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    9 Reasons To Appreciate The Virgos In Your Life

    Happy Virgo season!

    1. Virgos understand the effort that goes into maintaining and nourishing friendships — and they follow through on it.

    They remember important dates and the names of your coworkers. They physically show up when you're going through a hard time — and will bring dinner because they know you've got too much going on to cook. They remember to ask how your family is doing or how your interview went. All the small, practical things that keep a friendship thriving, Virgos are on it.

    2. They typically have their loved ones’ best interests at heart and are full of actually good advice.

    Okay, yeah, Virgos have kiiiind of a reputation for being busybodies or know-it-alls — but honestly, they have sharp brains for problem-solving and just want to use them to help out the people they care about. But don't worry, they also have an uncanny ability to recognize when you need advice and when you just want to vent to a good listener uninterrupted.

    3. And they are very observant and pick up on little clues that you need help when you can't get yourself to ask for it.

    Virgos understand what it's like to have a hard time asking for help — pot, meet kettle!!! — so they have a knack for anticipating needs and reading between the lines.

    4. They stay on top of all the life-improving shit no one else remembers to do.

    They make a reservation for that cool new place before it's booked solid, they build the best itinerary for your vacation, and they know exactly when to ask for the check and herd you from dinner to the movies so you make your showtime *and* get good seats.

    5. The healers of the zodiac, Virgos are there for all your self-care needs.

    They are the first to encourage you to take a mental health day and to treat yourself, or to tell you about their favorite new nourishing recipe, face mask, or natural remedy.

    6. They have a petty streak and are happy to offer up a few cutting barbs about your nemesis.

    Listen, it's not the most admirable quality — what sign doesn't have its shadow side? — but it sure as hell comes in handy in a friend. So don't let a Virgo's quiet or innocent demeanor fool you; they are down for a good round of snarking over brunch.

    7. They don’t take energy to be around — they’re perfectly okay with just being alone together.

    Virgos may tend to be ~introverted~ creatures, but they still value quality time with the people they love. Especially if that quality time is quietly enjoying each other's company over a writing date, movie marathon, or board game night. Bonus: They'll help you save money because they're preferred hangouts tend to be low-budget.

    8. But you'll never be bored either, because they're expert and entertaining conversationalists.

    Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and language — meaning they're witty and intelligent AF, not to mention probably filled with fascinating stories and trivia.

    9. At the end of the day, they want to help you be the best version of yourself.

    Contrary to popular belief, most Virgos aren't eager to try to change who you are. They do, however, have a keen eye for your potential and a loving desire to help you reach it. They won’t let you take shit from anyone and will encourage you to seek the best for yourself. And everyone needs that friend in their corner.

    Happy Virgo season, babes! Go get shit done.