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August 10, 2018

Do We Need To Talk?

Man, I hope not.

In A Parallel Universe, What Famous Person Would You Be?

If there's really an infinite number of parallel universes out there, there's DEFINITELY one where we're Rihanna.

The Man Arrested For Allegedly Starting A Massive Wildfire Pushed Rightwing Conspiracy Theories

Forrest Clark, accused of sparking the 18,000-acre Holy fire in California, shared debunked conspiracy theories, including about pedophiles controlling the world.

Here Are 17 Times Mickey Mouse Was Hidden In Other Disney Movies

Did you spot a hidden Mickey made out of fruit in Lilo & Stitch?

These NSFW Puppet PSAs Are Definitely NOT For Kids — Or Easily Shocked Grownups

The Happytime Murders is not the kind of puppet show you grew up with.

10 Photo Stories That Will Help You See The World A Little Differently

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Twitter Suspended Proud Boys’ And Founder Gavin McInnes’ Accounts Ahead Of The "Unite The Right" Rally

The company shut down several accounts associated with the far-right group Friday for violating its terms of service on inciting violence.

Tenemos de dos, o recuperamos nuestros ríos o nos quedamos sin agua

Opinión: Salvar el río Magdalena en la CDMX es una condición necesaria para que nuestra ciudad tenga futuro.

Here's What You Should Buy From Dermstore's Anniversary Sale

Up to 25% off of a ton of super loved brands, which is code for 👏TREAT 👏YOURSELF👏.

A Jury Has Awarded Nearly $290 Million To A Man Who Says A Popular Weed Killer Caused His Cancer

Dewayne Johnson was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2014 after routinely applying Roundup to school properties in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Can You Tell These Children's Books By Their Opening Line?

“Ba-room, ba-room, ba-room, baripity, baripity, baripity, baripity—Good.”

9 Simple Mason Jar Sauces

9 Simple Mason Jar Sauces







Las películas están llenas de clichés sobre las mujeres y estos son los 10 peores

¡Por lo visto, las chicas con lentes son bien feitas!

"Girls" Writer Won't Face Sexual Assault Charges After Actor Aurora Perrineau Filed A Police Report

Los Angeles prosecutors said based on the evidence, there were "inconsistencies which cannot be overcome."

20 Of The Best Places To Buy Backpacks Online

Why would you ever carry anything with your hands, when all these backpacks exist?

GOP Operative Made "Suspicious" Cash Withdrawals During Pursuit Of Clinton Emails

Peter W. Smith withdrew $4,900 in cash the day after he finalized a plan to work with “dark web” hackers.

28 Gorgeous Swimsuits You Need To Check Out While It's Still Summer

It's still hot out. The sun is out there with sunglasses on, and you're over here picking out a Halloween costume. It's mid-August. It. Is. HOT! Go to the beach! It's not too late! Step away from the fall sweaters!!!

21 Tweets You Should Send To Your Significant Other ASAP

"He lets me put my freezing cold feet on his warm body at night, even though he doesn’t enjoy it."

The FDA Just Approved A Contraceptive Vaginal Ring That You Can Use For An Entire Year

Unlike other contraceptive rings, which need to be replaced every month, Annovera is inserted and removed by the user every month for a year.

H&M's Up To 80% Off Sale Is The Best Part About Summer Ending

You can get up to 80% off clothing and home goods, plus an additional 25% off sale prices!

This Mom Of A Sandy Hook Victim Said That She Is Constantly Harassed On Twitter

"I know what it feels like to be harassed. I know what it feels like to receive threats and I know that some of these come directly from followers of Alex Jones because of what he has said on Infowars," Nicole Hockley told BuzzFeed News.

23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

From the devastating wildfires in California to the creation of the first US Space Force, here are the most eye-catching and emotional pictures from this past week.

Todo mundo está hablando de la nueva telenovela de Netflix así que la vi y sí, está bien pinche buena

La casa de las flores es una telenovela poco convencional que no le pide nada a las de Televisa.

23 Stylish Pink Things That Are TOTALLY Plastics Approved

You better not be wearing anything but pink on a Wednesday!

28 Things For People Who Wait Till the Last Possible Second To Get Ready

Everything you need if people have to tell you the plans starts at 6 when they *really* start at 8.

Can You Spread Gossip Without Spreading Rumors?

Things have a way of getting out of hand.

21 Kitchen Products That’ll Make You Hate Cooking Dinner Less

Let your kitchen gadgets do the work for you!

This Oscar-Nominated Cinematographer Got Real On Instagram About Working While Pregnant

"Pregnancy and motherhood in general is not a disadvantage and the craft doesn’t suffer as a result."

