27 Times "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" Totally Made Us Swoon

    It's mostly Peter Kavinsky being dreamy.

    1. When Peter Kavinsky first appeared and totally checked Lara Jean and her boots out.

    2. When we saw the flashback to Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean's first kiss, and little Peter K was clearly really happy about it.

    3. When Lara Jean nearly ran Peter Kavinsky over, and he was clearly very amused by the whole thing.

    And then he called her "Covey" for the first time and it instantly cemented him as a classic rom-com hero.

    4. When Lara Jean fainted and this was the first thing she saw when she came around.

    And then she kissed Peter Kavinsky right there on the track.

    And he was so shook he just kind of lay there for a little while after she ran away.

    5. When Peter Kavinsky showed up at the Corner Cafe to see Lara Jean, and had the nerve to drink a chocolate shake like this.

    And then he found out he wasn't the only recipient of a love letter, and low-key admired Lara Jean's game.

    6. When he insisted on dropping her off at home and looked back at her like this after proposing they "fake" date.

    7. When Lara Jean's dream version of Peter Kavinsky showed up and made Dream Josh disappear.

    8. When Lara Jean walked straight through lacrosse practice to say she'd "fake" date Peter, and his immediate reaction was to grin and kiss her.

    9. When they negotiated the contract and Peter Kavinsky said he'd write Lara Jean notes every day, and she did this little nose scrunch thing.

    And he just could not stop looking at her.

    Basically, the whole scene was ADORABLE. Especially the way Peter K obviously found Lara Jean very endearing.

    10. When Peter Kavinsky picked Lara Jean and Kitty up, said he was Lara Jean's boyfriend, and then bonded with Kitty over Yakult.

    11. When Peter Kavinsky put his hand in Lara Jean's back pocket, just like in Sixteen Candles.

    And then he did this little spin, which was apparently improvised(!).

    Then he pulled a note from HIS back pocket, complete with a little love heart.

    And he tucked Lara Jean's hair behind her ear and whispered "good job".

    12. When Peter Kavinsky dragged Lara Jean to a party, told her she looked pretty with her hair out, and snapped her scrunchie around his wrist like this.

    Then he took an adorable photo of Lara Jean just to prove to her that she looked great.

    And he took this photo of himself for her lock screen.

    Then he revealed he'd already made the photo of Lara Jean HIS lock screen.

    And then he grabbed Lara Jean's hand and said "leggo".

    13. When Peter Kavinsky drank kombucha because he was driving Lara Jean home.

    And then he and Lara Jean took this selfie.

    14. When Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky bonded at the cafe and got really vulnerable with each other.

    And then Lara Jean got jealous that he was still calling Gen, because she was obviously falling for him already. And she reminded Peter K that they were just "pretending", which hurt him because HE was obviously falling for HER already.

    15. When Peter Kavinsky casually rested his hand on Lara Jean's leg, and she rested HER hand on his.

    16. When Peter Kavinsky, Lara Jean and Kitty all watched Sixteen Candles together, and Peter K called out the racism in the movie, then had a pillow fight with Kitty and conscientiously moved the popcorn out of the way first.

    17. When Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky built on their earlier bonding by opening up to each other even more in the kitchen at his house.

    18. When they argued over Josh and Gen and the ski trip, and it was clear that the real tension was in the fact that they really cared for each other but were both too afraid to admit it.

    19. When Peter Kavinsky greeted Lara Jean on the bus with this little gesture.

    20. When Lara Jean found Peter Kavinsky in the hot tub, and he revealed he'd bought Yakult especially for her and that he actually liked her for real.

    And then he did this little splash.

    And THEN he looked at Lara Jean like THIS.

    Then Lara Jean got in the hot tub in her nightgown and awkwardly said "hi" and it was cute AF.

    And Peter Kavinsky smiled and whispered "there's no one like you, Covey".


    And they kissed! So much kissing!

    21. When Peter Kavinsky walked Lara Jean back to her room, and they were all giggly and happy.

    And she tried to walk away without kissing him again, but he pulled her back.


    And then he looked at her LIKE THIS.

    22. When they used each other as pillows on the bus ride home.

    23. When Peter Kavinsky showed up at Lara Jean's house to tell her what had happened was important to him, and that she was never second best.

    24. When we got a glimpse of this photo on Lara Jean's lockscreen.

    25. Every time Peter Kavinsky said "woah woah woah" but especially this time, when he was so worried about Lara Jean being upset.

    And then he made sure everyone knew the truth, and was protective of Lara Jean but in a way that respected her and her boundaries.

    26. When we finally learned what was in all those love notes Peter Kavinsky had given Lara Jean, and they were not only about how gorgeous she was, but also about how smart she was and how the two of them connected on a deeper level.

    27. When Lara Jean drove all by herself to tell Peter Kavinsky how she felt, and they did a cute little tug-of-war over the letter she'd written. Then he got serious and gave her complete agency over the conversation.

    And Lara Jean admitted that she liked him for real, and Peter K revealed that the reason he'd been to see Gen on the ski trip was to tell her it was over – because he was actually in love with Lara Jean(!!!).

    And he was so happy he smiled like this!

    And then he said this.