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August 24, 2018

Do You Know What Country These Candies Are From?

This quiz is really sweet and really hard.

Este é o raio X da dívida bilionária que levou o Grupo Abril à lona

Como foi a reunião no auditório em que a empresa prometeu aos demitidos pagar as rescisões em 10 parcelas e o choque que tiveram ao descobrir que não há prazo para receber porque o conglomerado entrou em recuperação judicial.

Women In England Will Soon Be Able To Take The Abortion Pill At Home

“This decision will increase choice for women and help ensure they receive safe and dignified care,” England’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, said.

17 Cool Things You Didn't Know You Can Do With A Library Card

It goes way beyond checking out books.

Could You Survive A "Home Alone" Situation Like Kevin McCallister?

In other words, are you Kevin McCallister?

9 Photo Stories That Will Help You See The World A Little Differently

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Verizon Says It Won't Slow Internet Speeds For Emergency Crews During Disasters After Backlash

Verizon faced intense criticism for limiting data speeds for some emergency crews during the largest wildfire in California history.



Here’s Why That “Flesh-Eating STD” Is Less Scary Than It Sounds

Donovanosis can cause genital ulcers and tissue damage, but it’s rare in the US and may not be so “flesh-eating” after all.

A Popular Fitness Instagrammer Has Been Accused Of Killing A Man While Driving Drunk And High

Katie L. Summers, better known as @LoseItConKatie, had more than 150,000 followers. Now she’s in jail on suspicion of vehicular homicide.

21 Times It Didn't Matter WTF Serena Williams Was Wearing Because She Was Too Busy Winning

She literally holds the record for the most Grand Slam wins by a tennis player in the Open Era.

Serena Williams Won't Be Allowed To Wear Her "Black Panther" Catsuit At The French Open

“It will no longer be accepted,” said the French Tennis Federation president. “One must respect the game and the place.”

Macy's Is Having A Sale For Fall And Holy Crap Is It Sweater Season Already?

You get an extra 25% off of tons of the things you want and need for fall.

If The US Thinks Cuba Is Too Dangerous For Diplomats, Why Did It Just Ease Its Travel Advisory For The Island?

The State Department eased the level of its travel advisory to Cuba from “3” to “2,” putting it in the same category as France, Germany, and Spain.

Score Up To 70% Off During Nordstrom Rack's Huge MAC Makeup Sale

Save big on must-have makeup products and tools through August 29!

Uma mensagem de WhatsApp provocou um pandemônio na campanha de Bolsonaro

A ascensão de Gustavo Bebianno e Gulliem Lemos ao comando da campanha dividiu a militância do líder nas pesquisas num turbilhão de acusações e ameaças.

22 Jokes That Perfectly Sum Up The Beginning AND End Of Summer

"Shaving my legs to the knee is my fav scam"

AMLO reitera que no se harán cambios en la ley para la actuación del ejército, pese a alertas de la ONU

Desde diciembre de 2017, el organismo aseguró que la Ley de Seguridad Interior podría debilitar los derechos humanos.

Security Flaws Inadvertently Left T-Mobile And AT&T Customers' Account PINs Exposed

Mobile account PINs intended to protect T-Mobile and AT&T customers’ accounts were exposed by two security vulnerabilities. After a BuzzFeed News inquiry, the companies fixed the flaws.

21 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

From a tumultuous week in the Trump White House to a looming hurricane in the Pacific Ocean, here are the most eye-catching and emotional pictures from this past week.

¿Puedes gastarte el sueldo de un diputado en un fin de semana?

A ver, supongamos que te dan $74,672 para gastar el próximo fin, ¿crees que te los acabes?

Depois de 25 dias, grevistas de fome perdem até 11 quilos e reduzem ritmo por causa de dores

Eles recebem massagem e Reiki para diminuir as dores musculares. Lula mandou carta escrita em uma folha de caderno para o grupo.

These Are The Top 100 Songs Of All Time, Is Your Fave On The List

Get ready to bust a move... or at least a solid head bop.

This Homeless Man Says He Can't Access Thousands Of Dollars Raised For Him On GoFundMe

Johnny Bobbitt once spent his last $20 helping a stranded woman.

You're Nemo's Dad — Can You Find Him?

Could you make it all the way across the ocean?

Here Are 7 NSFW "Would You Rather" Questions That You Need To Answer Now

Would you rather be a top or a bottom forever??

