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    19 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You're Trying To Grow Out Your Hair

    Summer's over...and I'm OVER this bob.

    1. Autumn is quickly approaching and now that short summer haircut doesn't seem so practical.


    2. So you decide to grow out your hair, but you discover that some serious problems come with it (like discovering you look like the bastard child of Bootstrap Bill Turner when you try to pull your short hair up).

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    3. And now you spend HOURS on Instagram and Pinterest sobbing over pretty long-haired ladies, wishing your hair would grow faster.


    4. And pining over YOUR OWN old photos from back when you had longer hair.

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    Remember the good times?

    5. Then your hair hits the optimum ~awkward length~, and there's nothing you can do to make it look presentable.


    6. You know the length — the length when it's too long to stay out of your face, but too short to tuck behind your ears.


    7. So you look up and read every single "How to make your hair grow faster" post on the internet.


    8. And end up trying out some crazy remedy suggested by those articles, knowing full well it won't work.

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    9. You try to take ~the easy way~ out and consider getting extensions, but they cost an ACTUAL arm and leg.

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    10. So you have no other choice but to completely change your diet to enable optimum hair growth.

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    11. And you start taking ALL of the vitamins, as well.


    12. But you STILL feel like literally everyone's hair is longer than yours AND grows faster than yours.


    13. And the hair on the rest of your body is growing three times as fast as the hair on your head.

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    14. So you decide to go to a stylist, who recommends you get a "trim" to help with the growth.

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    15. And you agree to let them cut an INCH off, but instead they chop off WAY more without asking.

    mimivi / Via

    16. Then you end up buying a comical amount of hair accessories to distract from your slow growth rate.


    17. But then you see a pretty girl with a cute, short haircut, and you start to feel that familiar ~itch.~


    18. So you break and just cut ~a little~ off and, hey, you actually look pretty great with short hair.


    19. And, finally, you figure out that your hair looks great at any length...because it's YOUR hair.

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