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August 23, 2018

People Around For Labor's "Killing Season" Can't Believe This Spill Is Happening

People who were around for Labor's "killing season" are watching on with disbelief as the Liberals ignore history.

15 Great Celebrity #TBT Photos You Need To See This Week

A talent-filled Dolly Parton pic kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

21 Times The "Wynonna Earp" Ladies Were The Fiercest Female Characters On TV

"I’m sorry, did I hit my head and wake up in patriarchal bullshit land?"

Here's How GoFundMe Has Become Another Platform To Fight About Trump–Russia

Six key figures in the Trump–Russia probe have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on the seesaw of outrage and sympathy created by the investigation dominating US politics.

Elba Esther Gordillo vs. Carlos Loret de Mola y otros casos para callar y censurar periodistas

Opinión: Las demandas y denuncias no son las únicas herramientas utilizadas para callar y censurar periodistas...

What Airplane Food Looks Like Around The World

Which airline has the ~best~ food?

The Youngest Sister In "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" Was The Real Star

Anna Cathcart, the 15-year-old actor who plays Kitty in the Netflix film, spoke to BuzzFeed News about her role.

Peter Dutton's Office Was Vandalised Overnight

Queensland Police believes no-one entered the Dickson electorate office, but brick pavers were thrown at the windows.

17 Infuriating Photos Of Grocery Stores That Are Honestly Just Unforgivable

As if grocery shopping weren't bad enough already.

18 cartas de nossos leitores para todos os garotos que já amaram

Inspirados pelo filme "Para todos os garotos que já amei", as pessoas enviaram suas versões de cartas que nunca chegaram até aquele grande amor.

These Cool Family Tree Charts Would Make An Amazing Gift

Fill in names as you discover them for a family heirloom that'll be treasured for generations!

Yes, Schools Might Soon Be Able To Use Federal Funds To Buy Guns. Here's Why.

The money comes from an Obama-era grant program, which was created to help states foster student health and academic achievement.

Here's The Average Cost Of A Date Night In Every State, And Wow, I'm Too Broke To Date

BRB packing my bags and moving to South Dakota where I can actually afford to date someone.

19 curiosidades sobre "Para Todos os Garotos que Já Amei" que farão você rever o filme

Noah (que interpreta Peter K.) foi quase escalado para ser o vizinho, Josh!

La Roux Called Fox Business “Abhorrent” For Using Her Song “Bulletproof” In A Segment On Bulletproof Backpacks

“I have never, and would never approve, my music to be used in this way,” the singer said.

Rate These Horror Movies And We'll Tell You How Long You'll Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

If you can survive The Cabin in the Woods, you can survive the apocalypse.

A Journalist Says She Was Assaulted While Trying to Film A Documentary About R. Kelly

“All I know is I felt an arm around my neck and I was lifted up,” said the documentarian, Lyric Cabral, of her abrupt ejection from a club where R. Kelly was hosting an afterparty. “The next thing I know I’m facing outside.”

The Right Has Suckered Facebook Into Its View Of "Fair And Balanced" News

Right wing cranklords have long insisted the mainstream media must be balanced out by conservative outlets, and Facebook has taken the bait.

30 Things From Dermstore That People Actually Swear By

Get ready to stock up on the best hair, beauty, and skin care products out there.

Qual praga de lavoura é você?

Praga sim, porém linda também.

Immigration Judges Have Been Told To Hold More Hearings

Advocates say the move could threaten due process rights for immigrants and lead to more deportations.

NYC's Famous Halloween Dog Parade Has Been Canceled But THERE'S HOPE

Don't talk to me for the rest of the day, thx.

Russian Trolls Are Spreading Confusion About Vaccine Safety On Twitter

Russian trolls tweeted about vaccines 22 times more frequently than the average Twitter user, a new study shows.

Na disputa pelo Senado em Pernambuco, candidato ataca petista e elogia Lula

Aliados contra o impeachment, Silvio Costa e Humberto Costa estão em guerra na disputa pelo Senado. O deputado faz vídeo de ataque e o senador responde com processo.

Qual defeito você deve responder que tem em uma entrevista de emprego?

E ainda vamos revelar se você foi contratado ou não.

California Could Soon Become The First State To Restrict The Use Of Plastic Straws

The legislation would require restaurants to provide plastic straws only if requested by the customer.

“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” Became An Instant Classic. Here’s How It Happened.

Netflix’s newest rom-com To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is bringing out a radical softness in its audience.

Which Beloved Cartoon Bear Are You?

You're ~unbearably~ cute.

