist Tracey Spicer.

Hannah Ryan One day ago

The Identities Of Rape And Assault Survivors Were Accidentally Revealed In A #MeToo Documentary

Exclusive: Two women whose names, images and harrowing #MeToo stories were shared in a new documentary say they had no idea and didn't consent to being identified.

Gina Rushton 2 days ago

Sick Refugees Were Quickly Transferred To Australia Just Before The Controversial Medevac Regime Began

Exclusive: The secretive government task force deciding the fate of sick refugees approved an unusually high number of transfers in its last meeting before medevac.

Hannah Ryan 9 days ago
Hannah Ryan 10 days ago

Australia Flew A Refugee With An Infected Cavity From An Island Detention Camp To Taiwan

Exclusive: The untold backstory of the Taiwan deal reveals the extraordinary lengths Australia has gone to in order to keep sick refugees away from its shores.

Hannah Ryan 11 days ago

Police Thought A Migrant Woman Wasn't Wearing A Seatbelt. They Told Her She Would Go To Jail.

"Don’t argue with me, love, or you’ll be going back in the paddy wagon as accessory to bloody murder."

Hannah Ryan 13 days ago

Inside The Disastrous Launch Of Australia’s Response To The #MeToo Movement

Revealed: The women behind NOW promised change — but mistakes have plagued Australia’s answer to the #MeToo movement.

Hannah Ryan 28 days ago

A Man Handed Over Sexually Explicit Photos To Prove He Was Gay. A Tribunal Said He Staged Them.

Exclusive: The tribunal was "not prepared to accept that these photos are genuine, non-staged photos" of the man having gay sex.

Hannah Ryan One month ago

125 People Were Staffing An Empty Detention Centre. This Is What They All Did.

Politician: “So they’re guarding an empty facility?” Bureaucrat: “Well, they're maintaining its operational status.”

Hannah Ryan One month ago

New Figures Show Self-Harm On Manus Massively Increased Around The Election

There were over 60 self-harm incidents in Papua New Guinea in June 2019. In April, there were fewer than 10.

Hannah Ryan One month ago

A Woman Seeking Refugee Status Was Turned Away For Being 15 Minutes And 27 Seconds Late

She blamed "internet issues" for filing her application 15 minutes after midnight.

Hannah Ryan One month ago

Indigenous People Could Be Detained And Deported If New Law Passes, Lawyers Have Warned

“It is troubling that a person who is regarded as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person … could be removed from the country in which First Nations people were the first Australians.”

Hannah Ryan 2 months ago
Hannah Ryan 2 months ago

14 Families Could Be Split Up If This Law Passes

The change to the Migration Act would prevent asylum seekers held on Nauru or Manus Island within the last six years from applying for any visa to Australia.

Hannah Ryan 2 months ago

The Australian Government Cautioned Al Jazeera After Its Massive NRA Gun Investigation

Al Jazeera was "strongly encouraged" to look over Australia's foreign influence law after the investigation was broadcast on the ABC.

Hannah Ryan 2 months ago

The Stakes Of The Biloela Family's Court Case Are Higher Than Ever

Here's everything you need to know about the last-minute legal bid to halt the family's deportation.

Hannah Ryan 2 months ago

This Family Of Four Are The Only People Being Detained On An Island 3000km From Australia

The “Biloela family” — Tamil parents with two young daughters who settled in regional Australia — face deportation to Sri Lanka this week.

Hannah Ryan 2 months ago

Australia Asked Papua New Guinea To Release A Sick Asylum Seeker. It Won't.

Doctors and lawyers say they have lost contact with the men detained in Port Moresby.

Hannah Ryan 2 months ago