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August 20, 2018

Peter Dutton Has Not Ruled Out A Second Challenge Against Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Dutton lost a leadership vote in the Liberal party room, 48 to 35.

The Government Has Proposed Changes To The Law After Menstruating Women Were Left To Bleed In Police Custody

Exclusive: Police will be required to offer women free menstrual products and access to female officers, according to the draft changes to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

19 Cosas que seguro a ti también te pasaron al ver 'La casa de las flores'

Al principio odiabas el acento de Paulina, pero acabaste hablando como ella.

This Woman's Coming-Out Advice To Her Younger Self Is Too Pure For This World

"I know you're worried to come out to your friends right now. But don't worry. They're gonna be your bridesmaids one day."

12 Frases de Demi Lovato sobre salud mental para recordarte que nunca estás solo

Decir las cosas como son, es un primer paso para dejar de sufrir en silencio.

The Man Accused Of Killing His Pregnant Wife And Two Young Daughters In Colorado Allegedly Confessed

Christopher Lee Watts was arrested just a day after he told a local TV station that he hoped his wife was "somewhere safe right now and with the kids."

Amazon's Echo Show And Fire TV Are Over 40% Off And You Should Get Them, Like, Now

Hurry because these discounts only last for a limited time!!!



23 Of The Best Alarm Clocks You Can Get On Amazon

Great options for early rising kids, deep sleepers, visually impaired or hard of hearing folks, and those with minimalist tendencies. So, everyone!

I Want You To Control My Life For A Day

Hopefully I won't regret this.

Mãe e filho se reencontram pela primeira vez após 68 anos separados

O reencontro durou só algumas horas — e provavelmente foi também a última vez em que eles estarão juntos.

Is Lady Gaga Planning A Secret VMAs Performance?

We just know we're about to get our rah rah on.

Jennifer Lopez's Best MTV Video Music Awards Fashion Looks

Jennifer Lopez has decided to NOT let anyone catch a break — she's still slaying the red carpet twenty years later.

Measles Cases Have Hit A Record High In Europe, According To The WHO

More people in Europe were infected with measles during the first half of 2018 than during any other year in the last decade.

Passou da hora de cancelarmos o palmito

Se deixar de existir ninguém vai sentir falta.

22 Mujeres con cortes de cabello andróginos que te inspirarán a hacer lo mismo

Te retamos a terminar este post sin desear cambiar de look.

Self-Preservation Is Trumping Loyalty In Trump’s World

Challenges to Trump’s “moblike loyalty requirements” are leaving him exposed.

¿Qué pancito mutante eres?

¿Les gustas a todos, como la manteconcha o detestas seguir las reglas, como la churroncha?

Is The Gatorade Cap Hack Real?

Has my whole life been a lie??

Trump Called On A Latino Border Patrol Agent And Remarked How He “Speaks Perfect English”

“Adrian, come here I want to ask you a question,” Trump said. “You’re not nervous, right? Speaks perfect English.”

36 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Week

Deals at Aerie, Target, Urban Outfitters, and more!

This Is What The VMAs Looked Like In The '90s

From the historic to the regrettable, here's a look back at a decade of the MTV Video Music Awards that featured Britney Spears, the Beastie Boys, and Lil' Kim.

The Complicated Politics Of Kamala Harris's First Book

“Virtually all law-abiding citizens feel safer when they see officers walking a beat,” Harris writes in her 2009 book.

A nova comédia romântica da Netflix vai roubar seu coração

"Para Todos os Garotos que Já Amei" faz você lembrar por que comédias românticas existem.

Nossas celebridades favoritas em seu primeiro VMA vs. como estão hoje

Gaga usou *CINCO* trajes diferentes em seu primeiro VMA, em 2009.

22 Tweets About Peter Kavinsky That Are Thirstier Than You

All these tweets got me reaching for my Korean yogurt drink.