Antes de ser famoso, Julián de la Mora hizo una excelente parodia de Luisito Comunica

Darío Yazbek se convirtió en Pedrito Comunica por un día.

Maria Butina's Lawyer Is Accusing US Prosecutors Of A "Sexist Smear"

Arguing for her release on bond, her lawyer says US prosecutors twisted joking text messages to paint “Ms. Butina as some type of spy-novel honeypot.”

Which Emmy-Nominated Woman Are You?


21 TV Shows That Should Have Ended Long Before They Did

And a couple that are still on the air but have 100% run their course.

23 Weird Yet Awesome Things We Found On Jet That You'll Totally Want To Buy

Furniture socks, a penis pop-up book, a lampire magnet, and 21 other weird products you kinda can't live without.

If You Color Your Hair Blonde, You Need This Purple Shampoo

I'm not an alarmist, but when I see thousands of people prove that this Fanola purple shampoo turns their blonde hair platinum after ONE USE, I get my dang credit card out.

The Trump Administration Has Charged 19 Foreigners With Illegal Voting

The cases are part of the Justice Department’s moves to curb voter fraud. Trump has greatly exaggerated the practice.

All I Care About Are Cats With Curled-Up Paws, So Here's A Bunch Of Them

If you're having any kind of bad day, these pictures will help.

Has A Loved One Ever Reached Out To You From The Afterlife?

Was it creepy, comforting, or just plain weird?!

Calling Everyone Size 14 And Up, Tell Us Where You Shop

My thick thighs save lives and look good in clothes, too.

Michael Avenatti’s Next 2020 Move: His Own PAC

Fight PAC will support candidates with “size and presence.”

Ice Cube Had A Surprise Staring Contest With Unsuspecting BuzzFeed Employees

To blink or not to blink, that is the objective.

Nicki Minaj's Recent Behavior Shows How Toxic Album Promo Is Now

Instead of letting her new album, Queen, speak for itself, the rapper is sparking controversy in a bid to stay relevant.

Can You Tell The Difference Between This Week's Real News And Fake News?

This week's quiz features robots, people getting lost at sea, and vulgar tweets.

26 Of The Funniest Tweets By Women This Week

"Voldermort was really beefin' with a kid."

Ranking Every Stephen King Adaptation, From Worst To Best

From Carrie and The Shining to It and Gerald’s Game, here’s how all 60 Stephen King adaptations stack up.

13 receitas de torta para quem quer endireitar o paladar

Impossível não achar pelo menos cinco que não te deixem com água na boca.

These 19 Instagramers Deserve A Freakin' Fashion Award From The CFDA

Fashion doesn't belong to one race, gender, height, weight, or ability.

Trump Says Pompeo Isn’t Going To North Korea Next Week After All

The president's tweets came just a day after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had announced he'd travel to North Korea next week with the new special representative to North Korea.

Poetry: "train song"

"the train today / is every reason / i love new york / as a place / to visit / but not die in."

Direct Your Own Rom-Com And We'll Reveal Which Movie Heartthrob Is Your Soulmate

Does your potential heartthrob chase after someone before they get on a plane?

Sabemos cuántas parejas sexuales has tenido por tu taco favorito

Los tacos son sabiduría y en esta ocasión, saben todo sobre tus hábitos en la cama.

Pick 7 Things From H&M And We'll Give You A Rom-Com To Watch This Weekend

"I hate it when you're not around, and the fact that you didn't call."

41 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Weekend

Deals at Target, Old Navy, American Eagle, and more!

An American Woman Was Charged With Helping ISIS. She Says Her Husband Duped Her Into Joining The Terror Group.

Samantha Elhassani, who said she was raped and abused in Syria, is in a US jail. Her four children are in government custody. And her husband was killed in an airstrike.

100 piadas ruins que sinceramente pelo amor de Deus

É humor peculiar que não acaba mais.

11 Reasons Why Kitty Covey Is The Unsung Hero Of "To All The Boys I've Loved Before"

Peter K. is cool and all. But Kitty Covey is an icon.

Estos 18 datos RARÍSIMOS sobre comida te harán querer quemar tu cocina

El colorante rojo de los Skittles está hecho con escarabajos hervidos. CARAJO.

23 Personajes del cine y la tele que la gente ODIABA pero ahora AMA

Acéptalo, ahora tienes una obsesión con Yzma Y con Sharpay Evans.

16 Juguetes que querías en los 90 y le hacían preguntarse a tus padres si creías que eran ricos

Tus papás: "Este baboso cree que el dinero crece en los árboles".

