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    30 Things That'll Make You Say "Take My Picture Damn It!"

    Listen, we all live for the 'gram. Embrace it and take the amazing pictures you DESERVE!

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    1. A pair of rimless monochrome sunglasses that'll give you limitless bragging rights as a trendsetter when these make an appearance.

    2. A tube of Glossier Lidstar eyeshadow cream for a quick and easy way to ~glow up~ in 0.5 seconds — which is exactly how long it'll take to get the perfect selfie with this.

    3. A pair of high-waisted, super-soft leggings, because the one day a year you finally make it to the gym deserves proof. Did you spend the whole time taking #instafit pictures instead of running? None of your business.

    4. A bottle of Celeb Luxury temporary hair coloring so your transformation Tuesday is taken quite literally — which will earn you AT LEAST 100 likes. At least.

    5. A winged eyeliner stamp that'll require a minimum of 10 Snapchat appearances to show the world you have FINALLY mastered the cat eye. They don't need to know your secrets.

    6. A corduroy jumper for nailing the perfect first fall Insta — leaves and PSL sadly not included.

    7. A charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste, because there's a lot to smile about when your pearly whites are extra brilliant. And if all your laughter is captured in a candid, so be it.

    8. A button-down floral dress so you can both transition into fall with versatile combos (hello, tights and boots) or use this to cling on to the remainder of summer. OR it's your Instagram, you can do both!

    9. A duo of gold bee hair clips that'll set your followers abuzz when you show off your new distinct hairdo.

    10. A ruffled two-piece bathing suit in a plethora of patterns and combos for a successful last beach picture this Labor Day. Be sure to take 100 shots so you can #tbt until next summer.

    11. A backless lace-trim bodysuit, because this will make you want to turn your *back* on your followers in the best way possible.

    12. A pack of self-adhesive nail art stickers so your artsy mani pic looks just as upscale as a beauty blogger's for less than half the price.

    13. A velvet tie-back headband that'll instantly upgrade even your usual old T-shirt and jeans combo into an OOTD opportunity.

    14. A Maybelline holographic highlighter for ensuring every single angle comes out *luminous*. All you need is some sunlight and, bam, your selfies are literally shining.

    15. A pair of boho tassel statement earrings with gold metal studs, because these won't make it a hassle to break into triple digit likes when you show these bad boys off.

    16. A pair of high-waisted leopard-print pants so your phone goes ~wild~ with notifications as soon as you upload a fierce pic.

    17. A container of Coty Airspun setting powder that'll ensure outside selfies during ~Golden Hour~ are totally shine-free, matte, and f l a w l e s s.

    18. An embroidered floral bomber jacket for *blooming* into a style guru overnight. Flowers + vintage-y photo + inspirational quote = America's Next Top Insta Model.

    19. A tube of Maybelline voluminous mascara, because showing off the no-makeup-makeup look is easy AF when your lashes are at their fullest. Feel free to hashtag #nofilter to your heart's content.

    20. A pair of slouchy peep-toe suede booties with cutout sides so you can *stomp out* any doubts about your outfits. These will elevate them in no time at all — and, yes, you must document it.

    21. A printed cropped sweatshirt that'll pose a very simple question of whether or not this will make your grid très chic. The correct answer is mais oui.

    22. A Smashbox liquid matte lipstick for having a whopping selection of ~34~ bold AF colors (in matte, metallic, and shimmer finishes) to make your pout impossible to scroll past.

    23. A Conair ceramic curling wand, because effortless beach waves lead to equally effortless selfies. Tl;dr: every angle will make you look like you just stepped out of a salon.

    24. An off-the-shoulder striped top so you can easily ~shrug off~ any fears of not striking the perfect pose in this — you two will make the perfect team, I promise.

    25. A bottle of Shea Moisture curl and style milk that'll control frizz and deep condition your hair, meaning you are more than welcome to take slow motion videos of you shaking your gorgeous tresses.

    26. A bold ruffled dress with a chic neck tie for making everyone's feeds red hot without ever spending designer prices.

    27. A tub of Elizavecca carbonated clay mask, because this will both let you humblebrag about your extensive ~skin care~ routine, but also how likeable is a face full of bubbles? Answer: VERY.

    28. A backless peplum top with a chic bow so your grid achieves an all-high level of sophistication. Aimee Song? Me?! Ok, I accept.

    29. A pack of luxurious false eyelashes that'll set both your heart and followers fluttering when you drop the most dramatic boomerang of your lashes.

    30. A checked cotton jumpsuit for making your case for taking full-on photoshoots at work as clear as black and white. Your boss will definitely understand.

    When your friend claims you were giving a little too much direction as they took your picture:

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