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    31 Things That'll Make Your Dorm Feel Like It's A Home Away From Home

    ~Lemme lemme upgrade~... those blank cinderblock walls.

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    1. A two-inch, memory foam mattress topper because unless you're bringing your bed from home, you're going to want some extra comfort while you sleep.

    2. A free-standing cork board with cactus pins so you have a special place to display all your summer memories as you head into the school year.

    3. A comfy round chair to give you seating that's not your lofted bed. Just think of all the Netflix— I mean, studying! — you'll do curled up on this thing!

    4. A set of extra-long string lights you can hang anywhere in your dorm to add some warmth and charm.

    5. A tall headboard that can easily be mounted to a wall with Velcro so that once-drab dorm room feels more like you.

    6. A plush robe to keep you nice and cozy on those long walks to and from the bathroom. Honestly, is this acceptable to wear to class?

    7. A customized pillow of your pet that'll make you feel like they're snuggled up right next to you.

    8. A bedside organizer for storing all your essentials within arms reach because it's now up to you, yes you, to keep your stuff in one place.

    9. An Instax gallery photo frame so you can reminisce about special moments — or use it as a shrine to your pet, either or.

    10. A set of faux succulents in cute' lil bowls that'll add life to your room...just without all the responsibility.

    11. A Himalayan salt lamp because you can never have too many lighting options.

    12. An area rug to tie your entire space together and hide that unsightly laminate tile.

    13. A shaggy, faux-fur pillow cover for transforming your bed into a fluffy heaven you'll love sinking into after class. Plus, it comes in tons of colors so you have ~options~.

    14. A desk organizer that'll keep all your textbooks in neat order so you're not pulling one-nighters in the midst of a total disaster.

    15. A roll of marble contact paper you can use to add glam to literally anything in your dorm — like picture frames, side tables, lamps, and the list goes on.

    16. A laser-cut, wood monogram to give those sad, bare walls a personalized touch.

    17. A tapestry for your wall, bed, or futon because nothing beats effortless *and* affordable decor.

    18. A customizable whiteboard with pre-filled days to make it easy to write the week's activities and then erase for the next.

    19. A set of blackout curtains you'll be extremely grateful for on Saturdays. These come in multiple lengths so you should be able to find one that works with your dorm!

    20. An LED essential oil diffuser so you can get your zen on during stressful test weeks.

    21. And to go with it, some essential oils that'll also bring a little piece of home all the way to your new space.

    22. A whicker hamper and a removable bag so you don't have to constantly look at an ugly plastic basket stuffed to the brim with dirty clothes.

    23. An attachable shelf for lofted beds to solve the whole no-nightstand dilemma.

    24. A set of dimmable, string lightbulbs that'll transform any mirror into a functional vanity.

    25. A closet organizing kit so you can actually bring *most* of your clothes with you, and not have to leave any of your favorite pieces behind.

    26. A trendy as heck comforter set (it comes in a twin XL!) to make your bed a chic and relaxing place you never want to leave.

    27. A custom digital print of your home state and city that'll be a sweet reminder of your roots while also doubling as momentous wall art.

    28. A faux sheepskin for your desk chair because if you're going to spend tons of time doing homework, you'll want to do it comfortably — and in style, of course.

    29. Speaking of seating, a pair of velvet accent chairs so you and your roomie can ditch the old dorm ones and upgrade to a stylish, matching set.

    30. A sleek desk lamp that might — just might — get you excited to study.

    31. And lastly, a mega-soft throw blanket to curl up in after class because hey, you deserve it.

    Here's to a great school year and cozy dorm.

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