Si te gustan al menos 15 de estos sabores de helado, eres todo un adulto

Tu opinión sobre el helado de ron con pasas lo dice todo.

¿Qué ciudad gastronómica europea que nadie pela deberías visitar?

Haz tus maletas... En secreto, para que no te juzguen.

35 Formas en las que "El diablo viste a la moda" sería diferente si pasara en 2018

"¿Rosa millennial? ¿Para la primavera? Revolucionario".

¿Sabes de qué década son estos looks de maquillaje?

Probemos tus conocimientos de experta.

18 Cosas que TODAS pensábamos cuando veíamos películas románticas en los dosmiles

¿Por qué no tengo un reino sorpresa y una abuela reina chidísima?

Este quiz te dirá oficialmente a qué cadena de comida te pareces más

¿Eres un clásico como Sanborns o más agringado como Chili's?

17 Escenas eliminadas de Disney que habrían cambiado por completo la película

En Toy Story, Woody empujaba a Buzz por la ventana \_(ツ)_/¯.

Renueva una casa y te diremos en qué década deberías haber nacido

¿Tu gusto en puertas es actual o más bien como de la época de tu abuelita?

Este es el "Qué prefieres" más extremo sobre tu cuerpo que harás en la vida

¿Que te salga un pulgar en la frente o en la nalga?

A Former Playboy Model Was Found Strangled To Death In Her Apartment

"She was just a good person and our family misses her dearly," a relative of Christina Carlin-Kraft said.

Este quiz te dirá que combinación de un color y un olor eres

Lluvia, fogata, rojo, amarillo. Nada de esto tiene sentido hasta que lo juntas.

19 Fotos indignantes de hoteles que deberían ser clausurados

¿Por qué la regadera está en la sala de estar?

15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

"Can’t stop thinking about the way American people say herbs..."

Eat At A Backyard BBQ And We'll Reveal What People Love About You

Watermelon, beer, and all the sausages you can eat.

16 Foods You've Probably Eaten But Didn't Know They Were Named After A Real Person

Chef Boyardee was a very real, very successful chef.

17 Adorable Celebrity Couples Making Their Red Carpet Debuts

Let's rewind back to when these couples stepped out ~officially~ for the first time.

¿Qué tan populares son tus opiniones sobre la infidelidad?

Si tu pareja habla con su ex a escondidas, ¿te está siendo infiel?

21 Very, Very Goob Dog Posts From This Week

Rainbow Dalmatians, The Snoot Challenge, AND merpuppers?!?!?! This week fed us well.

34 Incredibly Affordable Back-To-School Deals

Ready or not, school is literally right around the corner! Whether you're a parent, teacher, or student, here are some great back to school deals for you!

5 Stories From This Week That'll Put You In A Great Mood For The Weekend

There are more trees on Earth today than there were 35 years ago!

15 ideias de filmes inspirados em "Para Todos os Garotos que Já Amei"

"Para Todos os Problemas que Apenas Ignorei".

No, People Are Not Fundraising For Mollie Tibbetts Murder Suspect Cristhian Rivera

There's no such campaign for the man charged with first-degree murder in the death of Mollie Tibbetts, GoFundMe says.

Former CDC Director Tom Frieden Was Arrested For Sex Abuse

He’s accused of squeezing a woman’s butt in his apartment.

28 Products Even The Messiest Person Is No Match For

When life gives you crumbs, these may be of help.

Wie es wirklich ist, abzutreiben

„Manchmal empfinde ich noch Traurigkeit, aber nicht, weil ich die Abtreibung bereue.“

21 Preguntas que me hago cada vez que vuelvo a ver "Vaselina"

¿Debemos ignorar el hecho de que todos los estudiantes son interpretados por adultos?

26 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A faux-fur throw blanket, inflatable duck, mini single-serve blender, and 24 other favorite products from our recent posts.

The US Government Is Updating Its Nuclear Disaster Plans And They Are Truly Terrifying

“We are looking at 100 kiloton to 1,000 kiloton detonations,” a FEMA official said.

Una primaria en la CDMX quiso dejar sin clases a niños indígenas pero sus mamás no se dejaron

Tras varias protestas en la Ciudad de México, las autoridades escolares acordaron con los padres de familia que sus hijos pudieran inscribirse en el turno vespertino.

