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    23 Products For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Peanut Butter

    You're gonna make everyone so JELLY.

    1. A spoon you can personalize with your own name for when you're eating peanut butter in the best possible way — by the spoonful, of course.

    2. A 10-pack of organic peanut butter squeeze packs to bring on-the-go so you never have to be without your one true love.

    3. A peanut butter mixer that'll make stirring in the separated oils so much easier. Keep buying your fave natural varieties with ease.

    4. A sweatshirt for staying cozy and repping your absolute favorite thing in the world, perhaps while eating some at the same time?!

    5. A pack of 18 Reese's candy products including milk chocolate cups, white chocolate cups, and pieces-stuffed cups so you can satisfy your sweet tooth, while varying which candy you use to do so.

    6. A recipe book filled with ways to use the best spread in existence. Not like you need ideas, but, ya know, it doesn't hurt in those moments when you decide to do something other than eat it by the spoonful.

    7. A 13-pack of delicious baked peanut butter cookies that'll make your PB-loving heart and tummy very, very happy.

    8. An enamel pin so you can make sure you're always repping the good stuff.

    9. A peanut butter knife made specifically to help you stir your PB and scrape the jar clean — because we all know how annoying it is when there are those little bits left that you just can't seem to get, but know belong in your digestive tract and not clinging to the jar for dear life.

    10. A throw pillow case that'll help you decorate your living space in a way that truly speaks volumes about the wonderful, peanut butter-loving person you are.

    11. A peanut butter sampler filled with six small-batch blends for gifting the fellow PB lover in your life, or you know, just treating yourself.

    12. A tee to share a simple fact about yourself with others in the most efficient way possible. Anyone who dares to tell you that peanut butter isn't a food group may no longer exist in your life, sorry, I don't make the rules.

    13. A lip gloss that'll be a must-add to your cosmetics collection. Sadly it doesn't *taste* like peanut butter, so please don't try eating it.

    14. A two-pack of PB2 powdered peanut butter you can use in a variety of recipes: from baked goods to smoothies, or as a dip with fruit, or on some bread with jelly, or just plain — simply mix it with water first if you're eating as-is.

    15. A shower curtain for those whose obsession is so big, they experience PB separation anxiety while bathing. Also, is bringing a jar of peanut butter into the shower acceptable? Asking for a friend.

    16. A box of peanut butter patties (left) and peanut butter chocolate fudge bars (right) to satisfy your sweet tooth with the only thing better than straight-up peanut butter — the beautiful marriage of flavors known as peanut butter and chocolate.

    17. A package of 30 peanut butter pill pockets that'll make giving your PB-loving pupparino their medication a lot easier and tastier.

    18. And a Bath Buddy for rewarding your doggo during bathing time. Spread a glob of the good stuff on this toy, stick it to the wall, and make them feel like they're in doggy paradise.

    19. A pack of peanut butter cookie mix so you can whip up your own warm and gooey and peanut buttery baked treats at home.

    20. A bag of peanut butter crunch ground coffee that'll seriously step up your morning cup of java. Anyone who tells you you're taking your obsession too far with flavored coffee is just a h8er.

    21. A peanut butter and jelly eye shadow palette for a makeup option as sweet and lovable as the best sandwich in existence, aka any sandwich containing PEANUT BUTTER.

    22. A tote bag with a words to live your life by. Seriously, in this house we don't hate against such nutty goodness. Also, does the photo on this tote make anyone else irrationally hungry? No? Just me? Ok.

    23. A jar of the WORLD'S BEST PEANUT BUTTER — don't @ me on this one. When all else fails, there is nothing like twisting off the lid, peeling back the seal, and digging your spoon into a big ole' jar of natural creamy Skippy, which is what I'm gonna do right now. ✌️

    Thank you all for your time, going ✈️ eat a jar of Skippy by the spoonful.

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