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    23 Inexpensive Products That'll Make Your Meals Seem ~Fancier~

    Bookmark this for your next dinner party.

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    1. A handheld grater for getting into the simple but effective art of garnishing. Orange zest, chocolate, parmesan cheese, oh my!

    2. A set of embossed glass tumblers that'll make dinner at home feel like a special occasion, even if all you're drinking is tap water.

    3. A 3-in-1 avocado tool to cut aesthetically pleasing slices for your toast or salad.

    4. A non-stick muffin tin because mini quiches and frittatas take the same time to make as full-size ones but feel a lot ~daintier~.

    5. A non-stick poaching tray for preparing perfectly shaped eggs for your breakfast sandwiches.

    6. A minimalistic serving plate that'll allow your food to shine.

    7. A set of mesh strainers to add a dusting of sugar or cocoa powder to any generic dessert — people will think you bought it at a high-end patisserie.

    8. A bottle of avocado oil as a rich alternative to olive oil (and other cooking oils) for salad dressings, sautéing, baking, grilling, etc.

    9. A peeler set for coming up with ~a-peel-ing~ ways to present things like cucumbers and carrots.

    10. A dough press set that'll turn premade dough sheets and random leftover ingredients into professional-looking dumplings, empanadas, or perogies.

    11. A set of cotton check placemats to protect your dining table from messes and make a bowl of ramen noodles feel like a feast.

    12. A cast iron skillet because every dish seems to taste and look better in one of these.

    13. A wooden cheeseboard for an impressive way to lay out an appetizer or snack.

    14. A marble-finish bowl that'll honestly make whatever you serve it in look expensive.

    15. A veggie spiralizer to churn out tasty zucchini noodles when you're not in the mood for regular pasta.

    16. A mixing bowl set so you can add ingredients separately instead of mixing everything together — the results will be a lot more attractive.

    17. A cast iron press for an affordable way to make paninis without an electric or outdoor grill.

    18. A pair of herb scissors so you can easily dress up a bowl of soup with a sprinkling of parsley, green onion, or chives.

    19. A bottle of pink Himalayan sea salt to take your seasoning game to new heights.

    20. Or, a bottle of garlic salt (with parsley) — a pantry favorite that can pretty much make anything taste good.

    21. A salad spinner so your greens will come out crisp and appetizing.

    22. A bottle of organic raw wildflower honey to instantly elevate fruit or cheese plates.

    23. A meat tenderizer that can rescue a cheap cut of steak from its unchewable fate.

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