22 Posts That Prove Americans, Aussies, Brits, And Canadians Are All Weirdos

Americans: "Yeah, it's a pretty short drive, only like 47 hours if I don't stop."

16 Leute, deren Auge für Produktdesign und Raumgestaltung uns etwas ratlos zurücklässt

*schmiert Kacke an die Wand und tut so, als sei das Kunst*

The Trump Organization's Chief Financial Officer Was Granted Immunity In Michael Cohen's Prosecution

Allen Weisselberg has worked for the Trump Organization for more than 40 years.

9 überraschend eklige Dinge, die dir beim Schwimmen passieren

Schwimmbecken sind voller Rotze, Haare anderer Leute und Pipi.

John McCain's Family Has Announced He's Discontinuing Medical Treatment For Cancer

The Republican senator was diagnosed with brain cancer in July of last year and had largely withdrawn from public life.

Plane ein Hogwarts-Festmahl und wir sagen dir, an welchen Haustisch du gehörst

Das neue Schuljahr in Hogwarts geht bald los – finden wir also heraus, an welchem Tisch du sitzen solltest.

Senate Democrats Are Demanding Documents About Trump And Putin's Private Meeting In Helsinki

The unprecedented request, they say, is due to unprecedented circumstances.

The First Plastic Straw Poll Finds Most People Want To Cut Back — But Don't Want A Government Ban

A new US survey suggests people are using roughly 130 million plastic straws a day, far fewer than the 500 million figure that’s commonly cited.

Eu sei o que você quer da vida só de ver quais comidas chiques você comeria

Vai um risoto a funghi aí ou prefere um bife Wellington?

16 Tipps, die dir Frauen zum Thema Oralsex geben möchten

An einer Vulva hängt ein ganzer Mensch, Leute.

Heavy Rains And Catastrophic Flooding Hit Hawaii As Lane Weakened To A Tropical Storm

"Today's message to the citizens of Hawaii is don’t let your guard down," FEMA Administrator Brock Long said.

18 Times Hair Colorists Literally Changed The Game

*pins pixelated hair SMACK 👏 DAB 👏 in the middle of my mood board*

14 sehr befriedigende Dinge, die wir doch alle heimlich tun

Es gibt nichts Befriedigenderes, als dieses einsame Nippelhaar rauszuziehen.

Which "Look What You Made Me Do" Taylor Are You?

Take this quiz once, then you take it twice. Ah!

Qual estação do ano você é?

O outono é sempre igual, mas e você?

Here's An Easy, 7-Night Dinner Plan That's Perfect For Busy Families

Everything you need to make this back-to-school season the easiest and most delicious one yet — from grocery lists, to dinner guides, to simple recipes your whole family will love.

Solo si eres realmente mamón has hecho 35 de estas 50 cosas

Pides que te cambien de lugar en un avión sólo porque hay un bebé cerca.

13 Clever Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat More Veggies

Parents of picky eaters, this one's for you.

Do You Actually Know Anything About Food Safety?

Wash your hands for 20 seconds before taking this quiz.

13 diferenças entre as pessoas que pegam geral no rolê e você

"Eu no rolê: gente alguém viu minha amiga?".

Mitski Is Much More Than Another Sad Asian American Girl

When I first heard Mitski’s songs, I recoiled from what seemed like pining frailty. Now I see how radical her angst is.

He Was Nearly Africa's Youngest Head Of State. Now His Followers Are Left Wondering What Happened.

Nelson Chamisa's supporters hoped he would make history in Zimbabwe. But mistakes he made himself could have cost him.

Nicki Minaj Just Said She "Fucking Loves Kylie Jenner" After Seeing The Video Of Kylie Avoiding Her At The VMAs

"We're not going to start any dumbass catfights for your fucking entertainment."

23 Inexpensive Products That'll Make Your Meals Seem ~Fancier~

Bookmark this for your next dinner party.

Estou completamente obcecada pela Priscila Tossan do "The Voice" e não sou a única

Mesmo se você não assiste o programa, é provável que ainda ouça falar dela.

23 Hilarious Tweets From Black Twitter This Week That Will Leave You In Tears

"Salt and sugar look the same; be careful who you trust."

We Got Noel And Sandi From "Bake Off" To Play The BFF Game And It Was Glorious

The hosts of Bake Off tested how well they really know each other.

30 Things That'll Make You Say "Take My Picture Damn It!"

Listen, we all live for the 'gram. Embrace it and take the amazing pictures you DESERVE!

