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All I Care About Are Cats With Curled-Up Paws, So Here's A Bunch Of Them

If you're having any kind of bad day, these pictures will help.

1. Look at these curled-up paws.

u/beyzaa26 / Via

2. Is there anything better than this? I already know the answer, and that answer is a resounding NO.

u/marriedtotheeggs / Via

3. There is so much cuteness in the world, sometimes I can't stand it.

u/brodymull / Via

4. Two cats means twice as many curly paws!!

u/teasloth / Via

5. Look at this curled-up little flirt!

u/Cactuscuts / Via

6. This little one is curling all over!

u/cxzqwe / Via

7. This adorable ginger cat loaf has won my heart as well.

u/eyesreckon / Via


9. Oh yes, sleep well, tiny kitty.

u/Sophiecatsmom / Via

10. You too, you ginger prince!

u/Loonabaloona / Via

11. I don't even mind the stink eye, as long as it's accompanied by curly paws.

u/RevoluShanel / Via

12. That face! And those paws!

u/mustbeaweasley94 / Via

13. Four! Four! Four curled paws!

u/SaltySpouses / Via

14. These are excellent curly paws; thank you, sir.

u/copperxrose111 / Via

15. Excellent work, just excellent.

u/jgriz / Via

16. Ahh yes, this is exactly what I needed today.

u/oneofsevendevils / Via

17. In conclusion, there is nothing better than curled-up kitty paws. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

u/ms_zazzles / Via

For more adorable cats with curled-up paws, check out the r/CurledFeetsies subreddit!