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    These Pun-Tastic Signs Outside Of A Community Center In Colorado Are The Pinnacle Of Dad Joke Greatness

    "For chemists alcohol isn't a problem, it's a solution."

    Honestly, who among us doesn't love a good pun?

    Well, the Indian Hills Community Center in Colorado takes their puns VERY seriously, in fact, that they have an ever-changing sign just outside of their community center to showcase their favorites.

    Anyway, I took the liberty of rounding up some of the absolute BEST puns, jokes, and just plain snarky comebacks this sign had to offer. STRAP IN:

    1. This moody misplacement.

    2. This life-or-death cost.

    3. This scenery stunner.

    4. This 9-1-1 call waiting to happen.

    5. This weather wish.

    6. This absolute mind bend.

    7. This cruel chocolate bar.

    8. This medical marvel.

    9. This optimistic science pun.

    10. This vegan regret.

    11. This literal thief.

    12. This word to the wise (and otherwise).

    13. This breathing exercise.

    14. This flat-out denial.

    15. This poor pastry.

    16. This poor career choice.

    17. This food fight.

    18. This OTHER vegan regret.

    19. This condiment pony.

    20. This tragic loss.

    21. This ideal diet.

    22. And finally, this non-pun/non-joke outright DEMAND.