Here Are The Least Affordable Places To Rent In Australia

    And the winner is... Hobart!!

    Rent, hey. It can be pretty annoying transferring that chunk of money out of your account week after week.

    This is how unaffordable rent is in Australian capital cities, ranked from worst to best.

    The RAI didn't have adequate data from the Northern Territory, so Darwin is not included (sorry Darwin).

    1. Hobart

    Congratulations Hobart – you win the prize for least affordable city to rent in! After overtaking Sydney in the last RAI in May, Hobart has firmed up its position on the leaderboard.

    The average rental household in Greater Hobart is looking at paying about 30% of its income on rent. That means that even households with average incomes could be in rental stress. And single part-time working mothers are paying on average 42% of their incomes on rent.

    This first prize doesn't mean that rents in Hobart are actually the most expensive in the country. The median income of rental households in Greater Hobart is $61,300 (gross), significantly less than Sydney and Perth. Low incomes are partly to blame for rental stress, but the report's authors also point to an inadequate supply of rental housing and argue that a vision is needed for Hobart to address this lack of affordability.

    2. Sydney

    3. Adelaide

    Rental affordability in Adelaide has declined the most of any capital city since the last RAI in May, and now it's almost on par with Sydney. The average household is forking out 26% of its income on rent.

    4. Brisbane

    Rental affordability has actually been steadily improving in Brisbane since the start of last year. That trend continued in this RAI. The average household in Greater Brisbane will be paying 24% of its total income on rent. However, most suburbs in inner to middle Brisbane are still unaffordable.

    5. Melbourne

    6. Canberra

    People in Canberra tend to earn a lot of money. The median rental household in the ACT has an income of $100,800, higher than Sydney. This means Canberra generally has acceptable rental affordability. But it also means that people on low incomes in the ACT are facing particularly unaffordable rents.

    7. Perth

    If this wasn't enough rental affordability information for you... can check out this website, which lets you search suburb by suburb, where specific data is available.