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    13 Creepy Stories To Keep You Up For The Rest Of Your Life

    Don't forget, when on Reddit No Sleep, all of the stories are true. H/T r/nosleep

    Some of these stories have very heavy, and dark themes, so please be aware before reading!

    1. "A Shattered Life" , by u/M59Gar

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Luke Dhanjal / u/M59Gar / Via

    The narrator is attacked by an unknown beast that starts to eat away at his soul, as his life splinters in different directions and time. A beautifully written Star Trek-esque story that will scare you, make you question what’s important, and have you crying.

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    2. "My Student Submitted The Most Disturbing "Living History" Project I've Ever Seen", by u/gretelcat

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Luke Dhanjal / u/gretelcat / Via

    A teacher sits down to watch her student's project, but is shocked by the horrors it reveals. This story, about the effects of war and the devastation it leaves behind, will chill you and confuse you.

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    3. "Fran and Jock", by u/Pippinacious

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Luke Dhanjal / u/Pippinacious / Via

    A woman has had two teddy bears since she was young, they were both given to her after her grandfathers died. But the bears eventually start to act...suspiciously. It's a story that will have you hiding any teddy that you have, and also have you covered in goosebumps.

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    4. "My Girlfriend Talks In Her Sleep. She's Been Saying The Most Horrible Things Recently...", by u/RyanMatthews

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Luke Dhanjal / u/RyanMatthews / Via

    A man starts dating someone who he falls for pretty instantly. The main issue is that she talks in her sleep, which isn't too fun...This story is terribly creepy, and it will make you never want to share a bed ever again, trust me.

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    5. "I Answered A Spam Call", by u/FirstBreath1

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Luke Dhanjal / u/FirstBreath1 / Via

    A man who is in self-destruct mode, receives a mysterious call from an unknown number. Curiosity will get the better of you as you continue to read, while being absolutely terrified.

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    6. "The Terrifying Note Addressed To My Six-Year-Old Son", by u/Creeping_dread

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Luke Dhanjal / u/Creeping_dread / Via

    A man receives a creepy note threatening his young son. The mystery unravels over a few parts, with twists and turns. The creepy notes which are told in rhymes, will haunt your dreams.

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    7. "A Story To Scare My Son" , by u/OvenFriend

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Luke Dhanjal / u/OvenFriend / Via

    I shall keep this brief, like the story. A man tells his son a scary story to get him to be safe on the internet. And you will now question your entire existence forever, sorry.

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    8. "A 911 Call Where Nothing Made Sense", by u/Mr_Outlaw_

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Luke Dhanjal / u/Mr_Outlaw_ / Via

    A 911 call leads to the investigating of a very bizarre house, where everything is not quite what it seems. This story will also make you question everything, and make you think twice when you think something is "just your imagination".

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    9. "Notes To The Girl Whose House I Live In" , by u/JJX2525

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Luke Dhanjal / u/JJX2525 / Via

    Someone, or something, is living in a woman's house. This is his ode to her. You will now be convinced that when you hear those creaks at night, that a stranger does live in your house. Hey, maybe they do.

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    10. "Come To Daddy", by u/Dopabeane

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Luke Dhanjal / u/Dopabeane / Via

    A young woman finds herself doing deeds for an entity known as "Daddy". What he is, is unclear, but you will definitely never want to hear the word "Daddy" again.

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    11. "I Picked Up A Hitchhiker", by u/BlairDaniels

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Luke Dhanjal / u/BlairDaniels / Via

    A man picks up a hitchhiker. And it actually doesn't go the way you think it should. This story will make you think twice about not trusting strangers. Enjoy.

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    12. "Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Kids Alone Around Mirrors", by u/nohopenosleep.

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Luke Dhanjal / u/nohopenosleep / Via

    A woman's life is haunted by a mirror that sat before her bed when she was a child, and it's not just her that this mirror affects. You will now be prone to breaking mirrors, instead of previously trying to avoid seven years bad luck.

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    13. "Has Anyone Heard Of The Left/Right Game?", by u/NeonTempo

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed / Luke Dhanjal / u/NeonTempo / Via

    If you've heard of the "elevator game", then this game may be familiar to you too. Alice Sharma investigates this game, with a group of fanatics. This story is told over 10 parts, it's a long read but certainly worth it. And you'll be wary of going left/right ever again.

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    There is a lot more out there, and there are always new stories, so be sure to look out for them on r/nosleep!

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