Build The Pool Party Of Your Dreams And We'll Tell You Which "Lilo And Stitch" Character You Are

"This is my family. I found it, all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good."

Cheio da grana, Henrique Meirelles atira para todos os lados em anúncios no Facebook

Uma partezinha da fortuna de R$ 377 milhões do candidato está sendo investida na rede para converter funkeiros, harleyros, jedis, churrasqueiros...

The CDC Predicted An Opioid-Driven HIV Outbreak. Now It's Found One In Massachusetts.

“We are likely to get other local HIV outbreaks,” one expert said.

Barstool Said Pete Davidson Has "Butthole Eyes" And Ariana Grande Is PISSED

"Never realized how badly I needed Ariana Grande to release a Barstool diss track called 'Butthole Eyes.'"

President Trump Taunted Jeff Sessions On Twitter After The Attorney General Hit Back

"Come on Jeff, you can do it, the country is waiting!"

How Normal Are Your Movie Soundtrack Opinions?

Who you gonna call after this quiz?

Alex Salmond Has Denied Sexual Misconduct Claims And Is Taking Scotland's Government To Court

First minister Nicola Sturgeon said the allegations against him were "upsetting" for the SNP.



Morning Update: Okay, But What If The News Never Slows Down

A secret tech meeting, Australia has a new prime minister, your weekend longreads. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, August 24.

33 películas que veías en bucle cuando eras pequeño y creías haber olvidado

Seguro que todavía tienes las cintas de más de una.



Flash Briefing For August 24th, 2018

David Pecker is the newest Former Trump Dude to get immunity from federal prosecutors, immigration agents coerced parents into signing deportation papers, and the woman who invited a bunch of guys on the same date reveals why.

見えない裏側で頑張る人たち あのインスタ映え写真はこう撮った






20 cosas muy sabias que seguramente necesitas oír cuando tienes veintitantos

Por ejemplo: "no dejes que nadie te diga que los millennials sois lo peor".



17 escenas eliminadas de películas de Disney que las hubieran cambiado totalmente

Originalmente, Toy Story incluía una escena en la que Woody empujaba a Buzz por una ventana.

100 Of The Best Tweets From This Week's Australian Politics Disaster

"John Howard must be turning in his grave."

People Are Blaming The Right Wing Media For Australia’s Political Drama

Malcolm Turnbull said an "insurgency ... backed by powerful voices in the media" brought him down.

A Major Hurricane Is Bearing Down On Hawaii And Many Residents Have Nowhere To Go

"We don’t have enough shelters for the almost million people that live on this island, and to do that would be so prohibitive in terms of cost," said Honolulu's mayor.

The Australian Prime Minister Was Just Dumped By His Party. Here's His Final Speech.

"I think many Australians will be shaking their head in disbelief at what's been done."

21 Things Malcolm Turnbull Did, Or Didn't Do, As Prime Minister

There's never been a more exciting time, etc.

マンションの屋根が剥がれて落下、住民が語った思い 各地に爪痕残した台風20号


Australia Will Have Six Prime Ministers In 11 Years

TFW your entire childhood is John Howard and then you get to vote and it is a total shitshow.

Tech Companies Are Gathering For A Secret Meeting To Prepare A 2018 Election Strategy

Reps from up to a dozen of the US's biggest tech companies plan to meet in San Francisco to discuss efforts to counter manipulation of their platforms.

26 Cheap Ulta Products That Actually Give You The Same Results As High End Ones

Full beauty collection, (mostly) full wallet, can't lose.



20 Kids Who Proved That Book Week Is The Best Part Of The School Year

Why do I suddenly want to have 10 children?!

お風呂で「タトゥー禁止」は変わるか? 試行錯誤する温浴施設




ファッション業界を取り巻くボディポジティブの動き でも、まだ道半ば


This Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Will Shake You Awake So I Don't Have To

For when regular alarm clocks work for everyone but you.

イタリア・ジェノバで橋が崩落 その決定的瞬間


Shop At Urban Outfitters And We'll Reveal What Type Of Friend You Are

The clothes you wear will definitely say what type of friend you are to others.

Pick Out Some Goth Clothing, And We'll Reveal What Scary Movie Embodies Your Love Life

Is your personal life more like Paranormal Activity or The Quiet Place?

38 Queer Books Our Readers Recommend You Read ASAP

We're here! We're queer! We're 38 books you should read!

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Snoot Challenge

Give your pup a treat every time I say "snoot" in this post.

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