A torta de lasanha chegou pra ficar

Uma delícia dessas, bicho!

How Comfortable Are You With Doing Things Alone?

How many of these activities are you chill with doing solo?

This Guy Is Going Viral Thanks To His Insanely Perfect Lip Syncs To Iconic Pop Culture Moments

Brace yourself for some Miranda Priestly and Erin Brockovich REALNESS.

Você é uma combinação de quais personagens de "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" e "Parks and Recreation"?

Você é uma combinação de Amy/Leslie ou uma mescla de Jake/Ben?

15 coisas que todo jovem adulto MERECE fazer antes dos 30

Incluindo passar um dia inteirinho sem botar nem uma pecinha de roupa e não ter de dar satisfação pra ninguém.

Boohoo Is Having A New Season Sale And You Can Get 50% Off EVERYTHING

Take 50% off clothing, shoes, accessories, and more!

A Progressive Tech Fellowship Accidentally Made Everyone Think Democrats Were Getting Hacked

A day's worth of hacking confusion stems from a well-meaning tech startup trying to help the Michigan Democratic Party.

Si marcas 43 de estas 56 cosas, eres un terrible roomie nefasto

¿Te robas la comida de los demás y haces fiestas entre semana?

19 Dinnerware Sets No One Will Believe You Got From Walmart

It's never too ~plate~ to upgrade your dinnerware.

Alguien hizo un túnel en un KFC de Arizona para transportar drogas a México porque, al parecer, vivimos en 'Breaking Bad'

El túnel mide 274 metros y conecta el restaurante de pollos en Estados Unidos con un rancho en Sonora.

Ben Affleck Has Reportedly Checked Himself Into Rehab Again

The news comes after the actor said he completed treatment for alcohol addiction in 2017.

Quem é você no rolê?

Descubra qual é a principal diferença entre você e as outras pessoas.

Does Your Personality Match Amy Santiago Or Leslie Knope?

Either way you're celebrating Galentine's Day in style.

What It's Like To Have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

"I was just convinced that I was bipolar or really depressed."

Immigration Agents Told Parents They Must Agree To Deportation Or Never See Their Children Again

The allegations are part of a new complaint filed with the Department of Homeland Security.

13 Creepy Stories To Keep You Up For The Rest Of Your Life

Don't forget, when on Reddit No Sleep, all of the stories are true. H/T r/nosleep

Pick 7 Disney Movies And We'll Reveal How Many Kids You'll Have

"I NEED TO FIND MY SON!" - you, in 10 years.

16 Ilusiones ópticas que te derretirán el cerebro y, chance, los ojos

¿Podrás mantener la cordura después de ver este post? Creemos que no.

Dois caras estão criando capas de HQ usando lendas do rap nacional como super-heróis

O projeto "Rap em Quadrinhos" já colocou Emicida como Homem-Aranha e o Mano Brown de Pantera Negra.

"Suspiria" Has A New Trailer And, TBH, It's The Creepiest Thing You'll See This Week

“Call Me by Your Name,” but also don’t because you’re a witch, apparently.

Com medo de estupro, alunas se unem via redes sociais para não andarem sozinhas na rua

As jovens se organizam para andar em grupos depois da aula.

Ben Schwartz Spilled The Tea On His "Parks And Rec" Days And It's Too Good To Be True

Ben Schwartz reminisces about hilarious Parks & Recreation moments, life on the House of Lies set, and so much more!

David Pecker Was Granted Immunity. Prosecutors Say He Knows About Three Key Moments In Trump’s Campaign.

Prosecutors say the National Enquirer’s owner has information that “one or more members” of the Trump campaign were part of the scheme to buy the silence of women alleging affairs with Trump.

Mindy Kaling Recreated Beyoncé's Vogue Cover And Now Everyone's Doing It

We want more flower crowns, and we want them now!

14 Pasta Recipes That Make Eating Your Veggies Less Of A Chore

Does it count as a salad if it has veggies in it?

These Stories Prove Cats Are Truly A Writer's Best Friend

When asked why there seems to be a special relationship between writers and cats, Ursula K. Le Guin said, “Maybe because writers don’t want to have to stop writing and walk the dog?”

16 Images Of Keanu Reeves And Winona Ryder That Will Make You Say, "I Want That"

"Hey Reeves, I'm just feeling really iconic today."

Jeff Sessions Hits Back Hours After President Trump Questions His Loyalty

The attorney general said in a statement that his Department of Justice “will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.”