Trump's Focus On A Christian's Detention In Turkey Overlooks That Turkey Is Also Holding Muslim Americans

In focusing on the pastor, some worry the United States is forgetting Turkey's arrest of Americans who happen to be Muslim.

This Is How Three Women Photographers Are Taking Control Of The Female Gaze

Why follow beauty standards when we can create our own?

13 frases que seriam comuns se todo homem menstruasse

Com certeza teria uma licença-cólica garantida pela Constituição.

Veja como se cura ressaca em 16 países ao redor do mundo

Ou, pelo menos, como se tenta curar...

Se houvesse um zodíaco de comida, qual seria o seu signo?

Abra espaço nos signos das estrelas — é hora dos signos dos petiscos!

Black Women Are Dominating The Year's Most Important Magazine Covers And We Feel Seen AF

"Growing up this was never how it was! Wow thinking of the kids growing up today-my heart!!!"

26 Datos que te harán sentir como si tuvieran 159 años, sobre todo si creciste en los 90

Cuando cantas "I Want It That Way" de los Backstreet Boys hoy, es como si alguien en 1999 cantara una canción de 1980.

21 Imágenes que te harán gritar "ÓRALE, ¿qué está pasando aquí?"

"¿Qué carajos acabo de ver?" .- Tú, después de ver este post.

16 Esposos que harán que quieras ser soltera... Para siempre

Nadie dijo "Acepto" a todas estas mamarrachadas.

14 Sets de filmación completamente abandonados que puedes visitar

Todavía hay cosas de "Tatooine" a la mitad del desierto de Túnez.

Si tienes 17 de estas 38 cosas en tu refrigerador, definitivamente eres de clase media

Esa mostaza Dijon y el yogurt griego no llegaron ahí por casualidad.

¿Comerías estos 12 controversiales sabores de helado?

¿Le entras al helado sabor pescado o se te antoja más el de mayonesa?

Bill Murray Was Accused Of Harassing A Famous Photographer At A Martha's Vineyard Restaurant

"He treated me like the scum of the earth," photographer Peter Simon said.

¿Puedes sacar más de 10 en este quiz de "antes o después" de 'Friends'?

No te preocupes, no tendrás que darle tu departamento a tus mejores amigos si pierdes.

¿Sabes más sobre sexo que un estudiante de secundaria?

¿Cuánta atención pusiste en tus clases de educación sexual?

Aquí hay 52 pasteles horrorosos que te mantendrán riendo por horas

Quemen todas las cocinas donde los cocinaron, por favor.

¿Puedes encontrar al Mickey escondido en estas películas de Disney?

¿Alcanzas a ver esa cosa con dos orejas grandes?

Responde sí o no a estas 12 preguntas y descubriremos si eres perfeccionista

Si te queman las ansias por sacar 10, es probable que ya sepamos tu resultado.

¿Qué tan únicos y especiales son tus rasgos recesivos/dominantes?

¿Qué tan comunes son tus rasgos físicos?

42 Datos sobre parejas de celebridades que te harán creer en el amor pero romperán tu corazón al mismo tiempo

Sentirás una mezcla de "aaawww, qué lindo" y "pfff, ¿por qué yo no puedo tener eso?"

Miami’s City Girls Are The Perfect Rappers For Scammer Season

The rap duo featured in Drake’s new hit song are all about women getting their paper, period.

Russian Hackers Targeted Swedish News Sites In 2016, State Department Cable Says

According to a newly released State Department cable, the attack was part of a Russian campaign to sow disinformation about NATO. It came as Russia allegedly was stealing Democrats' emails.

12 Grandparents That Are Secretly Young And 12 Kids That Are Secretly Old

The kids are the future...and so are the grandparents.

YouTube vai começar a reagir contra desinformação na plataforma

Empresa passa a acrescentar, em vídeos que questionam a mudança climática e nos de teorias de conspiração, trechos da Wikipédia mostrando qual é o consenso científico sobre o tema.

Mesmo que você já saiba nadar, é bom saber essas informações sobre afogamentos

O afogamento nem sempre é óbvio. Na verdade, muitas vezes é silencioso e rápido.

31 Things That'll Make Your Dorm Feel Like It's A Home Away From Home

~Lemme lemme upgrade~... those blank cinderblock walls.

Estes drinques levam apenas 3 ingredientes

Perfeitos para mostrar as suas habilidades de bartender em casa!

Quão POC é o seu gosto musical?

O melhor gosto que alguém pode ter.

What's Your Favorite Pair Of Cheap Sneakers?

And where the hell did you find them?

Seth Moulton Is Building A Political Army. But He’s Not Sure What Comes Next.