Tudo que aconteceu no "VMA 2018"

Teve Shawn Mendes de camisa branca molhada. Camila Cabello ganhou os prêmios de Clipe e Artista do Ano.

This Man Beat ICE In An Argument Over Who His Father Was

Levy Jaen’s hope to return home to his children hinged on what US law says about who should be considered his father.

Josie Totah Of NBC’s “Champions” Says She Is A Transgender Woman

The actor from NBC’s Champions detailed what prompted her to come out as transgender in a Time op-ed.

17 Tweets About Salad That Are Waaaaay Too Real

"Accidentally just ate a full leaf of my kale salad that had NO dressing on it so now I no longer fear death or Gwyneth Paltrow."

Quão "de corno" é o seu gosto musical?

Encosta sua cabecinha no ombro e chora.

These Guys Were Scammed Into An IRL Tinder Date Competition And People Are Wondering Why

A director at a viral video agency told BuzzFeed News that information about the event will be available on Thursday.

Veredito de US$ 290 milhões contra Monsanto nos EUA pode ser desastroso para gigante agroquímica

Tribunal de San Francisco conclui que uso do popular herbicida Rondup provocou câncer terminal em homem.

18 Sex Jokes That Will Have You Screaming With Laughter

"Casual sex means you get to wear jeans during it."

Quantos % reclamão você é?

A gente nasce, reclama, reclama, reclama, reclama e morre.

Aqui estão 15 truques bastante geniais para resolver problemas do dia a dia

Como abrir um frasco teimoso, limpar sapatos brancos e fazer o batom durar horas.

Thalía está viviendo en 3099 desde 1992, y este video lo prueba

La cantante vive en otro universo desde antes de que existiera Instagram. Si no me creen, véanla hablando de semen con Vero Castro.

23 Multi-Use Kitchen Gadgets That'll Save You So Much Space

Give me a chopper, a blender, and mixer all in one please.

The Chicago Police Are Asking “Everyone” To Help Solve The City's Gun Problem. They “Simply Cannot Do This Alone.”

“It’s the same people who are pulling the triggers in some of these communities,” said the police superintendent.

Alunas relatam ter sido ignoradas ao denunciarem casos de assédio em um dos maiores colégios do Rio

Colégio que se apresenta como "o melhor desempenho no ENEM do Rio de Janeiro", foi parar no Trending Topics com a hashtag #AssedioÉHabitoNoPensi; assessoria afirma que todas as denúncias sempre foram apuradas.

17 Fantasy Series To Check Out If You Loved "Red Queen"

For when you have a Mare Barrow-sized hole in your heart.

27 Incredibly Specific Subscription Boxes You Somehow Need

Letters from dead people, slime, animal bones, and 24 other subscription boxes for people who know *exactly* what they want.

Surprise: Kevin Spacey's New Film Was An Absolute Flop Of Epic Proportions

The indie crime drama was released in only 11 theaters nationwide after Spacey’s sexual misconduct controversy.

Este ¿Qué prefieres? de comida ilimitada para toda la vida es DEMASIADO difícil

¿Una dotación vitalicia de tocino, o una de queso?

Which Women In STEM Should We Know About?

Please, gush about your favourite women in STEM.

25 Posts You'll Only Understand If You've Fallen In Love With Peter Kavinsky From "To All The Boys"

"Ok, what is it gonna take to get an insanely hot guy to fake date me until he falls in love with me?"

Broken Bones And Missing Teeth: Scooter Injuries Are Becoming Common At Hospitals

Emergency rooms are seeing people injured on scooters, or by tripping over them, but there’s no hard data on how many. Officials are looking to start collecting this information as they consider scooter regulations.

Ivete e Anitta estão virando as fãs mais hilárias da Mariah Carey no Instagram

"Me liga mulher", disse Ivete nos comentários da foto da diva americana.

The First Trailer For HBO's Revealing Jane Fonda Documentary Is Here

The director told BuzzFeed News she hopes the documentary about the controversial actor will be “an eye-opening story for many generations.”