19 Formas rarísimas de morir que te sacarán mucho de pedo

Entre las irónicas y las absurdas, ya no vas a querer ni salir de tu cama.

22 conselhos aleatórios que podem ajudar a transformar sua vida

Vale a pena refletir sobre coisas simples.

Here's A Sneak Peak At The Upcoming Season Of "The Walking Dead"

The AMC zombie drama will return to television in early October for Andrew Lincoln's final season.

Sissy Spacek Is The Original Stephen King Scream Queen

The star of the very first Stephen King adaptation returns to her roots on Hulu’s King-inspired series.

What Is Your True Love's Star Sign Going To Be?

Just so, ya know, you can keep a lookout.

15 trabalhos de mulheres que a hashtag #visiblewomen quer apresentar para você

A hashtag reuniu mulheres vendendo seu peixe que vão desde ilustrações e fotografias a artesanato e outros negócios.

When You Have Crohn's Disease, Public Bathrooms Can Be A Nightmare

For people with decreased mobility or gastrointestinal diseases, public bathrooms are often too poorly designed to be depended on.

Pizza Fans, The Day Has Come, It's Would You Rather: Pizza Edition

Would you rather: a New York slice or some Chicago Deep Dish?

Este quiz de pasteles horripilantes te dirá una verdad terrible sobre ti

Vamos a descubrir lo más oscuro sobre tu persona.

32 Things That'll Make You Say "Well, There Goes All My Money"

Llama notebooks, a magnetic face mask packed with antioxidants, ridiculously soft tank dresses, and more! Much more!

“Front Hole” Is Not A New Word For “Vagina,” Despite What The Internet Says

A safe-sex guide specifically created for queer, trans, intersex, and asexual people was picked up by conservative sites and all hell broke loose.

There's Been Little Progress In North Korea So Mike Pompeo Has Named A New Special Rep

Stephen Biegun was a member of George W. Bush’s National Security Council, but has little Asia experience. He and Mike Pompeo will travel to North Korea next week.

People Are Freaking Out Over This "Johnny Johnny" And "Baby Shark" Video Mashup

Two of the creepiest, but also the best, videos on the internet.

Esta es la ingeniosa forma en la que descubrieron al repartidor de Bimbo robando

Una niña de 14 años tuvo la idea para atrapar al hombre que tenía más de un año robando mercancía de la tienda de su papá.

18 medos tão bobos que na verdade são muito engraçados

"Medo de ficar na porta giratória pra sempre, sem conseguir sair".

Quantos % virginiano você é?

Se você for 100%, aposto que vai encontrar defeito neste teste.

McDonald's Fired An Employee After She Threw Hot Grease On A Drive-Thru Customer

The two apparently got into an argument after the "irate" customer wanted a cheeseburger instead of his original 20-piece chicken nuggets.

If You Live In One Of These U.S. Cities, You Should Try Being An Airbnb Host

Live in one of these places? Consider becoming a host!

Dyson Motorhead Vacuums Are On Sale For Less Than $200 And You Need To Buy One Now

They're normally $300–$400 — it would ~suck~ if you missed out on this deal!

How An Arizona Senate Race Became A Test Of Authenticity And Loyalty In The Trump Era

Martha McSally is expected to win a primary election next Tuesday. What happens from there gets complicated.

¿Puedes adivinar quién canta estas ridículamente populares canciones de reggaetón?

Si no sacas mínimo ocho, seguro has pasado todo 2018 en una cueva, o algo.

35 Pieces Of Fall Fashion So Awesome, You'll Actually Want Summer To End

You: I'm so sad my days of wearing flip flops are numbered! Me: Okay, but hear me out — BOOTS.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Government's No-Deal Brexit Preparations

Ministers have published 25 reports on the impact of no-deal on issues ranging from credit card charges to the importation of donor sperm.

Can You Spend $1 Million On Stuff Only Rich People Can Afford?

Treat yo' self to some very expensive stuff.

Este quiz te dirá qué canción de La Oreja de Van Gogh define tu vida amorosa

¿Eres de los que esperan que lleguen con rosas, mil rosas, para ti?

The Best Hair Dryer Is On Sale Right Now For $150 Off

There's good reason this life-changing hair tool is normally $399!

Think Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Are The Same? She Doesn’t.

They are friends, partners in the Senate, and leaders of a progressive movement. But Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are not the same. “He’s a socialist, and I believe in markets.”

This "Teen Mom" Star Shaded Kylie Jenner For "Glamourising Teen Pregnancy" And People Have Thoughts

"When you're that young and you have that much money, I think that shows that it's kind of glamorous to have a kid so young."