“I’m not beholden to the party. I don’t owe them anything. They didn’t help me get here. So I don’t owe anybody any favors.”

Weekend Message For 8/11-12

Have a great weekend!

If You Get 3/7 On This Quiz, You're Drowning In Fake News

This week we have stories about Churchill, Alex Jones, and a bag of sex toys.

17 Tweets From Black Twitter This Week That'll Make You Howl Laughing

"CALI stands for Cant Afford Living Inthismothafucka"

21 '90s Celeb Looks That Will Leave You Wanting To Build A Time Machine

To be part of a '90s goth power couple is all I want in life.

We Know Which Broadway Show You Should See On Your Trip To New York

The city that never sleeps on having great Broadway shows, amirite?!

What's One Item You ALWAYS Pack In Your Carry-On?

Tell us something you add to make flying easier that others wouldn't think of!

Bethenny Frankel's Partner Was Found Dead Of A Suspected Overdose In Trump Tower

Dennis Shields' death is still under investigation.

The Creator Of "Insatiable" Is Defending The Netflix Show Against Critics Who Say It’s A Fat-Shaming Mess

"The goal here is to say the things that maybe make us uncomfortable," Lauren Gussis told BuzzFeed News. (Warning: Light spoilers ahead.)

Can You Pet These Cats Correctly?

Quickly!!!! There are cats that need petting!!

22 Of The Best Subscriptions For College Students

Because every student deserves a fun surprise that isn't a bill for tuition.

Here's What You Can Do With All Those Empties

Did you know you can trade 6 empty MAC products for 1 new MAC lipstick?

Esta turma fez o ensaio de formatura que mais representa a vida depois da faculdade

Nada mais justo do que fazer as fotos num cenário onde eles passaram tanto tempo durante a graduação.

Antes mesmo da eleição, centrão de Alckmin faz projeto para dificultar vida da oposição em 2019

Projetos vão alterar regras da Câmara para evitar que a oposição consiga fazer longas obstruções, que muitas vezes impedem a base governista de conseguir votar seus projetos.

31 Of The Funniest Tweets By Women This Week

"I hate when my friend starts dating an idiot and I have to be like how could you bring this man into our lives."

Here's The All-Star Confirmed Cast Of "American Horror Story: Apocalypse"

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular...

How Well Do You Remember The Music From "Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again?"

Knowing me, knowing you...are going to pass this quiz! (That was a hint.)

Crying At The Playboy Office

I remember it the way a criminal might remember a crime, the where and when more accessible now than the why — the time I cried on the job at Playboy.

Russian Trolls Swarmed The Charlottesville March — Then Twitter Cracked Down

A BuzzFeed News analysis shows that Russian accounts blamed the violence on the "antifa" and backed Trump all the way. Then most of them abruptly went silent — presumably banned by Twitter.

Chloë Grace Moretz Said Louis C.K.'s "I Love You, Daddy" Film Should "Just Kind Of Go Away, Honestly"

"I don’t think it’s time for them to have a voice right now."

I Hate Wearing A Bra, So I Tried To Find The Perfect Bra To Convert Me

I don't understand why anyone would want pointy boobs.

21 Of The Best Grilling Products You Can Get On Amazon

With these products, you'll be a grillmaster in the making!

¿Puedes reconocer la caricatura por un solo objeto?

Todos las hemos visto, pero solo alguien muy observador podrá sacar 10 perfecto en este quiz.

40 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Weekend

Deals at World Market, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and more!

Thousands Of Muslims In China Are Protesting Outside A Mosque To Prevent It From Being Demolished

The peaceful protest is a rare show of mass public defiance against Chinese authorities.

25 tuítes engraçados que você talvez tenha perdido nesta semana

Incluindo a questão: "será que Peter Parker já subiu pela parede e veio a chuva forte e o derrubou?".

Hinter den Kulissen einer Recherche: Die 2. Folge von "Unterm Radar" ist da

Mobbt eine mächtige Forscherin seit Jahren Wissenschaftlerinnen? Klaut ein EU-Abgeordneter Fotos, ohne dafür zu zahlen? Und warum ist ein geheimer Sicherheitsbericht über Libyen jetzt nicht mehr geheim?

We Live Half Our Lives Online — So Why Don't More Movies Show It?

John Cho's new movie Searching might be the first one you see that takes place entirely on a computer screen. But it probably won't be the last.

A complicada história envolvendo Letícia Almeida mostra o peso do machismo

Sim, as pessoas julgaram Jonathan pelo ocorrido, mas sua vida seguiu praticamente intocada. Não sabemos se Letícia poderá dizer o mesmo.