34 Super Cheap And Easy Ways To Improve How You Dress For Work

One day we can all retire and live on the beach...but today you're going to look great at work — and actually like it!

8 Times "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Was Accused Of Being Fake

From staging scenes to using "tear sticks", here are some of the wildest claims.

Você sabe a diferença entre bolo e torta?

Aparentemente existe uma falta de consenso do que é um ou outro e chegou a hora de você definir isso.

My Self-Care Routine Is Following Pugs On Instagram

When the world seems hopeless, I turn to the shining light of my dog’s Instagram feed.

18 Photos That Prove People Who Wear Heels Are Doing God's Work

If boots are made for walking, heels are made for crying.

#MeToo Leaders React To Asia Argento Reportedly Agreeing To Pay Off A Man Who Said She Sexually Assaulted Him As A Teen

The New York Times reported that the Italian actor and prominent #MeToo activist agreed to pay $380,000 to a man who said she sexually assaulted him when he was 17.

19 "Club Penguin" Jokes That Will Make You Miss That Beautiful, Beautiful, Website


Así se ven hoy los actores que siempre salían en Disney Channel

Los gemelos Sprouse son como un buen vino...

Nicki Minaj Is Apparently Sitting In Front Of Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott At The VMAs Which Sounds Awkward AF

What I would give to be Blake Lively watching all this drama unfold tonight.

31 Tumblr Posts About Cats That You Absolutely Need To See Right This Minute

A cat: *touches me with its small hand* Me: *eyes tearing up* Thank you.

26 eklige Dinge, die Frauen mit langen, dicken Haaren gerne mal machen

Beim Versuch, deine Haare zu kämmen, deine Haarbürste buchstäblich in zwei Teile zerbrechen.

This Woman Has Won Her Fight To Stay In The UK With Her British Family

"It feels like my life has been handed back to me and I can start living again," said Valentina Hynes, who was initially told she should return to Nigeria and leave her 2-year-old son behind with her husband.

Melania Trump Says Social Media Can Be "Destructive And Harmful" When Used Incorrectly

Her remarks follow years of derogatory statements made by President Donald Trump on social media.

14 histórias de mansplaining que vão te fazer rir pra não chorar

"Já me explicaram que se o uso da franquia dos dados móveis atingir 100%, acaba a internet do celular, e se acabar não dá pra usar mais".

This Is What It's Like To Be A Female, Unpaid Carer

One in nine Australians provide unpaid care to a family member or friend. That's 2.7 million people.

25 Of The Best Coffee Products You Can Get On Amazon

*takes a large swig of coffee, cracks fingers, and adds everything to cart*

17 Fakten, die komplett frei erfunden klingen, aber hundertprozentig wahr sind

Eine Wissenschaftlerin hat mal in der Antarktis ein Tindermatch gefunden.

A Mother And Her Son Met Each Other In Person For The First Time In 68 Years

The reunion is bittersweet — it's also likely to be the last time they will ever see each other.

15 Gemüsebilder, die unschuldiger sind als sie aussehen

„Moooment mal, wo willst du denn mit dem Maiskolben hin?“

Introducing Tasty's New Talent Program

Marcus Samuelsson leads as Executive Chef-in-Residence with acclaimed chef JJ Johnson and Rising Talent

People Are Mad At This Border Wall–Building Task On “Celebrity Big Brother”

Housemates dressed up as border officials to ensure that nobody stole "green cards" from the middle of the garden.

Dear USA, London Has Had Good Restaurants For Ages, Kind Regards, Britain

You can leave your thinly veiled compliments about London having nice restaurants now, thank you very much.

Just 8 Maybelline Products We Really Love

Drugstore prices; gorgeous results. Tried, tested, and loved by beauty-obsessed BuzzFeeders!



Morning Update: Here's What You Need To Know About Synthetic Marijuana

A deep dive into synthetic marijuana and announcing our newest podcast. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, August 20.

