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    23 Products Under $15 That'll Make Cooking So Much Easier

    Even Gordon Ramsay would be proud!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A peeler with a swivel design to glide along whatever you're peeling. No more taking 75 years to skin just one potato.

    Promising review: "This is the only peeler I'll ever trust. The handle is comfortable in my hand, and the blades are sharp in both directions; whether you peel away or towards yourself, you're in good shape. The actual blade swivels just enough that it will conform to whatever you're peeling, but not so much as to feel loose in your hand." β€”Dinakar Sarma

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    2. A Whisk Wiper Pro that'll make post-baking clean up a piece of cake! Plus, you can use this to scrape the bowl so you can lick every last drop of yummy leftovers!

    Promising review: "This is a wonderful accessory for anyone who uses the whisk attachment on their mixer. This particular one is designed for four- and five-quart mixers. It is easy to slide on and will remove the food from the whisk wires when you remove it. Makes clean up a breeze. I highly recommend it." β€”Suzanne

    Get it from Amazon for $14.75 (available in eight colors).

    3. A ravioli maker for any pasta lovers out there who are tired of spending $$$ on something they could easily make at home.,

    Here's how it works: Lay your one sheet of dough over the plastic half, fill all twelve holes with stuffing of your choice, place over that your second layer of dough and press the metal half over top to create your final "stuffed pillows of joy!" That's how you make lit'rally dozens at a time.

    Promising review: "I made my first batch of homemade ravioli using this press, and they literally turned out perfect. A super simple process, too!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $13.17.

    4. A simple handheld spiralizer so your veggies can go from sitting in your fridge to star of the show in no time. Just grasp the non-slip grip with one hand and churn the veggies through with the other in a smooth twisting motion.

    Promising review: "For ease of use, storage size, and not having to deal with a jigsaw puzzle of parts, this is the spiralizer you'll reach for and actually use. " β€”JWilliamson

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in 1–3 blades).

    5. A three-in-one tool, because why wouldn't you want to split, pit, and slice your avocado to perfection!?

    Promising review: "Do you eat avocados every day like I do? Do you eat avocados a few times a week? A month?! If it's any of those options, you NEED this. Cutting, slicing, and removing the pit is so much easier now!" β€”Vivian

    Get it from Amazon for $9.89.

    6. A patty press to make the most perfect shaped hamburgers and sliders for your next family dinner or backyard BBQ.

    The set includes the press, three patty molds of different sizes (to make 1/2 lb, 1/3 lb, and 1/4 lb patty) and a storage case!

    Promising review: "This is exactly what I was looking for. We were having a birthday party for our son and wanted to make sliders, but I wanted a quick way to do it since there was a lot of them to be made. This was an inexpensive solution and worked perfectly. It made the food prep a lot easier! Also, what made me decide to purchase this patty press was the fact that it is all self-contained. Everything fits perfect into a small plastic 'case' that the actual press locks into. Barely takes up any space and it fits neatly in my drawer." β€”Krista

    Get it from Amazon for $10.97.

    7. An apple slicer that'll separate the core from 16, perfectly cut, ready-to-eat slices.

    Promising review: "This made it so much easier to make holiday pies! My old slicer only made eight slices and then I would have to slice them by hand to make them smaller, which ended up with uneven slices." β€”D in MI

    Get it from Amazon for $10.50.

    8. An adjustable pie shield for protecting your poor, innocent crusts from burning. The apple of my eye, the protector of my pie. <3

    Promising review: "This worked perfectly! Not one of the crust edges burned on the three pies I baked. This is very easy to use, and I will never bake a pie again without using this shield." β€”Dlea

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    9. A dessert decorator so you can pipe like a pro with seven styled tips to choose from.

    Promising review: "This makes cupcake decorating so much easier! My cupcakes come out so beautifully, and I don't need to use a piping bag. This is definitely a must-have product for beginner bakers." β€”Ms. AB

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    10. A silicone pastry mat with easy-to-read measurements to make baking specifications not so daunting.

    Promising review: "This mat saved the day during my marathon baking sessions for Christmas! It stayed in place on my countertop so I could roll out pie crusts and sugar cookies. I used the size guides to press out biscuit dough to the size of the pan before cutting out the circles to make sure I got the most out of each batch and they were uniform in size." β€”Tawny9753

    Get it from Amazon.

    11. A citrus juicer that'll make using fresh-squeezed ingredients the easiest task of the day.

    Instead of manually cutting a lemon/lime/orange and attempting to collect all the juice into a cup, this handy device will thoroughly squeeze the fruit and get the most juice possible into the attached bowl β€” all while keeping your hands clean.

    Promising review: "I love this juicer! It's so easy to use: the plastic ridges tear into the lemon (or whatever citrus you choose), and help extract the juice as you push down. There's also a measuring label on the side, as well as a lip for pouring out the juice. I've had no issues with pulp or seeds sneaking in, either." β€”Mason Dixon

    Get it from Amazon for $8.33.

    12. A can strainer for getting rid of excess water without getting rid of any food.

    Promising review: "I love this clever strainer! It fits right over an opened can and makes it incredible easy to strain corn, beans, and peas. The handles are lovely and slightly textured, which makes them easy to grip and hold." β€”AggieGal00

    Get it from Amazon for $4.19.