Esta mujer te ayudará a comprender la realidad sobre ser mamá en México

Ser madre es el trabajo más difícil, solitario y terrorífico, pero también el más hermoso y satisfactorio...

26 Clever Storage Ideas For When You're Completely Out Of Space

Just when you thought you couldn't fit any more stuff in your bedroom....

Após décadas embalando histórias de amor, Lulu contou a sua no The Voice

Lulu Santos se declarou para o namorado e ainda lançou a música "Orgulho e Preconceito".

Jordan Peterson diz que a carne curou sua depressão, e sua filha pode explicar melhor essa dieta – por uma módica quantia

Mikhaila Peterson, 26, está ganhando dinheiro com um novo tipo de dieta que supostamente curou sua depressão e artrite: só carne, o tempo todo.

Some Exercise Types Are Better Than Others When It Comes To Improving Mood

Exercise can make you feel better. Now a large new study shows some types are more effective than others, but just about anything helps.

26 Tweets That Are Way Too Funny But Also Way Too Real

I can't explain it, they're just REAL.

15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

"Alexa take the chicken out the freezer!"

Can You Make These Brownies Without Messing Them Up?

If you manage it, victory will be sweet.

This Garlic Salt Will Help You Say Goodbye To Bland Meals For Good

I've been using this brand of garlic salt for 10+ years, and it's time for the world to know how delish it is.

16 Cosas que, definitivamente, no sabías sobre México

Tuvimos un presidente por 45 minutos y tenemos la pirámide más grande de todo el mundo.

Dozens Of Children Were Killed By A Saudi-Led Attack On A School Bus. This Senior Tory Says It's A "Wake-Up Call".

Andrew Mitchell, the former international development secretary, told BuzzFeed News that Britain had a duty to stop Saudi Arabia breaching international humanitarian laws.

11 schöne und ungewöhnliche Bestattungs-Traditionen aus aller Welt

In Tibet werden den Verstorbenen "Himmelsbegräbnisse" zuteil, und in Ghana sind "Fantasiesärge" beliebt.

Students In Bangladesh Are Deleting Their Posts About The Protests Because They're Scared Of Reprisals

“I brought down everything I had posted,” one student told BuzzFeed News. “Freedom of speech is dead.”

These Moms Did A Stunning Photo Shoot To Celebrate Black Women And Breastfeeding

Black women in the US are less likely to breastfeed than other women, despite the benefits for both the mother and baby.

Trump Said NFL Players Can't "Define" What They're Protesting. Actually, They Can And They Have.

The president resumed his fury against NFL players — also telling them to "be happy, be cool!" — after many protested during the national anthem at preseason games.

11 geniale Salate aus nur 5 Zutaten, die du lieben wirst, wenn du faul bist

Hey, auch faule Menschen haben ein Recht auf gesunde und frische Ernährung, OK?

19 Totally Fun Quizzes For Parents Who Need A Break Right Now

Up with baby? Waiting at the doctor's? Hiding in the closet from the kids? We got you.

23 Products That'll Help You Get The Perfect Cat Eye

Because complicated tutorials are too scary — why not just use a product that does all the work for you?

At Least 4 People — Including 2 Police Officers — Were Killed In A Shooting In Canada

"I just woke up to gunshots outside my window," one witness said. No motive for the shooting was immediately released.

If There Was A Food Zodiac, What Would Be Your Sign?

Move over star signs — it's time for snack signs!

19 Secrets I Learned On Set Of The "Fantastic Beasts" Sequel

It's time to break the Statute of Secrecy.

Kim Kardashian Hid Her Wedding Ring From Kris Humphries To Avoid Upsetting Kanye West

"I'd see him looking at my ring and his face would just get heartbroken."

People Are Really Mad At Kim Kardashian's Defence Of That "Homophobic" Clapback

"Really dude, you're gonna body shame me? All my best friends are gay. I support the community, I love the community."

29 Things You'll Never Hear The Youngest Sibling Say

“Who needs new clothes anyway, they’re so overrated.”

The Donald Trump Super PAC Machine Has Sean Spicer, Kimberly Guilfoyle, And A Vague Plan For The Midterms

Said one critic: “It is a PAC to throw parties, to drink, and to raise a lot of money.”

24 Products For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Peanut Butter

You're gonna make everyone so JELLY.



Morning Update: May The Space Force Be With You

Puerto Rico ups its Maria death toll, white nationalists to rally again, Kanye explains his Trump “love.” Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, August 10.

