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    26 Things That'll Make Eating More Fruits And Veggies So Much Easier

    We're so proud of you.

    1. A vegan cookbook that'll provide you with new and innovative ways of preparing plant-based mouthwatering dishes. Chloe Coscarelli started the vegan fast food chain by Chloe., and if you ever find yourself at one of their locations, do yourself a favor and order the taco salad. 😋

    2. A stainless steel ricer for a delicious way to get more veggies inside of ya — whip up some veggie rice, your fave protein, and some soy sauce in a wok, and you have a delicious stir fry dinner.

    3. A cherry/olive pitter to make munching down on a nutritious snack a much more enjoyable experience.

    4. A mandoline slicer that'll make chopping, julienne-ing, shredding, and grating your veggies simple and, dare I say, even fun?

    5. A pineapple corer for removing the edible stuff from SpongeBob SquarePants's house, and then eating the tropical fruit in RING form, aka the most delicious way to eat pineapple.

    6. A food storage container set to store your produce so it stays fresh longer. Now you can't use not buying fruits and veggies because they won't stay fresh long enough as an excuse.

    7. A double-sided chopper/blender tool that'll simplify the task of prepping your ingredients while cooking, so making meals with fresh fruit and vegetables is a lot less daunting.

    8. A swivel peeler for quickly getting the peels off of your produce, so if the skin of a cucumber or an apple was stopping you from eating them, you're welcome.

    9. A four-pack of grapefruit spoons with serrated edges to scoop out the delicious insides of the best breakfast fruit in the world. We stan a tool making mornings easier.

    10. A two-pack of produce fresheners that'll extend the life of your precious fruits and veggies two to three times longer. All you need to do is toss 'em into the producer drawer in the fridge and let them work their magic.

    11. A stainless steel juicer steamer for those who don't mess around when it comes to making delicious juice, (or jam — this baby is good for that, too!).

    12. A veggie spiralizer to whip up yummy "pasta." No, really, all you need is your fave sauce and any other ingredients you like normally using in pasta, and you can hardly even recognize the difference!

    13. An apple corer and slicer that'll help you eat your apples in the best way possible (in slice form, DUH), in a matter of seconds. Just align it with the core, push down, and BAM.

    14. A citrus juicer for extracting the juice of oranges, lemons, and limes for use in recipes, or just having the most fresh juice to enjoy by itself, or in cocktails/mocktails.

    15. A salad chopper and bowl to prep those fancy schmancy chopped salads you regretfully shell out $12 for, so now you can save $12 for something else and still enjoy a chopped salad.

    16. A strawberry huller that'll help you remove the stem of the strawberry and create a perfect center for filling with Nutella — if you're gonna incorporate more fruit in your life, might as well do so with chocolate hazelnut goodness.

    17. A melon baller for simply scooping into the fruit to make pretty melon garnishes, or just to feel all boujee while chomping down on a nutritious snack.

    18. A food storage container to make super good use out of when you want to bring a salad to work or school for lunch, but don't want your bag doing all the messy tossing. This makes it easy to separate the salad contents and the dressing so you can enjoy it the way you want it at lunchtime.

    19. An apple/pear corer that'll make removal of those pesky fruit centers v easy, so you can eat the whole darn thing without worrying about when you're getting to the center.

    20. A corn stripper for getting the kernels off the cob, which is especially useful if you or someone you love has braces and can't have corn on the cob. I remember those days, and wish I had this.

    21. A masher to use with your fave root vegetables and fruit, or to just tell yourself a potato is absolutely an acceptable vegetable and of course mashed potatoes are as much of a vegetable serving as broccoli (they're not, but I won't tell anyone your secrets).

    22. A salad spinner that'll get your greens clean with just the push of a button. And whatever greens you don't eat right away can stay stored inside for extra freshness.

    23. A citrus peeler/slicer/cutter tool for simply peeling the skin, cutting open the fruit and getting perfect slices every time.

    24. A Ninja blender to enjoy your produce in the form of a smoothie, because sometimes you just need a smoothie moment.

    25. A four-pack of corn dishes that'll allow you to enjoy corn on the cob without worrying about making a slippery, buttery mess on your plate.

    26. A vegetable brush for cleaning off your produce before consuming it. Let's be real, there were probably a couple of hands touching it in the store and it doesn't hurt to be safe.

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