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18 Dogs Who Don't Give A Single Damn About Your Human Rules

Nothing bothers these pups.

1. This dog who couldn't care less about your so-called "laws."

someone called the police on my dog because he ran away and attacked a deer and i know this is serious but the sight of him in the cop car i’m alskdjfhsgh 😂😂😭😭 https://t.co/czZqzzc3x3

2. This dog who has zero problems watching his owner clean up his mess.

my dog made a huge mess and then had the audacity to just sit and chill while i cleaned it up i mean LOOK AT HIS LITTLE ARM https://t.co/T8dJxxEYac

3. This dog who does not care that his owner is trying to wash the Jeep.

“Can’t even wash my dang Jeep...”🚗😂 📹:

4. This dog who doesn't mind in the least that his best friend is an inanimate object.

5. This dog who needs to be heard, his owner's phone call be darned.

someone said this dog was xtina i'm cRYING

6. This dog who had a great time running off with his owner's phone.

my mom just sent me this video of my dog stealing her phone i’m crying im laughing so hard

7. And this dog who stole a GoPro and didn't care that the owners wanted it back.

Dog steals his owners GoPro 😂😂

8. This dog who does not care for this yuletide snitch.

My brother's dog is here to remind you that snitches get stitches.

9. This dog who isn't going to let winter get in the way of a good walk.

All dogs should come with a soundtrack.

10. This dog who can't be held in by the boundaries of toilet stalls.


11. This dog who doesn't care at all about physics.

12. This dog who doesn't give a single F that their owner pretended to faint to see what the dog would do.


13. This dog, who doesn't care about other dogs, as long as he gets treats.

14. This dog who doesn't care about what you humans call "stairs."

"Moved house, dog has never seen stairs before" This video legit keeps tickling me

15. This dog who doesn't mind that his new bed isn't the right size.

so my mom accidentally ordered an xs dog bed but he's still grateful..

16. This dog who doesn't see the big deal about fidget spinners.

Introducing the most chill dog in the history of earth

17. These dogs who don't mind being put in bags, as long as they get to hang out with their owners.

18. And this dog who didn't care about the chalk on the sidewalk and ultimately made things so much better.