Here's What The Cast Of "To All The Boys I Loved Before" Were Doing Before The Movie

Did you know that Noah was in the music video for Camilla Cabello's Havana?

31 Albañiles que le dijeron me la pela-pelas a la muerte

Si ellos no se pusieron nerviosos, tú tampoco.

Here's Why Trump's Tweet About White Farmers In South Africa Was A Huge Deal

The government's supposed mistreatment of white farmers in the former apartheid state has been a white nationalist talking point for years.

Urban Decay Is Discontinuing Their Insanely Popular Naked Eyeshadow Palette

It's on sale now, so get yours before it's gone forever.

Você sobreviveria a um episódio de Supernatural?

Os irmãos Winchester precisam da sua ajuda. Pega a água benta e vai!

15 TV And Movie Characters That Were "Secretly" Recast, Even Though We Totally Noticed

From Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Daario on Game of Thrones, these characters got a major face-lift.

The Country's Top LGBT Group Is Campaigning Against A Queer Democratic Woman, And Some People Are Pissed

The Human Rights Campaign is endorsing and campaigning for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Diese Kinder sind nicht krank – trotzdem werden sie operiert

Bis heute werden intersexuelle Kinder medizinisch behandelt, um sie männlicher oder weiblicher zu machen. Damit verletzen Ärzte medizinische Richtlinien, zeigt eine Recherche von BuzzFeed News.

15 richtig gute Jackfrucht-Rezepte, die Veganer UND Fleischesser beeindrucken

„Ich kann nicht glauben, dass es kein Pulled Pork ist.“

Tell Us Which TV Show Went On For Way Too Long

What show should have just ended in its prime?

Which Unusual Hair Color Matches Your Personality Best?

"Life isn't perfect, but your hair can be."

I Love ASMR In Videos, But I Hated It In Real Life

I went to Whisperlodge, which is billed as IRL ASMR, and ended up immersed in a kind of intimacy I wasn’t ready for. For more on this story, watch the new BuzzFeed News series "Follow This" on Netflix.

A British Mother Imprisoned In Iran Has Been Allowed Out To See Her Daughter

The temporary release, or furlough, will last for only three days.

29 Things From Neiman Marcus You'll Actually Be Able To Afford

The best of the department store, all under $75.

Onde encontrar os atores de "Para Todos os Garotos Que Já Amei" nas redes sociais

Porque é claro que você já se apaixonou por esses fofos.

President Trump Said Flipping Should "Almost" Be Made Illegal

The president berated his former lawyer Michael Cohen for "flipping" on him and cooperating with federal authorities.

20 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

An acrylic organizer, a bag of Unicorn Poop candy, Children of Blood and Bone, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.


※注 こちらのセリフはすべてフィクションです。実在の出来事・人物とは異なりますのでご注意ください。

Der Pegida-Demonstrant mit Deutschland-Hut ist sowas von zum Meme geworden

„Hören Sie auf mich zu retweeten, Sie begehen eine Straftat.“

Using Your Card To Pay For Items From The EU Will Probably Cost More If There's A "No Deal" Brexit

"The cost of card payments between the UK and EU will likely increase," a government paper warned on Thursday.

This Hair Dryer You've Probably Never Heard Of Is Our Favorite One Under $25

The lightweight and super-cute Lee Stafford Coco Loco blow dryer is easy on your hair, on the eyes, and on your wallet.

Si encuentras los errores en estas escenas de Harry Potter es muy probable que seas J. K. Rowling

Solo si has visto MUCHAS veces las películas sacarás más de un 7...



19 Of The Best Tweets About "The Bachelor" Australia Episode 4

"I can't believe I shaved my legs for this." – Me watching this show.

Morning Update: Michael Cohen probably regrets that tweet

The Cohen/Manafort fallout begins, The Big Bang Theory is ending, a thicc cat. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, August 23.

People Are Freaking Out About Jeremy Corbyn's Idea To Create A Nationalised Competitor To Facebook

It's one of many new proposals the Labour leader has for the future of the British media.

Here's The Moment Kylie Jenner And Nicki Minaj Ran Into Each Other At The VMAs And It's Awkward AF

"Homegirl did a FULL 360 in 0.2 seconds when she saw her on the red carpet."



24 Clever Products That'll Actually Come In Handy For Clumsy People

It's a scary, costly world out there for the accident-prone.

Two People Have Been Killed And One Injured In A Knife Attack In Paris

Police confirmed that the suspected attacker was "neutralized" on Thursday morning.