    13. An egg timer so you don't have to watch the pot boil wondering if your eggs will be under or over-cooked this time! The light red circle in the center becomes smaller and smaller as the egg goes from soft to medium and then finally to hard.

    Promising review: "Just treat it like an egg. Put it in the pot with the room-temperature water, like the rest of the eggs, 'cook' it with the eggs, and cool it down like the eggs. Very accurate. You'll quickly learn how its markings relate to how you like your eggs. Take notes!" β€”Jen9999

    Get it from Amazon for $5.28.

    14. An angled measuring cup, because you don't want to crouch down in order to see the ingredient amount every time you're cooking.

    Promising review: "If you're going to get excited about a measuring cup, it might as well be this one. Designed with consumer habits in mind, the angle of the cup makes it easy for you to measure out liquids by looking directly into the cup as you pour; no more cocking your head to the side! This measures by the cup or by the ounce, it's dishwasher-safe, lighter in weight than your traditional glass cups, and has a great handle grip which allows you to keep a handle on things (no pun intended). Durable and still looks brand new after two years of heavy use. This is your cup!" β€”Drea A.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    15. A nifty tool that'll help you prepare cauliflower, broccoli, and other veggies in half the time it would take with a knife. / Via Giphy

    Promising review: "Do you eat a lot of cauliflower? Or anything with a stalk? If you do, it's totally worth it to buy this doodad. I can literally chop up a head of cauliflower in two minutes, whereas I used to struggle for quite a bit longer with a knife." β€”Ashley M.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.95.

    16. A garlic peeler for anyone just tired of their nails burning from picking away at garlic cloves. Just roll the peeler and the skin'll come right out!

    Promising review: "OK, this is DEFINITELY not a gimmick! Follow the instructions and this will save you time and sanity in the kitchen. Put three to five cloves in at a time, roll it with minimal pressure, and it works like a champ. It also rinses very easily and dries quickly: I will never hand-smash garlic and fight with those pesky skins ever again." β€”That Kasper

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    17. A stainless steel dumpling maker so you can easily pump out tons of yummy dumplings in record time.

    Promising review: "I'm a gadget nut & will try anything new. That said, this is one great little tool! Not only does it cut out the dumplings, but it flips them over and holds the dough in place to add filling β€” & then closes to seal them. Easy peasy!" β€”PJMiller

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    18. A pineapple corer because idk about you, but I do NOT want to waste one drop of this delicious fruit. Ensure you won't with this super efficient tool!

    Promising review: "This works flawlessly, and is so simple. You remove the top portion of the fruit, line up the circle cutter with the core, and turn. That is it. When you reach the bottom of the pineapple, you'll feel resistance and you just pull the fruit out of the skin. From there, you remove the handle and slide the perfectly cut fruit from cutter. It is that easy. All that is left behind is the core and the skin. We use the empty core to hold fruit salad!" β€”B. Hamlin

    Get it from Amazon for $10.03.

    19. A RubAway bar made of stainless steal to remove those not-so-cute smells left behind on your hands after a day in the kitchen.

    Promising review: "I was skeptical but I read a lot of good reviews for these and just had to try it out for myself. This was a less expensive bar so I was very pleased with that. When I tried it the first time, I had cut up onions, green peppers and garlic, so this was going to be a true test! The first washing I was like, 'WOW! The smell is gone!'" β€”Der

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    20. A funnel pitcher that'll prevent ingredients from getting on the baking pan and basically ruining your life.

    Promising review: "This little pitcher is a multi-purpose powerhouse. I use it not only for cupcake batter, but for pancakes, filling the electric kettle, filling the coffee pot, watering plants, watering the dog, filling small-mouthed bottles with mysterious substances, and measuring various liquids." β€”Karigig

    Get it from Amazon for $6.01.

    21. An onion holder for a revolutionary way to keep produce in place and cut perfect slices each time. It's so beautiful my eyes are starting to water...well maybe that's from the onion...BUT STILL!

    Promising review: "I always had a hard time trying to slice onions evenly, and especially when you get to the end with very little to hold onto. This solves both problems. Can also be used to get any other fruit or tomatoes. Works great and it is a great gadget to have. It is safer than trying to hold it and cut it. Well worth it and fits easily in my drawer." β€”Tim

    Get it from Amazon for $10.87.

    22. A silicone baking mold used by Little Debbie. This bad boy makes 24 brownies at a time.

    Promising review: "I've had bad luck with silicone bakeware in the past, but I'm very pleased to say that these have changed my mind! I love them β€” they are perfect for making candy or baking brownie bites." β€”Book/Moviefreak

    Get it from Amazon for $10.65.

    23. A knife sharpener so you can stop replacing cutlery that just needs a little love and attention. Now slicing tomatoes will be as easy as it used to be!

    Promising review: "I'm so glad that I purchased this item β€” I've gone through two other knife sharpeners in the past and finally found one that I like! I'll be gifting this one to family members now because it actually works! Hallelujah." β€”Chris

    Check out this BuzzFeeder's review for why we love this knife sharpener!

    Get it from Amazon for $5.50.

    Wow life in the kitchen just got so much easier!

    Warner Bros / Via Giphy

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