Here’s Why The Charities Commissioner Thinks Acknowledging Country Could Make Him Look Biased

Charities regulator Gary Johns told Nigel Scullion that "very senior legal sources" and "Aboriginal friends" agreed with him: including a standard acknowledgment of country in his staff's email signatures could make the body look biased.

Hannah Ryan • 4 hours ago

The Pain Of The Earthquakes Resurfaces As Christchurch Again Begins To Heal

“All those people who died in the earthquake and in the shooting, they all died for no reason. They were all innocent and nobody deserved to die.”

Hannah Ryan • 5 days ago

"New Zealand Should Be A Symbol For Everyone": Christchurch's Schoolkids Have Come Together To Support The Muslim Community

“We will grow from this. It’s only going to bring us closer together and bring our communities closer."

Hannah Ryan • 7 days ago

The Owner Of New Zealand's Gun City Says His Store Sold The Christchurch Shooting Suspect 4 Guns And Ammunition

"We detected nothing extraordinary about this licence holder," said Gun City owner and managing director David Tipple.

Hannah Ryan • 7 days ago

A Man Whose Uncle Was Killed In Christchurch Says His Family Is "Helpless" As They Wait For The Body

“They can’t put his soul into peace because he’s still out there and he’s not buried yet.”

Lane Sainty • 8 days ago

Here's How New Zealanders Are Rallying To Help The Families Of The Christchurch Victims

“We’re just normal people trying to do something to help our community, just doing our little fair share to help out Christchurch.”

Hannah Ryan • 8 days ago

"All I See Is Blood Everywhere": Survivor Describes Christchurch Mosque Attack

“Innocent people are dead for nothing ... we don’t even know why you hate us.”

Hannah Ryan • 9 days ago

"We Just Came Here To Respect Those Who Lost Their Lives": People Are Laying Flowers In Christchurch

"We should be together. The bond has to be strong enough so hopefully we can defeat this kind of act."

Lane Sainty • 9 days ago

Australian School Students Have Gone On Strike For Climate Change

Australian students turned out for the Global Climate Strike.

Hannah Ryan • 10 days ago

"This Is One Of New Zealand's Darkest Days": Jacinda Ardern Has Condemned The Christchurch Shooting

The New Zealand prime minister spoke on Friday afternoon, saying those responsible "have no place in New Zealand".

Hannah Ryan • 10 days ago

These Renters Told The Real Estate Agents Their Light Wasn’t Working. Now The Agents Have To Pay Over $300,000

The apartment's owners and real estate agents sued each other, each saying the other one should cover all the tenant's damages.

Hannah Ryan • 11 days ago

A Group Of Traditional Owners Has Been Awarded $1.3 Million By The High Court For Spiritual Loss

The High Court reduced the total compensation awarded for the Ngaliwurru and Nungali peoples of Timber Creek in the Northern Territory from $2.9 million to $2.5 million.

Lane Sainty • 13 days ago

This Woman Was Evicted After Discovering Her Handyman Was Really Her Landlord

She confronted the handyman who came to fix her toilet, and he admitted he owned the house. Then she and her partner were evicted.

Hannah Ryan • 18 days ago

After Being Rejected 47 Times, This Young Man Finally Scored A Rental. Then A Snake Crawled In Through Holes And Killed His Cat

Young renters are "scathing" about the system and feel like they pay expensive rents for low-quality houses, according to a new report.

Hannah Ryan • 18 days ago

This Man Was Told That Just Because He’s Aboriginal That Doesn’t Make Him An Australian

“There are very clear criteria under the Citizenship Act about who is and who isn’t an Australian citizen, and Aboriginality is just not a factor.”

Hannah Ryan • 20 days ago

This Remote Community Sued The Government Over Their Housing. Now Hundreds Of Leases Might Be Invalid

A tribunal decision that lease agreements for remote housing were invalid means the government has been overcharging rent, say lawyers.

Hannah Ryan • 24 days ago

The Last Kids Held On Nauru Have Left The Island

The final four refugee children held on Nauru flew to the US for resettlement on Wednesday.

Hannah Ryan • 26 days ago

These People Sued The Government For Failing As A Landlord, Then The Government Said They Owed Unpaid Rent. They Just Won Their Case

The NT government has to make sure remote communities have habitable housing and respond to repairs requests in a reasonable time, a tribunal found on Wednesday.

Hannah Ryan • 26 days ago

This “Dedicated And Loving Father Leading A Quiet Life” Spent Over 25 Years Using A False Identity

He said an older Australian man – dubbed Mr X – forced him to use the false identity after adopting him and taking away his Fijian passport.

Hannah Ryan • 27 days ago

Please Enjoy This Story About Toy Llamas And Australia's Strict Biosecurity Laws

This takes me back to the great Pistol and Boo saga of 2015, when an Australian government minister threatened to kill Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's dogs.

Hannah Ryan • 28 days ago