Jetzt kannst du BuzzFeed News-Recherchen auch auf Netflix sehen – in der Doku-Serie „Follow This“

Eine Folge haben wir in Deutschland gedreht: In „Intersex“ berichten wir über intergeschlechtliche Menschen.



Todas las personas con clítoris necesitan dejar lo que estén haciendo ahora y comprar este juguete sexual

Solo hay una cosa que decir sobre el masajeador clitoral Sona de Lelo: ~Es lo más clit~.

A Juror In Paul Manafort's Trial Said A Lone Holdout Blocked His Conviction On All 18 Counts

"I didn't want Paul Manafort to be be guilty, but he was, and nobody is above the law," juror Paula Duncan told Fox News Wednesday.

Let Us Explain WTF This Australian Politics Drama Is And When It All Happened

TL;DR: We'll probably have a new prime minister by Friday.

Flash Briefing For August 23, 2018

Blue Apron is getting sued, Michael Cohen wants no presidential pardons, and Chipotle wants some new ideas.

激レアチャンスをゲット! ポケモンのスペシャルトレインに偶然乗ってしまいました


A Harvard Professor Has Just Called Coconut Oil "Pure Poison". Here's What You Need To Know About It.

Descriptions of its supposed benefits have been really misleading.

We Know Which Fictional Movie Place You Want To Live In Based On Your Travel Preferences

Sometimes the fictional world is so much better than reality.

These Shell Companies Show How Easy It Still Is For Suspected Money Launderers to Operate in Britain

“This adds to the growing evidence that UK companies are being used to aid financial crime on an industrial scale.”

If You Can Get At Least 19/26 Right On This A-Z Movie Quiz Then You're A Movie Buff

It's simple: you just gotta name 26 movies based on the scenes.

Can You Survive Pulling An All-Nighter At The Library?

By "survive," we mean stay awake. You probably won't get murdered.



This Is What Malcolm Turnbull Had To Say When Peter Dutton Came For His Job Again

"A minority in the partyroom supported by others outside the parliament have sought to bully, intimidate others into making this change of leadership that they're seeking."

This Is What Australia Was Like The Last Time A Prime Minister Served A Full Term

Remember that time Australia had ONE prime minister for 11 years? Yeah, me neither.

If You Share Someone's Nudes Without Their Consent You Can Now Go To Jail

The government is cracking down on revenge porn.

#強がる女あるある を漫画にしました


People Keep Tweeting At The Wrong Peter Dutton

@PeterDutton5 wishes Australians would stop calling him a Nazi.

The BuzzFeed Guide To "To All The Boys I've Loved Before"

We got you covered on all things Lara Jean and Peter K.



Ohio State Has Suspended Its Football Coach And Athletic Director For Mishandling Domestic Abuse Allegations

"At each juncture I gave Zach Smith the benefit of the doubt," Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer said.

Mollie Tibbetts's Family Is Pushing Back Against Trump And His Allies After They Seized On Her Death

Members of Tibbetts's family spoke out against the politicization of the case after President Trump and his allies quickly used the murder to push his immigration agenda.

What Happens After Michael Cohen's Guilty Plea Is The Next Big Question

Cohen's lawyer wondered: If Cohen has committed a crime, hasn't the president? And that's not the only question outstanding.

28 Products That'll Do Jobs You Didn't Even Know Needed To Be Done

Furniture socks, pill-sized lipstick, a butter cap, and 25 other things that'll solve everyday (and not so everyday) problems.

One Of Australia's Most Popular Radio Presenters Just Said The N-Word On Air. Again.

"I'm not going to yield to people who tell us that certain words in the language are forbidden."

We Wanna Know About Your Meet-Cute

Because they don't just happen in movies.

This Summer Was Full Of Awesome Movies — Which One Are You?

Do you belong in action, romance, or...?

A Man Who Attacked A Priest Reportedly Said “This Is For The Little Kids”

Police in Merrillville, Indiana, believe the attack was a hate crime.

18 Tumblr Posts About Australian Politics That Are A Real Mood Right Now

“When Australians wake up we don’t say “good morning’, we say ‘who’s the prime minister today?’”

Paul Manafort's Lawyers Pushed For A Mistrial Over Jury Drama, Newly Unsealed Transcripts Show

A juror reported hearing another juror comment on the case while the trial was ongoing, which isn't allowed. The judge denied the mistrial request.

33 Things That'll Make You Productive No Matter How Lazy You Feel

Because when you're productive, the day goes faster...which means you'll be back in your bed before you know it.

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