「受験生は物じゃない」「娘の頑張りは」 東京医大を受けた当事者、家族が声を上げる。


13 Ways "Insatiable" Is Really Fucking Problematic

The show does not deal well with the issue of fat-shaming and obesity, and it also fails in the way it handles sexual assault and bullying. This post contains spoilers.

Trump’s Love For Deals Risks Destabilizing Borders In The Western Balkans

Serbia and Kosovo are talking about redrawing their borders. Major European capitals are opposed and the US used to be too — but things have changed under Trump.

22 Of The Best Bed Frames You Can Get On Amazon

Don't sleep on these quality finds! (But, actually, *do* sleep on them.)

Flash Briefing For August 10, 2018

Puerto Rico acknowledges a more realistic death toll, Unite the Right turns one, and Movie Pass users share their scams.



中国政府への批判に対する対抗策? あるアーティストのスタジオが突然取り壊された


Bolsonaro, o líder nas pesquisas, foi pouco testado no debate da Band

Esnobando os ataques de Boulos, o deputado só perdeu a calma quando Ciro Gomes (PDT) disse que ele apresentou um projeto para liberar uma droga. Na verdade, o pedetista se referia a um suposto medicamento.

Tell Us About Your Day And We'll Tell You What Zodiac Sign You Really Are

Your birthday says you're a Leo, but maybe you're more of a Libra.

'Insatiable' de Netflix es un desastre gordófobo y la odio con todas mis fuerzas

La gente a la que Insatiable dice que representa es a la que más daño hará. Advertencia: esta publicación contiene spoilers.

Gordon Wood, Acquitted Of Murdering His Girlfriend, Has Failed In His Bid To Sue The State

Wood sued the state of New South Wales for malicious prosecution after he was convicted, and then acquitted, of throwing Caroline Byrne off a Sydney cliff in 1995.

jenkm • 5 hours ago

Kanye West Elaborated On His Love Of Trump On "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Before Talking About Bipolar Disorder

"Liberals can't bully me. ... I actually quite enjoy when people actually are mad at me about certain things," the rapper said.

Laura Ingraham Blamed Immigrants For The End Of "The America We Know And Love." She Insists It Had Nothing To Do With Race.

Her comments on "demographic changes" in the US drew widespread criticism — and praise from white nationalists.

ライフラインを止めるな! 猛暑の今年も電気を止められた女性が死亡


The NSW Labor Investigation Into Emma Husar Has Found She Did Act Unreasonably Towards Staff

But the report found "on the balance of probabilities" the allegations of sexual harassment and lewd conduct shouldn't be upheld.

23 coisas que você provavelmente não sabia sobre o Cabo Daciolo

O candidato à presidência pelo Patriota tem umas histórias ainda mais doidas do que você imagina.

27 tuítes para entender o primeiro debate presidencial de 2018

"Devia ser proibido um candidato chato perguntar a outro candidato chato".



This Community Group Is Trying To Stop A Coal Mine By Using Climate Science

Can the Paris Agreement be used to stop a coal mine from being built in rural Australia?

Hayley Kiyoko Is Finally Giving Lesbians The Pop Music We've Always Wanted

I didn't know Expectations was the album I needed, until I heard it.

People Are Donating Millions Of Frequent Flyer Miles To Reunite Immigrant Families

"We just used some to fly a 3-year-old and his dad, who had been separated at the border, from Michigan (where the son had been taken) to their extended family."

The New "Popular Film" Category For The Oscars Sparks Outcry — And Praise — Among Industry Insiders

"If you get a popular nomination, doesn't that pretty much mean you're toast to win Best Picture if you're also nominated for Best Picture?"

超絶優秀な警察犬の首に780万円の懸賞金がかけられた 狙うのは麻薬を密売するマフィアたち








28 Things You Totally Need In Your Closet Si Hablas Español

¡Si puedes entender esto, entonces necesitas todo en esta lista!

A Pesticide Linked To Health Problems In Kids Was Just Banned, Dealing The Trump Administration A Major Defeat

"It attacks anything with a nervous system," said an attorney who worked on the case.

What's Your Fave Mini-Series To Binge Watch?

The best part about mini series is that there are no slow episodes.

Are You Garbage Or Trash?

You can't be both. Or can you?

What Would Your Superpower Actually Be?

Take this quiz to find out what kind of superhuman you are.

Kim Kardashian Told Her Daughter She Got Famous Because Of A TV Show And People Aren't Buying It

"And I was like, 'Oh ok. Ok. I'm going to have to explain this'."

21 Amazing Coincidences That Will Make You Go, "No Flipping Way!"

These go well beyond "What are the odds?"

21 Tips And Tricks To Make The Most Out Of Going To A Concert

From someone who spends wayyy too much time going to concerts.

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