The Pope Just Said The Catholic Church "Abandoned" Child Abuse Victims

"We showed no care for the little ones; we abandoned them," Pope Francis wrote in a letter addressed "to the People of God."

18 Tipps, damit dein Haustier im Sommer glücklich und gesund bleibt

Sorge für dein Liebling, damit euer Sommer schön und sicher wird.

北朝鮮を提訴した脱北者たちが安倍首相に望んだこと 「地上の楽園ではなかった」

横断幕に綴られたのは、"今も続く悲劇「北朝鮮帰国事業」 今こそ日本への帰国と救済を"だった。

19 situaciones que vive toda feminista explicadas por la historia del arte

Porque las mujeres llevamos siglos aguantando mierda.

Which "Riverdale" Girl Are You Based On The Expensive Shoes You Pick?

Are you a classy Cheryl or a voguish Veronica?

This "KUWTK" Clip Proves Kylie Jenner Was Never Planning To Announce Her Pregnancy

For the first time Kylie has opened up about wanting to ensure her pregnancy was a "sacred and special" time away from prying eyes.





A Woman Survived For 10 Hours In The Sea After Falling From A Cruise Ship

The 46-year-old British woman said she was “lucky to be alive” after falling into the Adriatic, 60 miles off the coast of Croatia.







Flash Briefing For August 20, 2018

NYU Medical School makes tuition free. Also, some events to look out for today, and introducing What's Left? A new political podcast by BuzzFeed News.



正しく読めてる? #難読ネーム芸能人クイズ



あなたが入るべきKーPOPを診断テストしちゃいます。 Kポップ心理テストに直感で答えてね。あなた一番相性が合う韓国のアイドルグループはこれ!

19 cocinas que viven totalmente en el año 3018

En la vida, lo que cuenta son las cositas pequeñas.

Can You Recognise What Decade These Makeup Looks Are From?

How much do you know about makeup history?

Estas mujeres indias decidieron amar sus cuerpos y su piel marrón a pesar de los estándares corporales

“Para mí, crecer en una ciudad urbana en la India como mujer siempre me llevó a temer mi cuerpo: nunca mostrar demasiado, estar siempre vigilándolo y sentirme a menudo avergonzada por él”.

Me Too: qué te ocurre cuando sufres una violación con ocho años

Ahora que el caso de Kathua ha dominado los ciclos de las noticias, he recuperado recuerdos que tenía reprimidos desde que era una niña pequeña sin palabras para explicar lo que me estaba ocurriendo.

Tom Felton And Matthew Lewis Just Had A Mini Harry Potter Reunion And My Heart Is So Full

My father will hear about this...beautiful and amazing reunion that made my day so much better.

Protesters Are Demanding The Release Of Police Footage After Police Said A Teen Killed Himself After A Chase

Authorities in Chicago say 15-year-old Steven Rosenthal killed himself after a brief chase with police, but his family has said he would never take his own life.

Attention Disney Fans: An Immersive Mickey Mouse Pop-Up Exhibit Is Coming To NYC

It's Mickey's 90th Anniversary and, obviously, Disney is going ALL out.



Turnbull Has Re-NEGed On His Energy Policy To Keep His Job

But the prime minister says he still has the full support of the cabinet and his partyroom.



Police Have Identified The Chemical That Caused More Than 100 Overdoses In Connecticut

The outbreak of overdoses began Tuesday night in New Haven, Connecticut, and included several people who overdosed multiple times in a park near Yale University.

The Ice Cream Sundae You Build Will Determine Your Fortune

Who doesn't love a good ice cream sundae?

Make A Pasta Dish And We'll Tell You Which BTS Member You Are

Who doesn't dream of sharing a meal with their bias?

Chelsea Handler Sees Her Father In Donald Trump

The comedian opened up about her postelection activism in a conversation with BuzzFeed News' Profile.

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