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    Green Hair Is In And I'm Ready To Look Like A Sexy Tennis Ball


    GREEN HAIR IS OFFICIALLY INβ„’. Don't believe me, binch?

    Well, before you go off dismissing green hair as a sad grassy-marsh, tennis-ball-hued tragedy, I'd like to remind you of Miss Kylie Jenner...

    ...and Dua Lipa, who's been looking like a sexy swamp...

    ...and now beautiful and flawless neon-dipped SZA!!!!!!!!!! Like, I think it's safe to say that green hair is officially a certified 100% organic ~trend~!!!!!!!!

    Here's some Instagram ~inspo~ for ya if you, too, are thinking of going leprechaun chic:

    1. This electric lime 'do:

    2. These mossy faux locs that'll make you feel like a lush forest queen:

    3. This soft minty tint:

    4. This mane that's the same color as a golf course in summertime (LOL IDK):

    5. Th freshly-mowed lawn ~LEWK~:

    6. The wispy Nickelodeon-esque slime green ends:

    7. This LITERALLY succulent-inspired style:

    8. This quirky color block moment:

    9. This neon dream:

    10. This delicate, wintry pixie:

    11. This army green inspo:

    12. This mossy goddess:

    13. This clean green bob:

    14. This glossy evergreen perfection:

    15. This guy's *~WiLd StReAk~*:

    16. These luscious green curls:

    17. And lastly, these unapologetically leafy locks:

    Would you try green hair? Let us know in the comments!!!