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    22 Posts That Prove Americans, Aussies, Brits, And Canadians Are All Weirdos

    Americans: "Yeah, it's a pretty short drive, only like 47 hours if I don't stop."

    1. When a Brit explained very clearly what "cheeky Nandos" means:

    2. When a Canadian was polite, as always:

    3. When Americans drive for two days straight like it's nothing:

    4. When an Australian explained the country's internet:

    5. When someone called out America's annoying "surprise" prices when the tax is added:

    6. When England got burned pretty bad:

    7. And when America, England, Canada, and Australia were all targeted in one post:

    8. When America's geography was startling:

    9. And so was their temperature scale:

    10. When people had to explain that yes, we do have chocolate oranges:

    11. When someone truly nailed the American experience:

    12. When an Aussie had to explain things to Americans:

    13. When the a.m./p.m. discourse got heated:

    14. When England was explained:

    15. When America was all about CUPS:

    16. When a Brit tried to be educational, but America wasn't having it:

    17. When Americans had to drive far, but Australia really knows what it's like:

    18. When Australians had to assure everyone that not EVERYTHING is deadly:

    19. When Canada wasn't about to take shit from America:

    20. When America was just as bad at geography as Australia:

    21. But then the world needed to remind America that nobody cares about their "states":

    22. And finally, when Brits were outdone only by France: