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    This Cockroach Gel Bait May Be The Answer To Your Annoying Pest Problem

    Because your home is NOT a roach motel.

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    If you clicked on this post and are reading this, I am so sorry, it probably means you are dealing with cockroaches in some form or fashion (double sorry if they're actually humans).

    20th Century Fox

    I myself recently saw a cockroach in my own apartment and immediately wanted to die. And yet, I didn't try to kill it β€” or even burn down my apartment. I just walked over to my closet, packed my bag, signed my lease over to the cockroach, and left. Joke's on the roach, though, because NYC rent is outrageous! Have fun paying that, you squatter!

    But really, cockroaches are gross and invasive, and getting rid of them can be a stressful affair. And whether you've already consulted the professionals or are still looking for a more affordable solution, this gel bait may help to alleviate your roach problem. So buckle up, get your barf bag ready (pics to come, I am so sorry), and let's get to it!

    If you are suffering from a roach infestation β€” even one roach still counts IMO β€” then I need to introduce you to Advion's cockroach gel bait. It's a non-repellent formula that attracts roaches and acts slowly after consumption so the roach has time to take it back and infest their colony.

    To me a cockroach is a cockroach, but this bait does find success in attracting and killing a variety of species, including German (also gel bait-averse), American, Australian, brown, smokybrown, Oriental, brownbanded, and Asian roaches. I want to cry after learning that there are MULTIPLE SPECIES OF ROACHES, but alas β€” the show must go on.

    Before we get into the ~specifications~ of this bait, let me quickly add that this product has over 13,500 reviews and a 4.4-star rating on Amazon β€” and the reviewer photos to prove that this stuff works. / Purbasha /

    The bait is best placed in crevices, corners, and near sources of water (like behind the toilet). Be sure to leave pea-sized amounts, because roaches have small mouths (I know, I am cringing as I write this) and will not be attracted to long lines of the bait.


    You'll also want to clear out any open foods and water so there is minimal competition. Cockroaches will eat basically anything, and certain species love water, so eliminating those sources will better draw the roaches to the bait.

    If you have pets, apply the bait where they cannot reach it, which is another good reason to use the gel in cabinet crevices.

    Make sure you read the instructions clearly, and if you have questions, this video is a good explainer on how the product works and how to use it.

    This next part is not for the faint of heart. If you'd like to see this bait in action, keep on scrolling. We will start with something mildly disgusting:

    LesbianUnicorn /

    "Holy cow this stuff is magic! I live in a three-unit building and both of my neighbors bug-bombed their units when I was out of town for two weeks β€”Β so the German roach infestation I came home to was unreal! I stopped buying groceries, bagged my cosmetics and toiletries, unplugged my appliances, and even stopped sleeping at home until I could get the bugs controlled. I started spending a few hours a day at home deep cleaning but I couldn't even stomach the amount of roaches everywhere. I'm a costume designer and my shop is in my home so an exterminator was out of the question. I spent so much money on different bait gels, roach traps, sprays, borax, essential oils, and anything else I could find online, and the most progress I was able to make was to clear the out of my shop (or at least off of my equipment) for a few hours at a time so I could get some work done, but nothing was working.

    Last night I put the first glob down in the kitchen. Before I had even stood all the way back up, no lie, three adult roaches had beelined straight for it. That was promising, so I followed the directions and baited the entire kitchen and entryway/laundry area and left to go meet some friends. Eight hours later I went back home and there were dead/dying roaches EVERYWHERE and the bait was gone. Seriously, I documented this whole story with photo and video. I stepped around the bodies of my defeated enemies and re-baited the same areas before leaving to go crash on my friend's couch.

    Got back this morning and the body count had almost tripled and the bait had been cleared once again. I re-baited again, grabbed my paperwork, went outside, sat on my stoop, and wrote this review." β€”LesbianUnicorn

    Here we have a dustpan full of roaches, which is really gross but tolerable.

    Fernando /

    "This is after one night only. In the morning this is what was dead, and after I cleaned. During the day, more were appearing to die. I've never had product with effect equal to this, it is the best for sure. Highly recommend." β€”Fernando

    This one was especially nauseating so proceed with caution! Large Roaches Ahead.

    T. V. /

    "I had a bad roach problem at a rental property. I tried roach-bombing the unit, but the roaches kept coming back within a day or so. I bombed the unit and vacuumed the home to the point where there were no more roaches in sight. Then I applied the Advion Bait. Within a minute, roaches were crawling out of every crack and crevice in the home, literally crawling over each other's bodies to get a taste of this stuff. I came back the next day to check on the progress and I found the unit's floor had turned into carpet β€”Β a carpet made of roach corpses.

    Prior to trying Advion roach gel I had an exterminator come out to give me a quote on the unit. He said the initial spray treatment would cost $200, and to effectively control the roach problem he would have to come out for monthly follow-up visits. Each visit would cost another $80. No thanks. After a couple of rounds of Advion bait treatment, waiting about three days between applications, the unit is now ready to rent." β€”T. V.

    Ok, that is quite enough β€” I think you can see that this bait works! Now, go give those pests a piece of your mind.


    Get it from Amazon for $23.37.

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